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Great song.
Don't change a thing.
No it don't sound like a rip-off of another song.
Can't wait to here it being played.


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  Most times, and from most people, you'll find that respect is earnt not givin.
I love and respect my children, but I don't always respect their decisions.
Yes I am a prying parent. I want to know all about my daughter's freinds. I want to always know where my children are and what they are doing and who they are doing it with.
The place and time that I grew up was safer and kinder. A person could leave their front door opened at night. A young adult, I say young adult because that is what you are now and not a child, could go hang out and parents didn't have to fear. Well, maybe not fear as much.
I'm sure that by now you've already heard those little sayings that really @@@@ you off. Like it wasn't like that when I was a kid, I just did it myself. If I had done what you just did my parents would have beatin me. Lets face it, Life today for young adults is a whole lot more challenging and tempting.

Don't be scared to ask questions, but always be careful what you say and who you say it to over the internet. Not everyone has good intentions. Not everyone cares about you as a person. Some people get on the internet with the intention of causing you harm.

Through some of my lengthy conversations I've discovered a lot of people that will talk with you. They will help in any way they can. I've found this to be a really good site.

     Old Doll, I got your message lound and clear. THANKS!!!


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  Sometimes it's not that we don't trust our children, it's that we don't trust other people's children.
I have three little girls. As a man I now what other young men have on their minds. As a father I have already planned how to combat this. (I'm going to send all three of my daughters to Nun School. There'll be none of this, none of that and none of the other.) Being a parent is about knowing, teaching and learning. We teach what we know and we learn what we don't.
Show that you can be trusted and you will be. Have patience with your parents, they're still learning too. As a little girl, everything you said and did was cute. As a young woman the things you say and do can be dangerous. You have reached the age that you think you can do everything. your paents have reached the age where they fear everything. Just have patience. If you ever find yourself wanting to give a shout out to someone one on one try looking up ( Old Doll ). She has written to me a couple of times. Old Doll could be someone that give a whole lot better personal advice than I could.


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I've got a little girl, actually three. Mine haven't gone, yet.
I say that they'll never leave, but I know inside that someday they will. Between you and Old Doll I'm getting teary eyed. Can't help it. gotta go for now.
Keep those songs coming.


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Old Doll,
That's great.
I couldn't help to smurk a little, and then I laughed.

My wife's biggest problem, is me. That is at times.
She says that I'm a bigger kid that the kids.

I can remember back to going to the bars and clubs.
You've nailed it.


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The Tennesse Titans are lousy, their players can't keep out of trouble. The Nashville Predators Have no idea of what consistancy means. The Pred's did good once the whole time they were here, the ticket prices jumped, and the team has sold so few tickets that they have to look for new management. The Nashville sounds wanted to take some more of Nashville's money, luckily that fell through. All these teams came to Tennesse with the promise that they'd bring in money and Nashville hasn't seen anything from those multi-million dollar stadiums. Nashville is greed, just greed. The people wanted the money from those teams so bad that they didn't care about the price tags attatched to them. The only thing that has grown is the crime rate. We've got more drunks in a block than we did just ten years ago for the intire city.
Nashville is greed. The city paid out thinking that it was going to get back more than it invested. The wait is still on. Don't get me wrong. I'm not against the teams, I just don't want them all to be in Nashville. Karaoke has its place, but just not here.
I can't sing and I can except it. Nashville is full of those that can't except it and they'll get drunk just to prove they can.
Nashville is just a small L.A. People come to Nashville to try and make it in the music industry when just as many have made it in L.A. New York is second to Nashville when it comes to country music fans, and they don't even have any country music stations. Maybe some of the people that want to get discovered should go up to New York to Karaoke.
I've heard a few people that could sing, I think they do themselves more harm than good when they karaoke.


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When driving in the 'Nashville' Traffic, since I can't be heard I've learned how to speak with just my hands. I'm not talking the official sign language, I'm talking traffic language. I've found that sometimes traffic language works even when you're not in traffic.
Seriously though, I hope that everything works out ok for you.
I have absolutely no idea whatsoever what a "3 phase breathe control" is.


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We've got Karaoke places all over Nashville. Everyone who thinks they are anyone will give it a try. They try because they hope that some big producer is sitting in the audience, and that they'll get Discovered. Something else is that the clubs and bars are full of people singing other people's songs because they can't create their own. Then you have those that sing routinly and do have a decent voice. Last you've got the drunks. Nashville is the toilet for drunks that can't sing, that of course they think they can.
As for any songs that get butchered by Karaoke, I'd like to redirect the question and ask, What songs haven't been butchered?"


