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ok To JGreen, Mojo01, TIGLJK and Peatle thanks for giving a peek and for leaving the nice comments this is the genre I like the best a hard bluesy feel and per  your request>>>>>

                                                                                                DAGGER                                    Lyrics and music by Russell Harding 2019

1st verse
No more cryin, no more trying, no more lying to myself
she didn't want me, she didn't need me, saving her lovin for somebody else
misguided affections bring only rejections she  put a dagger in the heart of my love
2nd verse
Don't wanna believe it, but I can't deny it, why don't these feelings just go away
it cuts like a razor but it don't even Phase her, stormy days are here to stay
(repeat bridge)
3rd verse
When you laughing, everyones with  you, but when your crying, you cry alone
I begged and I pleaded, but I wasn't needed, she's got a heart made, out of stone
(repeat bridge) solo out smile smile smile     


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wrote and recorded this last year and I am working on a new CD of all my songs in this genre which is what I like to play
I played all the instruments and did the mixing as well along with editing the video. 


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lol Good one! I don't have a trem on my LP but my  Fender Eleit has one and it is killer I can dive bomb it and it always stays in tune I like to use both depending on the song or my feelings at the time. smile     


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Devil went down to Georgia is a  great song I like this version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NR9iGi1Jwo     


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Congratulations! gotta get  your feet wet sometime the nerviousness before a performance is natural and good glad it turned out well smile     


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Tenement Funster wrote:

Thanks, gents ... and I appreciate the great advice about the need for perfect timing. Here's the kind of creativity (featuring Tobias Rauscher)  that has me drooling:


I can see why, this young man is very creative and technically sound and also uses some high quality mixing and video skills.     


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Loopers are only as good as your timing,  if your playing with a drummer and bass player it's a whole new animal from sitting in your living room practicing and you have to almost anticipate when to punch in the recorded track a split second.


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Welcome to Chordie dangquan09 check out all the features and enjoy yourself. smile     


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Sorry to hear of this my condolences on your loss     


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Phill Williams wrote:

I'm still kicking Russ, glad to see you are too and back recording. Any news on the band front?

Good to hear Phill,  Yeah I'm sorrta getting another shot at it I'ts tough getting people to commit most of them have a lot of other projects and stuff and I have been using my Alesis SR-16 for drum tracks it does a fairly good job but not like a real person smile     


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Phill I agree it has slowed,  I visit everyday to take out the trash but not to many topics to monitor     


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Phill Williams wrote:

These days I get that on most songs. Since I retired I've put on a few pounds and most seem to have gone to my fingers. When I need up during a big I just say "I haven't practiced that for a while" which is probably true anyway. I like simple riffs like Smoke on the water or Don't stop believing.

yep me too it's called "ageing" good to see your still kicking smile     


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TIGLJK wrote:

every song I play !  smile

Hey Russel - good to hear from you !   How ya doing?


Hanging in there Jim I do have several new original songs that are being recorded in my buddys basement enough for a CD but lots of mixing will be necessary before I can have the tracks sent out to be mastered. Other then that I am studying a lot of chess book and playing in online games to keep my mind sharp. smile     


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The opening for End of the Line by the Travilng Wilburys. George Harrison came up with a very tasty lick it uses a D chord form (open) and alternates with a major F chord form (two fingers) and another form in a rapid change up and down I am able to play it on my light stringed guitars but struggle on the acoustics.     


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Baldguitardude wrote:

I don’t care for either of the voicings you list above, so I too struggle with those because of how they sound.  I prefer this
E 2
B 0 (or 2)
G 0
D 0
A 2
E 3
I use this good info BGD
That open voicing is my favorite and works particularly well on acoustic.

On electric I would play g maj 9:
E x
B 3
G 4
D 4
A x
E 3

Just a thought!

This is a very handy voicing especially if alternating with Gmaj6 for a nice dowop feel as in the song Moments to remember     


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I think there is something to this notion, I forgot what I was going to say hmm just kidding I have a fair memory I am 77 years young and can still recall most any song along with the lead guitar parts so there must be some truth to this but I think regular practice has a lot to do with it too and just like anything you cannot put it in the closet and take it out when you feel like it and expect your performance level to not suffer.     

I use Lizard Spitt great results     


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Interesting topic and responses I think the reason I don't post as much is the natural aging process lol  The same reason I do not participate in chess tournaments my lack of energy or interest and health reasons I use oxygen when I go out and have to sit in a chair when I jam or play out and for the 1st time in my life I feel my age but I try my best to stay positive so there it is. smile     


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TIGLJK wrote:


Good luck with the guitar, I hope all goes well for you.

I was wondering since you are an accomplished guitarist with a lot of experience..... what are the major differences between a Gibson and an Epiphone  Les Paul model ?
Also wondering what's the difference between Guitar Center and Sweetwater - they always seem to have the same prices ?

Hi Jim a good question,  I think the difference is minuscule it really comes down to preference and pride. I own or have owned a Les Paul most of my life and a Strat my thoughts are when you play the best guitars there are no excuses for not excelling or trying too at least. With regards to Guitar Center and Sweetwater I have never dealt with Guitar Center and do not know their policies but I do trust Sweetwater from years of dealing with them and in the end, I think if your dancing with the best looking girl at the ball no need to look further smile     


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I do not see how they can correct the warp at the end of the neck or the inward warp behind the saddles but I am not a repair guy, I will see if I can loop a rhythm phrase to go with the lead fills an interesting note on the fills is the second time it is played it is a 3d below smile

Tenement Funster wrote:

I hope they can get your EPI back in your hands and working properly. Warped necks are not easy to fix, and often not fixable (is that a word?).

"Hoochie Koo" is one we played in a High School band I was part of. I wasn't the lead guitarist, so didn't learn any of the lead bits that both Johnny Winter and Rick Derringer played so well. It's a great song that lots of groups have covered, and hopefully "Retro Buzz" will add it to their arsenal as well.



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I agree and that is why I only buy from them and with regards to light years ahead I just have been around for a lot longer with more time to practice smile

TIGLJK wrote:


Good companies keep good customers!

You are light years ahead of me musically, I hope to hear our production son.




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Thanks will keep you posted smile

Classical Guitar wrote:

Russell  I hope all goes nicely when  you get is back or they should set up a  new one for you and ship that instead.  Please let us know when you get it back is your repaired or if they sent you a new one.



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Big problem,  I had to ship my Epiphone back to Sweetwater for repairs, fortunately, it is still under warranty.
I noticed there was a fret buzz starting on the 10th fret to the14th and it appears the neck has a slight warp as well as the top of the body I was told by the repair guys at Sweetwater this could be due to moisture or lack of it. Sweetwater sent me a shipping box with a prepaid shipping label and I packed it up carefully and it should be there now it is always good to do business with a company that backs up there products. I have been busy with writing and practice my latest song to learn is Eager Winters "Rock and roll Hoochee Coo" I am playing it on my Les Paul for that fat sound I love. This song has some really tasty fills and challenging lead guitar parts I managed to memorize the lyrics in about 3 days ( not as fast as I used to be old age lol )  I find I am using my Atomic Effects more and more because I was able to program each effect and assign them to one of the two way buttons making 6 different effects I can access with a foot switch. I did also find a few musicians to jam with and looking forward to warmer weather. smile 


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Good to hear it will be a lot easier to navigate smile

ctech wrote:

Cheers Russell my dad downloaded it and printed it out for me.



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Also, a manual is very handy to have it cuts down the learning curve and if none is available you can always google a pdf file online for this unit.