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Damn Good Times: David Lee Roth

Nice song shadywilbury, I like Jim Croce. BTW, you like the Traveling Wilburys? Is that where you got your name? I like them also. I was just playing some wilburys yesterday.


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Could be a Joe Pass {not sure of the spelling} those were single cutaways, semi hollow guitars. Not sure, but thats what it looks like to me.


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Crippled Fingers River


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My daughter has this game, and although I don't play it {I prefer to play the real thing} I do enjoy watching her play it. Ironically I bought a three quarter size acoustic for her when she was younger cause she wanted to learn. But she just could not get through the learning process, which I can understand cause I had a hard time myself getting through that phase.
But I persevered and I'm glad I did! I put my guitar down for five years after she was born cause raising my daughter was priority one. When I picked it back up, thats when I really started to learn and understand certain things 'bout music that I didn't understand before. Still learning and I believe that it's a continuing process that never ends and thats what I think is the greatest thing 'bout guitar, no matter how much you think you know you really never know it all.


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Try this site, http://audacityteam.org/forum/index.php There are also tutorials on youtube, and of course Russel has some fine tutorials also. between the three you should be able to find the answers to all your questions. hope this helps.


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I agree with stevie ray. The Doors did alot of music based poetry. I have some Doors Cds where Jim Morrison did poetry while background music was playing. How do we explain that? But I'm glad we have the poetry section! So all is good. My 2 cents!


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I guess you must represent and speak for everyone on here if you took that personally. I never mentioned your name. GO BACK AND REREAD PLEASE! There wasn't any of that statement personally directed at you. I Said "YOU ALL!" Thats pretty arrogant of you to assume I was talking to you and you only!!! JMO. smile


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Yours too, sir! I guess I can't voice my opinion, because I don't agree with yours. If you want to run people off, than whatever! Just like the trashing you all gave that person who had a problem with the tab!!! True, he could have been a little nicer in his post, but you guys didn't even give him a chance. You all just went off on him!!! Go back and read the rude comments you all made. But...I guess that's ok. Before you start talking 'bout someone else not being nice, maybe you should take a hard look in the mirror!!!


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I don't know what you peoples problems are with unhhuh. He hasn't offended me, and I have not read anything he's written to offend anyone else either. You all must be narrow minded cry babies! You need an adults only section!!


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Buy a twelve string and remove the higher pitch strings. That might help.


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I hear a lot of fuss over the B chord on here. It isn't any different the Bb, C, D, E!! They take a little bit of practice, but they are very doable. Practice, practice, practice!!


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Happy b-day 4gits&counting!!


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My b-day is Jan. 6th 1958. turned 51 yesterday. but like Jethro Tull say's "Your never to old to rock and roll"!!!!!


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Epiphone is a good choice. I have one and I love the sound! I bought it as a straight acoustic, but I like the sound so much that I'm gonna have electronics installed so I can plug in. I also have an Ovation. It's also a good guitar, but you have to use a strap when sitting 'cause of the round back. Thats the only thing I don't like 'bout it.


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I really like the lyrics! congratulations on the grandbaby. More memories are on the way!
Great song. BTW, I nominated two of your songs for the Collaberation cd. Grey Skies, and The Wait. Hope you don't mind! Those are really good songs!


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This is a great addition to chordie,
A very welcome expansion.
A place to post are music and poetry,
Isn't this website smashin'!

Great work work guys and gals!  I'm inspired already.


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Thanks, I always seem to mess up when posting a link. Didn't even know it existed till I was looking in thay window that pops up when I open up Audacity. I was just clicking on the links and it took to a wiki page and I found it when I scrolled down.


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Audacity has a very good forum also. It's: http://audacityteam.org/forum. Very helpful site.


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I'm not sure why that is. I'm new to the recording process myself.


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Does it have a 9 volt battery? you might check that. make sure it's good. if you leave the guitar plugged in while not playing, it could put the drain on the battery.


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I like it!!


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Thank you roger, I wasn't sure why it wasn't working.


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Try this: http://www.MyOnlineGuitar.com/wordpress. If this link doesn't work, go to youtube and type in how to hold a guitar pick. Thats where I got this link. Good luck.

* Admin note. I have put a space between the ':' and the 'http' to make the link usable. Roger *

My bad! I told him to ask someone in songwriting, cause he's new and I thought maybe someone in songwriting could help him better than in here.