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Does anybody know the chords for the song "Somebody's Knocking" by Terri Gibbs. This is a 1981 song. It is classified as country music. I found the lyrics, but I'm having troubles finding the chords. The song Starts out:

Somebody's Knocking should I let him in
Lord it's the devil would you look at him
I've heard about him but I never dreamed
He'd have blue eyes and blue jeans

As I went through the song I've noticed that there appears to be several lines missing. The song stays a pretty steady beat with a mello sound.
My wife has been walking around singing this song, but she only sings a few lines. The song came about when we were remembering when she was pregenant with our daughter.
She had a difficult pregnancy and we almost lost our daughter.
The baby was mean in the womb and even meaner now that she's out.


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Don't try mainstream songs,
If you're looking for music then maybe try something Classical, or even some Jazz.
Music is more than just words. It's feelings and emotions. I listen to music for how I felt, how I feel, and how I want to feel. I listen to music that can be just plain fun.
I'm not intentionally putting anyone down, but personnally I don't like Bod Dylan's voice, but I think his songs are totally awesome. The music, the lyrics, the total nuance of it all.
I don't listen to his voice I go stairt to the music/lyrics. If you've found a song that sounds good, just ignore the words, since you're not looking for words anyway, and go strait to the music.
Have fun with the music and just enjoy the sounds that you create.
As was said in "Willie Wanka And The Chocolate Factory."
"You are the music maker, you are the dreamer of the dreams."

Find something, or create something. Just as long as you're enjoying it.


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  I didn't mean to try to confuse you. If you play something for money that was written by someone else, then just understand copywrite, if you play for free, still understand, copywrite. If you play on a street corner and collect pocket change, then it isn't likely that you'll be sued, but it is always possible. Some artists are honored by other people playing their music, while others get upset. Some artists are in it for the money, while others just like what they're doing.
If you've ever seen the television show "American Idol" then you would see countless people performing songs by numerous artists, but there not selling those songs, they're selling their abilities.
If you ever become an opening act for another group at a venue or stadium or anywhere else, you'll find that everything is bidding. You can't get paid more than the headlinner. You can't play at more decibles than the headlinner, You can't sell you t-shirts cheaper than the headlinner. You can't sell your albums for less than the headlinner. It's all about the money.
If you perform something by someone else, then at least make an attempt to find out about the copywrite. Here at the company that I work at, We wanted to put paintings of different sports emblems on the walls. One of the universities sent us an e-mail stating that they wouldn't give us permission to paint their emblem on the wall, but they would send us a school flag for us to hang. Just show good faith and it will always come back to you somehow somewhere.


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  Something else that wasn't mentioned, is that with some groups that perform live, they will post that noone is alloud to bring in any recording device, but in todays time a simple cell phone can be used to record and noone would know. Someone is always pirrating music or movies. Try to find out which songs would be ok and stick to those. You'll find that most artists and songwriters won't have a problem with anyone perfoming their material for fund raisers and non profit events, but if you're in it for the money then try and get written either permission or some other legal documentation.
I was once a story teller and I never had any problems with my story being retold, but then again I never did it for money and I never copy writed anything either.
If you stand out on a street coner singing a song, like" A country Boy Will Survive", and people stand around throwing dimes in a hat. Then you shouldn't have any problems, but when you are paid by a club or a venue then you'll definitely need permission. Most artists won't care about the nickel and dime, but when you start rolling in the dollars then they will take notice and want their share. There are a few artisist that don't care how much you make, they still want theirs. Take for instance,Garth Brooks, A few years ago there came an issue that the artists were collecting there share of money for the sell of new music, but he brought up the issue that there were a lot of albums being resold and he wasn't getting his cut. So in essence he wanted to be paid for the initial sale of an album and if that album got resold at a used music store then he wanted to get paid again.
     If you play for fun then don't worry to much, but if you play for pay then get documentation signed and notorized.


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Thanks, my wife trys to teach me to laugh, she trys to teach me a lot of things. Me and my wife are a hundred percent opposites. I don't think I could live in and out everyday with someone like me, but to be around those like me every now and again is to be (comfortably numb).
isery loves company. The only thing I'd ever done in my life that had any kind of compassion was when I'd worked toys-for-tots, and that was many years ago. My wife teaches me to laugh, to have compassion and understanding, she teaches me to cry, and so on and so forth. Before my wife came into my life, I could look at death, pain, destruction and the other negatives in life without it bothering me, but now my life has changed considerably. My attitude used to be " I don't need no woman to ruin my life, I can do that all on my on.", but now I'm better off for being married.
My wife is very insecure about the marriage and I'm very confident. She lived a life of having someone else and having a ruined life and I lived a carefree, carless life and having noone. Life for us both has definitely changed.
Life is definitely different.


