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i would like to send songs from my media player to outlook express they can only be emailied if there sent 1 at a time but i dont know how to access outlook express from my media player a copy of the folder exists in shared documents but 1 cannot open the file if i cant get help all is not lost the pc repair guy is a wizz at this i will see him monday but i'd like to get it sent today any suggestions i am running a windows xp7 acapo


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thanks for the help ijust canceled,have to wait a few days like you said to setup new account so i can put some tunes on acapo

arkady wrote:

Info straight from myspace

How do I delete my account?

If you wish to permanently terminate your MySpace account, start by clicking "Home" in the top navigation menu from any MySpace web page. From your personal home page, click the "Account Settings" next to your default picture. From your "Change Account Settings" page, click the "Cancel Account" link, found just above the "My Account Settings". On the "Cancel My Account" page, click the "Cancel My Account" button. Check the email account that you used to create your account. Follow the instructions in that email to delete your account. Keep in mind, cancelling your MySpace account will PERMANENTLY REMOVE all of your profile information from MySpace, including your photographs, comments, blogs, and your personal network of friends. This information cannot be restored. You may re-register with your current email address after canceling, but you will need to rebuild your personal network from scratch.

Just copied and pasted from myspace
Or log in and go and click on the "help" tab at the top right of my home page.
Infos there.



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thankyou i'll give it a shot i am not sure how to delete the account is there a tab to facilitate this ? acapo


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i setup an account in my space only to find out later that i should have regestered as a band so i could put some of my songs in my profile page i have sent a message to myspace asking if i could change my account to register as a band i have yet get an answer anyone got any ideas how to change this account? acapo


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sanguine wrote:

i just got a new electric guitar and amp and was playing around with the delay and found something that sounded like a classic blues/jazz bass riff.

Played on the 6th string


basicly note rest note rest note rest etc.

if you can help that would be nice

converted to notes youhave edcb to chords its hit the road jack{ ray charles}


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wow riddler! that is uncomprehensible i am viewing this on thanksgiving mornning and i can say im truely thankful i dont live anywhere near utah acapo


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|  3/4 intro key of {g } c/// g///d/// d7/// c/// d/// g///  g/// |c///|g///|d///|d///|c///|c///|d///|d7///|em///|///|a///|///|c///|g///|em///|///|a///|///|                  oni   gar  fsh   adiu dnt no wy i cr 4 u  evw i go u fol me gre i say to all i can see.....     its hard to space the words with chords never wrote about the subjects gave it a try acapo


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eagleeye5851 wrote:

We'll never be free from terrorism until we can go on with our daily lives, and when we have to watch what we say or have someone tell us what we can see then we truely aren't free. We've gone from one type of terrorism to another one.

sounds a bit like communisim


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bootlegger i do not see how christ and the church compare to a man and a woman the relationship of christ and the church is that of the church{people,congregation}giving praise to the redeemer and saviour gods son or god on earth the holy spirt this is not the same as a man and woman.a man works and so dose the woman they have fights and make love have babies and all of them sin at times which is why christ was put on the cross to die for them i have wondered why the book of song of solomon was included in the old testement it relates a mans feeling towards his beloved it describes in detail his physical discribtion of his hearts desire biblical scholars have long debated this book my bible points out that this collection of love songs has long been an enigma and many interpretations have been offered for it.this love relationship" could"signify the the relationship between god and his people or christ and his church before you start typing "i told you so" the key word is COULD and OR what im getting at is some people believe this some dont some worship trees,rocks idols and some dont worship anything this compairison has cause me to research the good book more and i thank you for that well i'll get off the pulpit and back to music its funny how there entertwined acapo


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dont forget gene krupa {tommy dorsey band} but i think buddy rich is the best acapo

i took the time to read all the posts and it reinforces my feeling that there are some very helpful choridians out there from all over and differen't age groupes ive come to the conclusion that you should follow there good advise pick up that guitar right now and start playing anthing that comes to mind theres chord charts on chordie they however dont tell you what finger to use on a given string but get a book and learn the basics take a few lessions and as many on this subject have advised practice! ive been playing 50 yrs and it still excites me i cant forsee that disipearing i play several instruments and each one was a challenge i gave up on violin my playing sounded like the neighbors cat in heat so get with it and dont be shy about asking for help your in good company on chordie all the best  acapo


