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Bob dylan, James Taylor, John Denver, Carly Simon.

Try Singer/Song writers

A lot of Folk songs are performed by just one guitar.

Look in your community for others that like to play and then try to have a get together. When you do this what will wind up happening is someone will play lead for awhile and it will switch back and forth. There are a lot of songs out there that will sound to you like crap when it's just you playing and then it will become easy to get bored and discouraged.

Don't quit. Quitting gets easier every time you do it. Don't ever quit.

It can be a wierd thing when others look to you to teach them how to play the guitar and you don't know much more than they do.

Today while I was showing someone the basic chords I had other people stop and not only did they watch, but they were folloing along. I even had one person that already knew how to play stop and watch.

I showed a few chords, talked about Tabs, a capo, and so on. I finished it by letting them all know that if they keep on practicing that they would surpass me in a few weeks.  I don't get to play and I get very little practice.

Teaching is easy as long as the person that is listening wants to learn, but I wouldn't be able to teach someone that didn't want to learn.

I'm glad that I get to look and post on chordie. There have been several times that I've had to get quetions answered, and it would have been impossible to have gotten them on my own.

Thanks to all my fellow Chordians out there for everything.
Out of all the different sights out there this, to me, is the best.


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Forgot until I posted.
The other problem is the tempo, speed changes


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It's all myth. There are those that can play better. Some of us don't play as well because we don't get to practice as much, or maybe tone deaf, or physical limitations, or what have you.
Some people are born with a natural talent towards something while others of us have to work towards it. Good fishermen are good because they get more time to fish, good hunters are good because they get more time to fish. There is of course one more thing involved, Knowledge. The best fishermen, the best hunters, the best guitar players are the best because they not only practice, but they study. They study everything about what it is they are doing. Then they know their limitations and have learned to work around them. Last they all know that somedays, it doesn't matter if you've done everything write, sometimes you just won't get it right.

Don't give up, and don't ever let someone else stop you from playing.
I'll never be good enough to play to a sell out crowd, but it doesn't really matter.
I play for me. I play because I can. I'll never play back up. I'll never have my own band. I don't care. I do it for me. It's my time.


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mike, try this
first sing the song, then play the music, then try playing them together.
the second thing is to set the guitar down and tap out the beat with your foot. Now with the music in front of you, you make little tick marks for the strumming pattern. It doesn't matter if it counts one, two, three, or four, just tap it out and sing with the tapping. For instance: if the song counts on a four count, just sing the song and everytime your foot taps (1) tick mark, two three four, (1) tick mark, two three four, and just keep on going.
Now once you think you've got it done, I said think. Go back and do it again. Sing through your song a couple of times, then try playing it without singing, then build yourself up to where you can sing and play at the same time.
About the only problem with this is that you know where you strum downward and where you would strum upward, but if you know this then it is of course a slow process, but it will work.

James Brown performance stopped riots

The day the music died


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This is great.

There have been songs that I knew the group, and I could remember the cover, I just couldn't remember the song, this helps a lot.


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If you want to start out with something simple, just tyoe in 3 chords.
If you want a few let me know, I've got some in my songbook.
Don't worry about patterns right now, this is for learning your chords. Create your own pattern. Sometimes just by playing around with it the patterns will come, but if they don't just have fun.


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Gaud             Eaud
  (X)                 (X)
  (4)                 (1)
  (0)                 (1)
  (1)                 (2)
  (2)                 (3)
  (3)                 (0)
Hope this helped

When it comes to computers I'm quite illiterate, so anything that could help is going to be welcomed.

Lets give it a go.


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try printing off the opening page when you first logon, if  it prints then you're doing something wring, if it don't then there may be something wrong with the computer/printer.


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Tim, I  agree with Ken
This is an excellent explanation.


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I feel that there is something that you still need to do.
What is it you haven't done?
It's not a where as much as a what.
I'm glad you're still with us.
You've become a friend to so many, that have never met you in person.
Have you been skydiving, did you get to climb mountains, have you done what other doctors have told you you're not healthy enough to do?
You've passed over death so many times. Try something new, go meet someone you've never met. What's tha doctors going to do, tell you don't cause it could kill you.
Your life is full, so share it. Keep on defying the doctors.


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Don't let other people post using your name. It confuses people as to whom they are speaking with. Either advise your friend to get their own name or let everyone know inadvance that someone else is using/will be using your name.


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go to songlyrics.com or ultimate-guitar

yes it is whitesnake.

songlyrics.com will let you type in a piece of a song and then give a round about clue.
ultimate-guitar will give you a choice in the song title or the band.
songlyrics doesn't give chords, so find the name here and go back to ultimate to get the chords.


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try typing in 3 chord songs, and it will give you in the are of what you're looking for.
I've got several songs in my songbook.


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Try this site. If you've still got questions, I'll try to send other info.


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Try either James Taylor or John Denver... if your looking for tabs...or try the Eagles.

You can't fail with the Beatles.

They're all great, just grab a short and easy one.


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Hope this helps


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I looked around, maybe this site can explain better than I can


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First go to my songbook.Then go to add songbook, and title a book.Then go to publick songbook.Go to the song you want and look to the right side.You'll see add song to songbook.
Click on it. Give it a couple of seconds to enter. Sometimes for some reason some songs won't enter. Here are some that I've got on my song book; Back Home Again-John Denver, Fire On The Mountain-Marshall Tucker, and A Day In The Life-Beatles.

If Everything is going the way it should, They'll appear in your song book, if not then the problem might be on your end.


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I haven't long to try and answer, but there are others with more expieriance and time to give a better answer, so this might get you started.

You already know the chords, and the strings.
Going from the top of the guitar to the bottom;
However, you'll notice that alot of times when someon posts TABs it will read;
As long as you know the strings it shouldn't matter too much, it does sometimes confuse though. Take it slow.
The 'X' represents a string that isn't played and an'0' represents an open string. The same so far.
Now to read a Tab: The number represents the Fret and the letter represents the string. Ex... 7G... This means that you only play the G string on the 7th Fret. If It shows 5D, Then it means to play only the d string on the 5th Fret. Find the Fret whether it's the 5th, 7th, 14th, or whatever, then look to see what's being played and play what is being shown. If you get a TAB that shows something like...XX0232...that means you don't play the E or B, you'll hold down on the D string second Fret, the A string on the third Fret and the e string on the second Fret. Does this look familiar.
Tabs are a single number, or it could appear as a group of numbers. Then you'll have some songs that will post a chord, but will say to play a single string.

If I've confused you, I'm sorry.
If I rambled a bit then I'll go ahead and appologize for that to.


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I hope not to offened anyone, but I found an older John Denver song. I hope it gets a good laugh.

http://www.songlyrics.com/song-lyrics/D … 44050.html

I'm sure to get a few responses, but please try to keep them cleaner than this song.


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I can't remember any songs called 'Wings of a dream'.
There was 'Wings That Fly Us Home".
There was also 'On The Wings Of An Eagle'.
How does the song go?

If you want an older song, then try:http://www.songlyrics.com/song-lyrics/Denver+John/Miscellaneous/Scotsman/44050.html


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I entered in to soon.

I need to also add the Sex Pistols.