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Welcome to chordie!

You have been given a lot of sound advice here.

Your lyrics convey a strong emotive message and in that sense they very good. As others have pointed out your only problem is with the tempo and fitting it to music, but this is a good start point for a good song.

My advice is design a chord progression next, or better still two related progressions ie: One for a verse and one for a chorus. Once you have a progression that you are happy with, then sit down and re-write some of the lines so that you can fit them in to the progression with your melody.  It has been said that good songs are never written they are re-written.

My personal approach is always to write the music first and the lyrics second because basically I strugle with the music but words seem to flow quite easily for me. I assume it is similar for most people unless they have a solid musical background or a God given gift.

This is a good start and we all look forweard to seeing the finished product; smile


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For me, a lot of my songs will come from just sitting with my guitar and just happening across a couple of chords that sound good together. Since I always write music first and lyrics second I never give any thought to lyrics for inspiration.

My biggest problem is keeping the songs in a key that I can sing, my voice is a real limiting factor for me. But once I have a nice sound from a cpuple of chords I will then expand from that point. Chords are my catalyst.


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Thanks James, I need all the help I can get smile


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Quite right, well spotted. I have made the necessary correction.

Than you for pointing it out smile


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Finally managed to record a song I wrote about 6 months ago. Its dark blues song with a little humour thrown in. Real easy to play so I hope a few of you have a go at it. I have only included the chords for the virst verse as it is the same progrssion all the way through including the solos my buddy laid down for me.

you can here the song here http://soundclick.com/share?songid=6569927

Messin with my Baby
by seriousfun


[Bm]I won’t be going back to my [G7] baby no more
She [Bm]doesn’t even get to [G7]answer the door,
I [Bm]won’t be going back to my [G7]baby no more,
Cause I [E]drilled her with a [A]forty [D]four[Bm]
[E]drilled her with a [A]forty [D]four

If she hadda been loyal then she wouldn’t be shot,
She messed round and then she got what she got
I put the gun muzzle right up to her head
And now my baby is dead
Now my baby is dead


She’ll never do any more horsin’ around
Not from 6 feet down under the ground
I say bartender give me one more shot
My baby’s in a graveyard plot
My babys in a graveyard plot

I won’t be going back to my baby no more
She doesn’t even get to answer the door,
I won’t be going back to my baby no more,
Cause I drilled her with a forty four
I drilled her with a forty four



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I had a recording session with my buddy last week and we laid down a new song I had written called 'Nothing to Lose'. You can find it here http://soundclick.com/share?songid=6554789. Its a blues/rock number, hopefully someone will find it of interest.

Nothing To Loseby seriousfun

[A] Its an all night party, I got nothing to lose,

I sit with my buddies, I sing the blues, cause

[D] I got no woman and no womans got

[A] me, yeah…. I used

[E] to have a ball and chain but

[D] Lord she went and set me

[A] free. [E]

[A] A lady’s staring at me all dressed in Red,

She prob’ly wants to get me in her bed, but

[D] I want no woman but all the women want

[A] me, yeah…. I used

[E] to have a ball and chain but

[D] Lord she went and set me

[A] free. [E]

2 verse solo

[A] A few more beers, I got less to lose,

A lady in red, so over I cruise, and

[D] I ask for her name and her number,

[A] too, yeah…. Then she

[E] she laughs in my face

[D] and tells me to shoot

[A] thru. [E]

1 verse solo

Repeat verse 1


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For me I always start with a chord progression. My second step is to find a beat or strum pattern that suits the progression. While doing this I often come up with a phase or such and the basic melody, but deffinately a mood which is inspired by the music.

This then sets me off in the path of the lyrics. Once the lyrics are all done then I go back and tinker with the chords and melody. The song is normally finished pretty quickly but I find that the melody still evolves for a few weeks as I play the song and discover better ways to sing it.

Hope that helps some.


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Nice words Jeff. Nothing like recharging at the end of a long day. I tried you website hoping to hear this one but alas not there yet. Though I did listen to grey skies while I was there - great song, I especially loved the non accoustic version.

Now looking forward to hearing this one once recorded.

Keep up the good work.


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I am pretty sure I could play that.......except for the arthritis lol

The kid is awesome !!!!


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Thanks Daddycool, glad you enjoyed my humble attempt.


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My second post - looks like I'm getting the bug.

This one is a little hard to describe since lyrically there is not much there and It iss all done in the E chord with a little bit of A and D to accompany the riffs and solos.

The song can be heard here http://soundclick.com/share?songid=6540669

Rock My Soul
by Seriousfun

whoo boppa lady gunna rock my soul
make me dance she gunna make me roll
she gunna twist me long all through the night
she gunna wind me up she gunna wind me tight

whoo boppa lady gunna make me sweat
she’s the best woman that I ever met
she gunna lead me on till the midnight hour
I can feel her love I can feel her power

Whoo boppa lady gunna rock my soul
Heart like honey and eyes like coal
Whoo boppa lady all night long
She makin’ me dance and she sing my song


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This is my first post on the forum and as I have only been playing guitar for a year please be gentle with me.

by Allan Kilgour (c) 2008

[E] Its been a while since I been home
[A] Ive been on the  [E] roam
[E] Ive Laboured long for many men 
[A] since I don’t know when
[E] But I’m [B7]  commin’ home today
[A] Cause I’ve spent all my pay [E]

[E] My face is weathered brow is beat
[A] Ive been out in the  [E] heat
[E] Ive walked a lifetime on the road 
[A] but now my pace has slowed
[E] So I’m [B7]  commin’ home today
[A] Ill be home to stay [E]


[D] The cows are in the shed and
[A] The hens are in the henhouse on the [E] farm
[D] The corn is in the fields and
[A] The hay is in the [B7] barn

[E] I left my home an angry man
[A] I roamed without a [E] plan
[E] My life has been a life of change
[A] Away from my home range
[E] And I’m [B7]  commin’ home today
[A] I’m walkin’ all the way [E]

[E] Im ready now to be the one
[A] I hope that you [E] listen
[E] If you have left a space for me
[A] In your heart Ill be
[E] ‘cause I’m [B7]  commin’ home today
[A] our love we can replay  [E]

repeat chorus

[E] Forgive me leaving years ago
[A] my heartache made it [E] so
[E] Ive put the memories from my life
[A] I want you back my wife
[E] So I’m [B7]  commin’ home today
[A] commin’ without delay [E]

[E] Together we can work the land
[A] as lovers hand in [E] hand
[E] The promises I made to you
[A] At last I can make true
[E] So I’m [B7]  commin’ home today
[A] and I hope that that’s OK [E]

repeat chorus

This is my first version of the song and it can be heard here http://soundclick.com/share?songid=6405263

A new version should be replacing it shortly once my jam buddy has done the lead on it for me.

I hope you guys ( and gals ) enjoy as that is what this journey is all about.