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dear needing serious help are you serious? calm down your raging hormones and just be your natural self if she's sending you signals you will pickup on it you can woo the lass with song but only for so long,hey that rhymes only you know where you want to take this relationship but if you want to impress her any of the above mentioned songs fit the occasion good luck acapo


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BOOTLEGGER you refered to gen:1-27 and your understanding of this is "man and woman as a couple being the image of god together as one" since this is not in the book it has to be your opinion my opinion is there is a contradiction if god created adam and eve first how could they be first if he created "male and female" before adam and eve huh acapo


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i think you should take a look at gen:1-26 i was not correct in "go forth but the words say be fruitfull and multiply one thing thats hard to figure out is gen:1-26 let us make man in "our image"why the plural ? the scribes who recorded this must have made a typo i am still confused with gen:1-27 "god created men in his own image he created male and female"in gen:2-7  adam was made from the dust and last eve in gen:2-22 my question is according to the references was adam and eve 1st or was it  the other people mentioned earlier? im sure it can be explained ihave belonged to a few churches i feel anything that can give you a sense of belonging and congregating with nice people reminds me of something rocky said in the first movie if you hang out with nice people you have nice friends. acapo


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boy after reading all the post on priests ,church i could write a book in fact many have been written  im sure about celibacy i think taking a man or woman and depriving them of there natural born wants is destructive it  destroys  their ability to function as an individual its not natural i can recall a quote from the bible "go forth and multiply" its kind of hard to multiply if the only thing you use the tool for is peeing acapo


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dont worry about not being in the mood ever heard of writers block? well the same thing happens in music i some times stare at my guitars and my recording equipment and wonder why im not playing them or recording the answer is sometimes you go through spells of i dont give a damm happens to everyone but it passes and you hear or see somthing that just makes you want to play its called inspiration and there ya go back at it keep on picking acapo


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i would have to say yes ihave a few songs ive written one is called latin sun its done electrically with two gutars playing the melody in thirds with some nice sustain i mixed in drums from my alises and added a bass it turnned out ok  i recorded it on a boss br8 and burnned it on a tascamcdrw700 i wanted to download it but im having problems with my media player i hope windows fixes it soon remember sleepwalk santo &johnney how about duane eddy 40 miles of bad road ,link ray rumble all of these songs have been used and are still being used on tv commericals the old intrumentals are priceless nothing i have listened to currently will be remembered eccept by the fans who are devoted to that kind of music but the oldies will survive long live the age of creativity acapo


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hi this is acapo i dont want to give away my age but ive been pickin since i was 16 that was 50 yrs. ago played professionally till a couple yrs. ago i still play occasionally with friends and i do a lot of recording and writting when im not on this computer.i can say i agree with learning by practicing scales strumming patterns and just expermenting i still learn something new everyday when it stops being fun bring on my bed with a lid on it i can say music keeps your mind young and opens you to new ideas,one thing i can recomend for new guitarist try not to think about what licks or riffs ahead of time your playing will suffer let the chord changes influence where your fingers go and old saying if you have to think about what your playing your not playing if your lucky enough to be in a band feed off the rest of the people your playing with play for the audience not at them if your not sincere with what your playing they will pickup on it and the lack of response only conferms that if you enjoy what your doing so will they and let you know clap clap clap ect.ect. one final bit of advise limit your intake of booze it slows your brain down if want to play the blues all night drink a lot smoke  and die before your time i have lost a few friends who were great musicians to that lifestyle well im through preaching weigh my words with your own reasoning and i wish you all well acapo


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Roger Guppy wrote:

Hi Jeff,

It took me the first verse and a half to get the  rhythm and timing flowing but once there I enjoyed playing it. The lyrics, well they ask the question that we would all like to know the answer to. Some have faith and believe others hope for the best.

