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you're not alone, I get it to.

The letter reads that the person or persons have millions of dollars, but can't get it and need for me to get it for them. They'll of course send me the check.

Have you received the one that says tht the person is in the military and he was part of a group that found millions in gold in Iraq, but he needs help getting back into the country.

I not only get the e-mails, but I get it in the regular mail as well.

It never stops coming.


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  First I would say that it's never easy to say goodby.
  Second, Stress comes with being an adult. It doesn't matter if you are or aren't a parent.
I am a parent. As a parent I can tell you that I would rather to have my children to tell me what's going on in their lives than to keep it to theirselves.
From personal experiance I can say that if you live a life of hiding in your emotions, it can consume you. Eventually you'll find yourself in a place that you just don't care. You care about noone or nothing including yourself.
School can be cold, cruel and unforgiving.
Been there, done that.
Never be afraid to express yourself.


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Daddy Cool,
I understand what you're talking about.
You feel like a number, and I've been told that I was just a number.
The corrections field is always hiring.
I could quit, I could get fired, I could even die, and noone would care.
Just like the inmates, there's always someone out there ready to take my place.
Corrections could care less about the years of experiance. So why do I stay, simple, Factories are alays laying off and I'm just tired of moving from job to job. I've put up with lots of crap over the years, most from supervisors and peers.

Hang in there.

I aint even about getting respenct anymore. I would just like to see everyone stay out of my area and let me do my job. Sometimes people will come to my area looking for problems, their areas are so messed up that if they can show fault in other areas it will take heat off them. Our faults are so few that when they are made it becomes noticable.

If you don't work corrections, then don't. It's a trap. Over time you become comfortably numb. You become numb to everyone and everything. You can see someone in pain and you just don't care. you can see death and you just don't care. you'll see humans mistreating other humans and you just don't care. You become numb. Befor it's all over with you'll either pick up smoking, drinking, swearing, lying, or you'll get a worse habit. You'll become numb. In this world noone will ever believe the truth, but a lie is believed. It is believed by both officers and inmates.

Corrections is a trap. Don't get caught.
It ruins relationships, the mind, and the body. Noone cares. You just get numb.
So why stay? It's a garontied paycheck. In a world where it's hard to find work or jobs layoff. It's a paycheck.


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My seven year old daughter was scarred, so I stayed in the car with both my seven year old and my three year old and watched from the car.

I treid to convience them to stay at home and watch it on tv, but they wanted to go.

Other than staying couped up in the car I think they enjoyed themselves.

My seven year old has cerebal palsey. Loud noises scares her.


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Sometimes nudity is viewed as art, while other times it's viewed as perversion.
I guess it all matters on first what's going on in the picture, then your attitude towards the picture and finally how the person that sees it takes it.

To some Jock Sturgis is an artist, while to others he's just a dirty old man.

To those that choose to go walking around in their birthday suits, I say have fun.
To those that take those pictures with them to the bathroom, I say close the door you sick B@@@@@ds.

For the most part a person can take nudity and know exactly what it's purpose was for when it was taken.

My wife is the only one that sees me in my birthday suit, but then again I've got a house full of little ones. Someday I may bare it all fo the world to see, but not for at least another 18 years.


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Great work for keeping it civilized


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I say boycott.

If you don't have to drive anywhere, then don't.
Buy your groceries when you are coming home from work.
Holidays are big for the fuel companies, So don't travel anywhere over the holiday. Discover something new within your own community.

Picking one day to boycott doesn't work cause the following day the the gas will go up again, just to make up for the sales that didn't happen, but if you boycott holiday traveling then you'll cause them to look. One day doesn't work. It will take a group effort, and it will have to take place numerous times. Holidays are when the fuel goes the highest. So don't travel on holidays, as many as you possibly can.


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Congrats to all Lena.


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Hello to all.
I'm a correctional officer from Nashville Tennessee.
My specific job is as a recreational officer.
It gets interesting at times... To say the least.


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If it doesn't print try:
Clicking file, and print that way.
Clicking on the printer symbol on your computer.
Last, you can hold down on the left button on your mouse and drag it down the screen , then right click the mouse and print.

If this still doesn't work, I'm not going to be back on the computer until maybe next weekend.


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Once again I've ended my day with quite a few laughs.

Thanks everyone.


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I love it.

Lena, you gave me a great way to end a prety lousy day.



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I printed off a copy.

This is an ispiring story for anyone who says' "I can't".


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I found paul weller.

http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/pau … r_tabs.htm


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Is this close to what you were looking for?

http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/a/a … r2_crd.htm


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I'll go ahead and admit that I too am impulsive at times as well.
There have been times that I've said or done things and after word have to ask if I really did it.
With age Iv'e found myself saying I'm sorry where not to long ago I'd have told someone where they could go and what they could do and even where they could stick their thoughts.
We all say or do things that sometimes are rash and/or impulsive. With age and expieriance we'll say we're sorry and move on.
I'didn't see the post and it doesn't really matter. You decided to pull it.

I'm willing to bet that there have been times that I've been more impulsive than you could have ever pictured yourself.

I was kinda hoping that I could get five from you...The gas prices are killing me!!!


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I've heard of a song that sonds like the one you're talking about, but it's been a couple of years. I'm not sure if it's the same one or not, but if I find it i'll give it a post.


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Music isn't heard, it's felt.

If you can find music in everyday noises and sounds then check out a show called (STOMP) or (STOMP OUT LOUD).

To a blind person, beauty is a sound. To a deaf person, sound is vibrations on their skin.


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You found the right site to ask questions.
You may have no hits on your questions the first time you post it, but if you don't succeed then try try again. I mean give it a week or so and try posting your request again.
I've found people on this site from numerous countries, and tastes in music.
Have you tried www.ultimate-guitar.com or 911 Tabs
Just hang in there.

My inspiration comes from the new people in my work place. They've always got questions. Sometimes the question might sound quite dumb, but I can remember when I was new and asked those same dumb questions.

Even if I don't have an answer, it always feels good to have someone come to me with questions. I've even had supervisors asking me questions.

Just cause someone has a suit and tie doesn't make them a genious.
Sometimes this bluecollar worker can do more than the bosses.
I feel great.


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Sounds a little like my wife. She gets so caught up in something she forgets to have fun. I see a mess and it'll get cleaned at my speed, but she panics over the slightest little things. She's the exact opposite of me ( and I LOVE HER DEARLY), I think life would be pretty boaring if she was just like me.


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You said you had an old guitar, how old?
What is the condition of the guitar?
Yes, strings can make a difference.
I had an older guitar, I wanted to keep it in playing condition. First because it was old I had to go from light strings to extra light. The guitar isn't used for any major playing, but it is used for some of the slower softer songs. In the past I've taken slightly damaged guitars that were supposed to use the metal strings and placed nylon strings on them.
Before you invest in the guitar you must decide is it worth investing in vs. buying a new one. Then you must acknowledge what it will be used for. What I mean is, don't put a couple hundred into something for sintimental value that's only going to sit on a shelf and gather dust, but then don't invest zero into something that has become your livelyhood.


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Would you send me an orderlink?
I'd love to give it a listen.

Questions answered and I never get put down cause I asked a question. You'll never guess how many sites there are, and if you ask a question the respons is or can be derogetory and downgrading. I've never been talked down to by anyone on this site. Noone ever claims to be better than the next person. I just wish our school system was as productive as this site.


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I can't get youtube, most of my posts are done here at work.
So what's going on?