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In no particular order.

Foo Fighters
Van Halen
Led Zeppelin
Outlandos D'Amour - the Police.


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"Get Up Stand Up" by Bob Marley

Drums -Dave Grohl
Bass -Flea
Guitar 1- Tom Morrello
Singer - Axle Rose


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dino48 wrote:

I agree with southpaw,I belive they want too retain thier musical dignity. Mixtor102,I think you missed the one tv spot that they did let thier there music play,I belive It was in the 2007 commercials for the General motors Cadillac,mabee they did not show that in stockton,but im in hollister,ca not too far away from you.

After some further research I find they have been more relaxed about giving songs to Tv and Comercial ventures in reacent years,  But they did have a rep for not licencing songs out.

One thing I found that was kind of cool is a rollercoaster.   This would be a heck of alot better than a video game.


This looks like a fine set of rules, and it is a good idea to have them avalable for future referance.

I can say I've never felt it was needed as the people I've dealt with on Chorde have already been following the spirit of these rules. 

I think a Chat room would be fine,  if it sticks to these rules and is at it's core about Music.  Chat rooms for Politics and other subjects are very readily avalible from numerous other sources, haveing it here would be a distraction not an improvement.  I would prefer to see Chordie stick with what, I feel it does better than anyone else,  Music.


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Guitar Hero is just another way for people to play "Air Guitar", if they want to use a plastic Lp instead of a tennis racket thats fine with me. 

As Far as the music goes I think it's ok that artists have a new medium in which they can be heard,  Radio is dying,  CD sales are down, the internet is more about buzz than substance,  this is a way to gain an audiance.

Led Zeppelin have never licenced their music to tv or film, so this doesn't suprise me. "School of Rock" was a rare exception, and Jack Black had to Kiss Major But.

As far as Video games go "Guitar Hero" is preferable to the shoot'em ups, and crime sprees found on most of these games,  but in my humble opinion, the best thing you can do is shut the dang thing off and go outside.


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The Three crimes you listed are

Felony Hit and Run with a DUI enhancement.  (Driving Under the Influance of a controled substance)
Felony Possession and Use of a Controled Substance.
Felony Assault and Battery

These crimes do not just occur,  an indvidual made choices that caused them.  There are usually smaller crimes for which that Individual was never caught or punished that led to these progresivly greater crimes.  There were probably more crimes of a similar or possibly greater nature that were commited before that person was arrested and convited of these.  If this individual is released into society, the odds are that his crimes will become progresivly more serious and violent.  I personaly would rather lock this man away for the rest of his life, than give him the opportunity to take the life of someone else.

I lived in the City where Three Strikes was first championed,  It was started by a man whose daughter was killed in a mugging by a man with a long record of small felonies.
Its objective is to put criminals away before they can become violent.  Crime statistics in the USA have gone down dramatically in every state where It has been adopted.


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What settings are you on?  Many beginers set the amp and guitar to "11" and expect to sound good.  If this is the case turn your knobs down to a low setting on both the amp and guitar.  Get a good clean sound first, then play with the amp settings to shape the rest of the sound.  It can sometimes be harder to get a good sound out of low end equipment, but it can be done.


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James McCormick wrote:

My gusle has given me blisters.

I want to form a new band - gusle, bagpipe, and washtub bass.

What should our name be?

You should name the Band "Bring Earplugs"  that way you fulfill your "duty to warn" if anyone files a lawsuit.


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NELA wrote:

Is that guy aqctually playing that thang? It looks to mr like he is using a hacksaw to try and cut it in two.


Nela the difference is that people would applaud when he finished with the hack saw.


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You are correct, measure from the top of the fret to the bottom of the string, using a machinists ruler, to check the action.

I don't play out unless you count parties and campouts.


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I know you're not mad at me, and I knew you'd get it as soon as I explained it properly.  I am talking about Electric guitars,  action and intonation are easily adjustable with most bridges.   Accoustics are a different animal, if after checking and adjusting the truss rod I still have a problem, I'll let the shop do it.


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I never said they were not related, only that they can be set independantly.  One can have good intonation and still have high action.  One can have bad intonation and still have good action.  When I change one, I check and reset the other if needed.   But the best way to check the action is to get out a Ruler and check the Action.  A machinists rulers can be found for a few bucks at any hardware store.