One little point. The last word in the 6th verse, unless this is an American word we Brits do not know, it may be a typing error.

Thank you,


the word i believe is askew which means to go astray or make a mistake acapo


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jets60 wrote:

Thanks Bonedaddy - I'm with you there. I tried to pass on what I wish I had known to my kids from time to time and they usually give me this "whatever dad" look to let me know I'm wasting my time.

we are all working on it in our own way does anyone remember desiderada im not sure i spelled it correctly bu it was a reading put to music and recorded by a disk jockey about thirty years ago the text was discovered in a monastry acapo


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jets60 wrote:

Hey - thanks for all the comments. I pretty much figured I was not alone in this.
Marc - thanks for sharing the poem - very thought provoking. I can't say I'll ever figure out until that fateful day what will happen. I won't let it take up too much of my mind though...life's too short.
Lena - thanks - I sure wish I could play sing as good as you...okay write as good as well. This phase has pretty much been with me since childhood when a friend of mine was killed in a car crash. It didn't feel like he was gone and yet he was. Later in my life when many other friends and relatives died, I still felt like they were alive and kicking even though I knew they were not. So I still wonder about them and what will happen when eventually me, my wife and kids will die. I'm not a very good funeral person. I have no clue how to act. Words like sorry for your loss feel hollow when I truly don't know the extent of the loss. There is a big difference between going to a better place, a place of enlightenment and turning back into the earth. I guess I'll live with it and see.
Hey Acapo - I think I get what you are saying. I'm not sure I buy into atoms that make me up still being me when I die even though there are great amounts of power in even the smallest morsel of matter. I'm also not sure I buy into the whole spiritual side that I want to believe is in me yet I cannot feel it touch it ....sense it. Fortunately for me it does make for a good song topic.

I believe the expression "leap of faith" comes to mind


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I thought the lycrics were very much like searching as if on some spritual journey for answers that cant be given in our physical state if its any comfort one of the laws of physics is "matter can niether be created or destroyed" if you burn a piece of wood you dont destroy the wood you only change the molecular structure that piece of wood has changed to ashes much the same with all forms of life after death they decompose and take on a new identity we as humans myself included wonder what lies beyond these earthly bonds im not worried because i believe everything in this world,solar system,galaxie and the entire universe is made of electrical charges the physical body is comprised of atoms protons neutrons electrons and some particles even smaller the human mind "thinks" and the process of thinking is nothing more then electrical synapses of the brain as is the physical makeup of everything in gods universe dont worry you,ll have the answers when you depart enjoy the present the past is gone and the futures just beginning acapo


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i dont see any harm with air guitar its kind of funny to me but the contestents take it pretty serious I sometimes wonder if any of them started guitar lessions and became frustrated with the demand on concentrating there mental energies on the ruddiments and demanding dedication it takes to play like the guitarist they emulate but music should be fun and if the air guitarist have fun with what they are doing thats fine with me the sincerest form of flattery is imitation. this maybey premature but happy thanksgiving chordians acapo


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least we not forget the little hamlet of salem where over zealist "christians" burnned people at the stake without a shread of evidence history was repeated in the 1950ths senator eugene mccarthy from my home state of wisconsin accused everybody of being communist actors,other politicians even howard huges the witchcraft trials were a example of the ignorant stupidity of people and the consequiences were as brutal as any,innocent people died because of the acusers own unfounded fears we can see examples throughout history i remember a quote:if we do not learn from the lessons of history we are condemed to repeat them,lets hope we dont take to long  acapo


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i dont think the usa has a national food it all depends on the location and the ethnic composistion of the state in the south the varities vary from each state in the east a lot of recipies are handed down from generation to generation from the europians who migrated because of political pesecution or religious pressure and famine in ireland to the chineese who left to come to america for jobs and a new way of life the slaves from africa were forced to come and eventually freed contributed a great number of recipies this country is not one race of people the make up is like a stew and each ethnic group has their own kind of food they prefer well before i take up to much time i jus want to say we have a lot to be thankful for in the usa but i cant think of any national food only the need for it acapo