I created an event on FB, but for those chordians who are not FB friends, I'm posting here as well. All chordians are welcome! Let me know. Here's a group photo from last year.



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Many great movies - One of my favorites was Deliverance - he wasn't in this scene much, but every guitar player knows it.


I bet it feels great to be playing again bluejeep! Keep it up, even if it is baby steps. Congrats! 


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Certainly entertaining big_smile

Then I had to click on the one beside it "The best jam I ever witnessed"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACrudwFcbzI

Reminds me of chordiestock with 100X the talent (and there are some real talented folks at chordiestock!)

I use an app called onsong. It allows you to import songs from anywhere on the web, change keys, chords, lyrics, etc. Scrolling is built in and you van even get a pedal that links via bluetooth to page up and down. Best thing is you don't have to be connected on line to use it. Great app.


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That's a beauty Jim!


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^ Now that's funny - Well done TIGLJK! big_smile

I believe stoneyacres is talking about the song linked on chordie. https://www.chordie.com/chord.pere/www. … 05777.html

He is correct - this is not the correct version of this song, There are 10 total versions listed (when sorted alphabetically), but I am not able to view any other than the incorrect one.

This appears to be a bug so I will report it to the head admin.

Stoney - please be aware that chordie does not host any songs, it is simply a search engine that finds and formats chords in what is supposed to be a user friendly format. In this case, the song comes from azchords.com, and it is incorrect. Hopefully the admin can correct this error.


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My influences come from friends I have had the opportunity to play with. I have learned more playing along with and watching these guys than I could ever learn from a CD or song on the radio. A few of them:

Toney Hall
Wayne Baye
Dirty Ed
Paul Wood
Robert the Judge
Roger Banks
Jeff Graves
Roger Guppy
Joe Lilly


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Happy NGD, NBD and HFD Jim! That S&P sure is pretty - and it looks like Santy Clause on that Balalaika - would love to hear it ringing out! Sorry, I can barely speak English, those letters look like what my printer does when something breaks big_smile


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^ I believe each song book is limited to 99 songs, however you can create as many books as you'd like. Try deleting some songs or creating another songbook.


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Very Nice DE - reminds me of the Gibson L-OO's that I have been looking at for a while. It's amazing the sound some of these smaller body guitars produce!


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big_smile Thats horrible and wonderful at the same time. Loved the announcer dude. Lol

Purty guit Jim. Happy NGD!


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DE - I only caught the tail end of this story (the tooth part) while you were sitting around the breakfast table at CS last week. I am glad to have heard the rest. Hilarious! big_smile


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I got married - twice!


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Those are good thoughts. Next time I will ask that no recordings be made unless the person being recorded agrees in advance.


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Great seeing you and your family again Joe. You are most definately welcome every year. Here's a group shot. https://scontent.ftpa1-2.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/29496906_10216020520656000_6701489355153735680_o.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=4624307eab1215abbcb215a1fd3fdba7&oe=5B4D5A20


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^ Looks like an excellent selection of instruments and libations DE!


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I think it's both hilarious and slightly disturbing that this thread is about discussing booze as opposed to what guitar everyone is bringing. Priorities! big_smile


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LMAO Joe - I told you this was a party!

DE - I've got a handle of Devils Cut with your name on it! smile


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LOL - I just counted, I have 17 bottles of booze, but scotch isn't one of them big_smile . Rum, vodka, bourbon, gin, Irish whiskey, but no scotch. DOH!

beamer wrote:
topdown wrote:

I use Car Wax on one of my guitars regularly. Being an old car guy, my go to products are typically from Meguiars.

Of course, that guitar is my CA - completely made out of Carbon Fiber.

I bet beamer could put a real nice polish on that one - next time he makes it to chordiestock!

would love to, and when I do make it I am bringing  My polisher  since now I have enough backups that i dont have to worry about a broken one.

Well this is certainly timely bringing up this thread smile . No worries Beamer, I won't put you to work this year, but my truck sure could use it!


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Baldguitardude wrote:

i have no idea. We should restart it...maybe put together a new box at Chordiestock this year?

I think that's a fine idea. I kinda like the way the package started simple, with an envelope of picks, but over time it included, CD's, tuners, a harmonica and various other musical related items. I suggest if we start it again, we keep it simple - just guitar picks. Then we can again watch the package grow as it goes "Around the World".

mojo01 wrote:

the fried piper is probably more accurate.
i dont think i am going to read this thread any more, i hate it when i miss a good party

Well then you need to make plans for next year! It's always the weekend after the change to Daylight Savings Time. 03/16/19 next year