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That's really a great song. I've been married for three years. I'm not a romantic, and I'm not really sure what my wife ever found in me. My life has always been filled with violence. When I first met my wife she was the one that asked me out. She asked me out, but I was the one that asked her to marry me. She was insecure about the marriage, since she had been married twice before. I told her that I'd never been married before and I knew that she was the one for me. God sent her into my life. She was my gift from God. As the months pasted by, she finally said yes and we were married on August 23rd., The day after my birthday. We still have our ups and downs, but I believe that we are together because we were ment to be. I look forward to being married for as long as you have. The married life has changed me in many ways, of course I don't have to tell you that.
Congrats to you and your significant other on all your years together.


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There has always been a discussion about what makes country music. Back in the 80's I remember Barbara Mandrell ( i thinkit was , may have been Lorrie Morgan) having a hit with "I Was country when country wasn't cool". In the 90's Alan Jackson sang "Gone Country" all about pop starst jumping on the country bandwagon.

If you listen to some of George Strait's early albums they are totally different to the material he produces today. But one thing runs through the entire country music music genre. Good songs, sung well and in every single song a story.

Maybe that is what makes it. Country music is the storytellers music.

Barbara Mandrell was the one that sang "I was country when country wasn"t cool"  as for George Strait, he used to be a rodeo rider so of course his older music will be of a slightly different flavor of country.


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Old Doll,

Let me see if I can help to clarify. The music today is more show, it involves a lot of theatrics. The music of yestarday had no theatrics. Yestardays music had no television, so you heard it. If you can listen to a song/music and can injoy it then it's country/western, but if you have to see it then it's new country/western and to someone that lived yesterday then it isn't real. If you can feel it without seeing it then you've expierianced it. I've talked with people that thought John Denver was rock and John Denver sang folk/country and was known for folk/country. If Garth Brooks is country to you then so be it, but if you think it has more a pop or rock sound to it then so be it. Country, Western, Cowboy, etc..., it all has it's own sound, but to someone that don't listen to it all the time, it all sounds the same.

Getting your first paying job is a great thing. If you want more paying jobs then you'll have to start paying your dues now.
What I mean is this. First take all the money that you make and put it away for a rainy day. Simply put; you never know when you'll need new strings, picks, or even an instrument might get broken.
Second, volunteer as much as you can without it interfering with either your education or your health. Simply put; volunteer at nursing homes, childrens hospitals, public libraries, schools, etc...
Third thing is to set all your goals reachable. Simply put; you want to make a million then youve got to be willing to take all nickle and dime jobs, at least in the begining
Last thing is for you to understand that greed will destroy the best of friendships; The leader of the bands gets paid the most, the the singer, then the song writer, then the band, and so on and so forth, and when the money starts coming in everyone will want a bigger piece of the pie. Have everyone sign an agreement as to who gets paid what. Money WILL come between the closest of friends.
All you may ever want to do is play something small, but make sure you know where the money is going. Best of luck to you. Don't let my few lines discourage you, I just want this to be informative. Don't go out without a little information.


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i can't think of anything new to play, or that sounds really cool on an acoustic, can someone help me please


Try some John Denver or even some Elvis Costello. If your up for a challenge to to play something classical.


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Have you tried: lyrics


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Have you ried looking on: ultimate-guitar


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Have you tried looking on:
Maybe one of these sites could help.

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. I'm a correctional officer. Recently we've gotten in some instruments. Everyone has their own music preferences, but if you enjoy playing and you don't get to play that often you'll have a great appreciation for the music. We have numerous interests in music, but they'll all play together because of the common love for the music and not for any particular style or taste.
At home I'll eat peas, but not because I like them , but because they're good for the children and the children watch everything I say and do.
The music isn't just for me, but it's a common interest and we tolerate each others music because of the love we have for the music. What it boils down to is; it isn't about salsa, rock, country, 50's, 90's or anything else. It's about the common love for the music. If you love the music then you'll tolerate all music just to get to here your music.


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I was wandering what an " Asus4" was. I was asked but I don't know. Can is this real or just another version of another chord. If it is a chord what does it look like?