I prefer my action higher than normal because it helps me when playing slide guitar.  I have my intonation setup for that.  We are talking about fractions of an inch between 4/64 and 6/64 (a couple of millimeters) here,  there is a certain amount of tolerance one can adjust for, and still have a well playing and sounding instrument.


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If you don't have one yet get a thick padded strap,  it worked great for my tele.


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Dude,  I've been doing my own set ups for over 20 years.  on both the Gibson style "Tune-O-Matic", or the Fender style bridge.  the Intonation will have to be checked and usually reset when you change the action, but proper Intonation is not an indicator of proper action.

A better check for action is to use a machinists ruler and measure from the top of the 12 fret to the bottom of the 6th (low) string, it should be at 5/64 of an inch, or 2 mm. at the 1st (high) string it should be 4/64 of an inch or 1.6 mm.  the rest should fall fairly well in between those two measurements.  Action can be set lower for thicker gauge strings.  These measurments are a good guide line, but some players may want higher or lower action, depending on personal preferance and style of play.


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A good test for this is to check your strings open and on the 12th fret. They should register the same on your digital tuner...............

Hey Southpaw, aint' that the test for proper intonation?  action is about the string height.

Grunge and Punk were as much about Image as Glam rock was.  Tattoo's, Flannel shirts, Piercings and Mohawks are just a different Image. 
Dude,  They may act like they don't care, but they still show up for the MTV Music Awards.
Good music will always come through no matter what the band is wearing.

Steel strings are under much more tension than the nylon,  they might pull the bridge off before you even got them  tuned.  they would certainly bow the neck over time if you did.   stick to nylon strings for it, that what it was made for.

Old Time Country is being played by new Groups like Old Crow Medicine show or the Mother Truckers.  It is Commonly called Alt Country or Americana. 

When Garth and Shania first came out country radio didn't think they were country enough to play,  After they became big every other act out there copied them.

Now Americana is considered too old fashoned for country radio.

The music business isn't going to mess with what works,  If an Old Time Country act breaks,  they will start playing it again.

On a side note it's kind of ironic that Johnny Cash won't be played on Country radio, but will be played on Alternative Radio.


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Led Zeppeln's  first album
Bruce Springsteen's  "Born to Run"
As for the Beatles  you can't forget about "Revolver" I feel this is their real breakthrough album.  This is when they focused on the Album as a whole, and not just on singles.

Doc,  I would highly recomend getting a copy of Robert Johnson's "King of the Delta Blues".  But if you are a Hardcore Blues fan like me, get a copy of Robert Johnson - The Complete Recordings.


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Doc have you tried Instructonal DVD's?  They're relativly inexpensive and you can play them on your own schedule,  many include backing tracks so you can play along.


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LOL Im sure one of these days those guys like Keith Richards, Bruce Springsteen, Merle Haggard, Vince Gill,  and Waylon Jenings will make it big enough for you to think they're famous.


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Hey Cytania,  I didn't feel like typing them all.



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geoaguiar wrote:

If no one watched then it wouldn't be popular. We have no one to blame but ourselves. Someones watching MTV. I didn't know they still played videos

Dude, I aint watchin' it.   So I get to blame everyone else.


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bootleger wrote:
06sc500 wrote:
Russell_Harding wrote:

hogwash! the reason good guitar players are playing les pauls,telecasters,and stratocasters is they are the hallmark of quality and have set the standard in the industry from the beginning.all you have to do is observe what the rest of the brands resemble if they dont look like a fender or a gibson model odds are the newbie guitarist will not look twice and thats why a vintage fender or gibson demands a high price ticket.so while copies may be as good or better the fact is they are still copies not the origional.

You're right, that's why so many great guitarists chose models like Strats, Teles, LP's, and SG's.  But when people see their idols playing these guitars, they want them too.

With all do respects the reason why they or anyone bought the brands and models mentioned is because they were the only one's available.  Guitars at the time were hand made (with the use of electric machines) not on cnc machines like now.


Gretch, Guild and Rickenbacker were all making electric guitars at this time.  Both Gibson and Fender had a variety of guitars avalable, many found their own musical niche,  but none gained the Iconic status of the Tele, Strat, and LP.


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Doc, I don't know if Chordie is the biggest Guitar site, but it is certainly the best.   Not only is the site easy to use, and full of usfull information,  but the people here are the friendliest, and most helpful.