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Micheal Bolton Rocks!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qy2XMYh9 … re=related

I would like to apologize in advance to anyone who watches this.


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If you need to, a thumb pick can be adjusted to fit using a hot air blow drier,  just heat up the plastic untill it bends to shape, and then let it cool.  they may feel more comfortable that way.


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Youtube would be a better than nothing choice for people who can't get to a good music store for any reason.  But if it were me I'd find a "big box" music store like Guitar Center, they have a huge selection and will let you try everything out, even if you don't buy. To me just the experiance of playing a variety of guitars and amps side by side, would be worth a little drive.

"Respect" by Aretha Franklin is a cover, It was written and recorded first by Otis Redding.

"Hey Joe" by Jimi Hendrix is also a cover, It was first preformed by a band called The Leaves"


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you could try a thumb pick,  most music stores will have some.

http://www.shopping.com/xGS-Thumb_Picks … id-8006957


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Yea thats my bad.  I play the verse with a Bbm, not the C#,  it sounded closer the the origional to me.  but I posted as B#m not the Bbm I was playing. 

Its the story of my life, I sharped when I should have Flated.


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It looks like it should read B#m,  when I play it that sounds right.  I could not edit it from the Artists page, so I added it to my song book.


Gwen Stefani is the sole reason No Doubt got the Attention they did.

Leiber and Stoller.  a great many early rock and roll songs.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerry_Leib … ke_Stoller

Holland, Dozier, Holland. a ton of  motown hits.



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This is an urban legend that started after Sgt Peppers, since then people found "clues" in many Beatles Albums, starting with Revolver.  I think the Beatles did plant some clues to perpetuate the hoax, as there are just too many to be mere coicidence.   They have always denied it,  probably because of the notorious Charles Manson claims that the Beatles were giving him instuctions to start a race war through their music.


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I have a Washburn D12 cutaway Acoustic-Electric.  It sounds great unplugged, and has plenty of volume, as it is not the slimer body style.  My nephew has an Ibenez classical AE that sounds good and is as loud as any other nylon string guitars I've played. It has a built in tuner as well.

If you think you will ever need to play plugged in,  it is easier to have a guitar ready to go, than to convert one later.  There are many different brands and styles out there, not all will have thiner bodies, or cutaways.   As is often said here on chordie, Its best to try as many as you can and get the one you like the most.


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Dude get yourself an electronic tuner.  They're relatively cheap, more accurate, and a faster way to tune up.  There are many different models out there, but you should be able to pick up a good one for between $15 and 40, depending on the features you need.
I have several tuners, the one I use the most, clips on to the headstock,  It's great for noisy places, as it doesn't rely on a mic for tuning.


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Hey Nela, I have a DigiTech RP80, which has the same presets and features, as the RP50, only with an added expression petal.  You can plug it in to your amp, a recording device, Stereo Headphones, or even into a PA, , and get many different Amp and Cabinet set ups, plus many popular pedal/stompbox sounds.   It's fairly easy to use, and should be lots of fun.


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just a little inspiration for ya James, remember Slim sold more records than Elvis and the Beatles.


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Doc,  I agree with southpaw on this, we have  covered this subject.  but  maybe this will help.



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SRV and Double Trouble started as a trio,  SRV on guitar, Tommy Shannon on bass and Chris Layton on drums.  they are the only musicians credited on Texas Flood.


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Doc, I think you have found the next American Idol.


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Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble,  Rush,  Nirvana and the John Mayor Trio.

but I would also mention bands like Led Zeppelen,  Van Halen,  The Who, and Rage Against the Machine/Audioslave,  as they are a power trio plus vocalist.


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happyfeet wrote:

kinda hijacking this thread for a quick question big_smile - is the distance between frets the same on acoustic and electrics?

I just borrowed an electric and it feels like the frets are closer together

It can be most Classical and Accoustic guitars have a set scale length of 25.6in. or 650mm.

but Electrical guitar scale lengths  can vary by brand and even model.  Most are smaller than the Classical standard.


I would leave it to start with and raise the action only if  nessesary.  I play slide on my accoustics, and electrics, and don't change the setup for either,  but I prefer medium gauge strings, and higher than average action.
The slide you use may have a bit of a curve, especialy if you are useing a bottle neck.  Some of the cheap Italian wines bottles match the fender necks quite well.   But I have used sraight metal slides and they work just fine.

Its Called "Simple Gifts" and I couldn't find it in Chordie songs



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Morrison,  Sting,  Bono, Perry, Henley and Frye are all fine examples of pretentious twits, but they do possess some genuine musical skill.   
To realy excell in pretentiousness you must be a Rapper.  Puff Daddy, Jay Z, and Kanye West  put the rest to shame,  Not only do they exceed the others in ego, self promotion and shameless grandstanding, but they possess absolutly no talent that I can see.

ELVIS PRESLY  He is "THE KING" for a reason.   He is one of the main reasons Rock and Roll became the most popular music in America and the World.  The artists he influenced directly are too numerous to mention.

JOHNNY CASH his honest and true songs tell stories that defy genre.  Influential for Rock, Country, Punk, Alternative, and Folk.

LED ZEPPELIN they set the template for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal,  even though they were so much more than just a hard rock band.


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I have to agree with you here Doc.  I find the doors to be quite pretentious, especialy when they tried to get deep.  Morrison was too self indulgent and rambling for my taste.  The band had excellent musicians,  but I feel they were at their best when sticking to pop songs, or blues covers.

I have a Washburn D12CE I bought 25 years ago,  I have used it as my main guitar ever since.  It works well for basic strumming, finger picking and even some slide guitar.  Washburn has a reputation for quality,  so even if you don't like the guitar, it should hold its value untill you can get something better.  If you get it cheap enough you might even make a little profit on it.   
If you trust the source, it might be good deal,  but even the smaller brands get counterfited.  if the source is a little sketchy I'd pass.