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It will take a few days to get here but I will do a comparison video vs. my Les Paul when I get the chance smile     


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Hey just a shout out to let you know there are some really fine guitars at very low prices at this place I purchased one yesterday a Les Paul copy that is absolutely stunning
looks like there all sold out this is mine
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid … mp;theater


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Thanks I appreciate your time listening to this and posting smile 

TIGLJK wrote:

Russell   excellent - lot of passion in your voice !   Nicely done!



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Thank you! smile

bluejeep wrote:

Well done Russell, I always enjoy your music.



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The first time I watched a video of this song by Gary Clark I was moved, just something about it kinda grabbed my soul and I knew I had to sing it hope ya enjoy


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Great lyrics only I was playing in a major key if you change the minors to major it works     


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I am not connected with this company in anyway  I came across this after watching a video
I will look for the video and post a link to it. I am sharing this info only because I believe it is a great alternative to high priced quality guitars and at the moment the one I like is sold out
https://guitarsgarden.com/products/new- … 3148400773 

This is a link to the video demonstration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAxGCVoF2Hs


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Great lyrics Jim something to come back to when I finalize the arrangement  right now I am working with the bass player to get his bass line in sync with my guitar line thanks for the contribution. smile     


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hi Jim yep it was! I think you have to find a nice groove and work out an arrangement based on that before adding lyrics at least thats one way sometimes the lyrics come 1st. thanks for taking a look smile     


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A sunday afternoon Jam session and this melodie was buzzing in my head ....so I started playing and the guys just jumped in.


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For those who are not familar with Tonewood amps it is a device that magenetically attaches to the back of your accoustic guitar (I have one) the onboard effects include reverb, delay, tremolo and a few others it uses 3 batteries and I would suggest rechargable due to the cost of replacing them but on the bright side it has a wonderful sound dimension it adds to your accoustic guitar. the price is around $190.00 US dollars.     


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Congrats on your new Grandson Phill!  one of the blessings to getting older smile     

Merry Christmas Bill and Dondra from Wisconsin USA and to all my Chordie Family smile     


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Grah1 wrote:

Yeah but you sure could have picked a mighty fine tune with that toe nail Russell lol



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I  got over 20,000 views for not cutting my big toe nail nobody cared about the song lol     


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The difference in culture of one decade always amazes me I have a brother who is 11 years older he loves Sinatra and the big bands he is also a musician with his own big band it's like he is trapped in a time zone along with all the other people who are still in there  mid to late 80s the same as I am part of a younger generation (78) lol those who are 10 years younger then me have there own "druthers" and so on and so on it is quite normal smile my brother and I do not agree on just about anything with the exception of football. lol     


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Cuentamina2 wrote:

LP has no comparison

It just depends on the sound your looking for I have a Les Paul custom too     


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Hope things turn around for you best wishes Rick smile     


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Thank you! smile

ctech wrote:

Just had a listen,I agree with Jim said an excellent song Russel.



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Khánh chào mừng bạn đến Chordie tận hưởng tất cả các tính năng mà chúng tôi phải cung cấp ở đây
Khanh welcome to Chordie enjoy all the features that we have to offer here smile     


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Very entertaining and the music is not all that different from what I listen to just the names change smile     


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bluejeep wrote:

Well done Russell,  I've always enjoyed your music and style.

Good to hear BJeep I'll keep on rolling smile     


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keepitreal wrote:

The whole package is just amazing. So clever and so talented.

Thanks much appriciated smile     


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TIGLJK wrote:


Short, to the point, clear message, perfect rhyme scheme.
Put that together with a musician who is talented and right in his wheel house bc he is playing what he loves - and you've got a fantastic song production !

Superbly done Russell - if this was put out by a famous band it would go high on the charts !

Thanks for sharing it.


Jim most appriciated comments thank you! smile     


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Thank you smile

Grah1 wrote:

Great song Russell