Dirty Ed wrote:

I plan on bringing a Nashville-tuned travel guitar Zurf, but I'm just trying to figure out whether the other guitar should be my Martin or Blueridge  that have pickups installed or just one of my campfire guitars that have already been baptized with adult beverages and sand. smile

Safe bet - bring all 3! big_smile

Dirty Ed wrote:

BTW Jeff, will we just be playing at your house?  Will we also do a "beach" jam or play at one of the local watering holes as in years past?  Like JJJ I'm trying to decide which guitar(s) to bring.


I'll share the post I put on the FB event page for those who aren't on FB or otherwise may have missed it:

OK - There are some newbies coming this year, so I thought I'd share the "agenda" - there really is no agenda so please feel free to come and go as you please. In addition to back porch pickin' daily from 10AM to 2AM, this is what typically shakes out:
WEDS - Paul will be here and Joe will be arriving, right now I am thinking we will head up to Seminole Mickey Quinn's for their Open Mike.
THURS - Most of the out-of-towners will be arriving, so it's airport / welcome day. Casual jams at my place, usually order pizza for dinner. (i'm contemplating changing this up to corned beef and cabbage for those who need that traditional St. Paddy's day meal, sine I won't be making in on Saturday)
FRI - Set-up, prep day - maybe happy hour at DS? Sunset jam weather permitting. Dinner? - unsure.. (Robert is bringing dinner)
SAT - Party day - Folks usually start showing up anytime after noon. I'm going easy this year, just making burgers, dogs and brats on the grill. If anyone wants to bring a side, feel free.
SUN - Bloody Mary's at DS at noon (because that's what I do every Sunday smile ). Casual afternoon, then we take over Toney Hall's jam at Jimmy's in IRB Sunday evening (still to be confirmed)
MON - Clean up and GTFO day!


Baldguitardude wrote:

Florida liquor distributors are about to have a great month.

Photo from last year - I'm gonna need a bigger table this year big_smile


Beamer mentioned that this might be the most chordians at any chordiestock yet and he may be correct, Along with DE, we now have me, Zurf, Normtheguitar, Beamer, BGD, JJJ, (that's 7 regular contributors), plus ex-moderator Southpaw41 (Toney) and Topdawg (Robert), and UJB is still a "maybe" - so potentially 10 of us total. I do believe that qualifies as the most chordians ever at a CS and possibly the most ever to gather at a single event. That's AWESOME! Throw in the 20+ non-chordians that are coming and this is turning out to be another great year!

Zurf wrote:
Dirty Ed wrote:

I usually wear a hat when playing for others so the reflection from the top of my head doesn't blind them. Also ear plugs or ear muffs are a good option for the audience to be wearing.

Friday I'm playing in the annual Foothill Folk Society concert at Ohio University  Chillicothe  campus.  The theme is "Campfire Songs and Stories" so we'll be on stage dressed as "campers" telling stories and singing songs around a fire, surrounded by tents, rafts, canoes, kayaks, paddles coolers, etc as stage props. I haven't decided what "special clothing'  I'll wear.


Well picking guitar and dressing the part in that sort of environment will be a stretch for you, oh Great Soiled One, but I have a feeling you'll be able to pull it off somehow.

Reminds me of the story bout the bunny rabbit and the briar patch smile Have fun Ken!

Several years ago a wise man named Wayne said you should wear a hat every time you pick up a guitar. I have heeded his advice ever since big_smile

Zurf wrote:

Yeah, but if Jx3 travels 1500 miles by bus with an L2, doesn't he get a wrinked, dusty suit and a skinny black tie as an award or something. I think he should.

In addition to the suit, that kinda trip with that particular guitar certainly deserves a Blues name. Sticking with the JJJ theme, I'm going with Joey Jailhouse Jefferson big_smile

^ JJJ - If you don't want to travel with a guitar, I've got a couple of spares you are welcome to borrow.

Jx3 and UJB in the same room would be awesome! I always seem to get you guys confused, so it would either add some clarity or be very confusing to see you together (likely dependent on the amount of bourbon I have consumed). Hope you both can make it!

There is no rookie tradition as of yet, perhaps someone will come up with one? Of course a shot of your beverage of choice will be offered!

As far as other instruments go, as long as it doesn't plug in you are welcome to bring along whatever you can squeeze in your suitcase. We will have a percussionist here (Cowboy)  and I have a small assortment of shakey and bangey and jingly things, but more are welcome!


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Pickle jokes seem to be your bread and butter


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^ I've never made corned beef in my life, but if you wanna cook it, I'll be happy to buy what you need and my kitchen is yours to use. Just send me the ingredients.


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Baldguitardude wrote:

I am relishing all these pickle references.

That is so bad I almost reported this post as offensive. Not Dilly Dilly big_smile


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Welcome to the Team!


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I rarely visit the songwriting forum, but BGD told me he was working on a recording so I thought I'd check it out. This is indeed a great song Trevor - kudos to you sir!


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Zurf wrote:

Topdown uses colored strings on his Composite Acoustics guitar, which is solid black. It's high contrast and awfully cool looking. They seem to have lasted about forever. I don't know the brand he uses, but I'd be willing to wager a bet he bought them from Amazon.

You'd lose that bet Zurf - I get all of my strings from Strings and Beyond. Been using them for years -great prices, fast free shipping (for orders over $35 I think) - they always have deals as well. (I have no affiliation with S&B).

I do use the DR strings on my CA as Zurf says - this guitar lives on my back porch subject to the heat, humidity and salt air environment. They last forever, sound good and look cool on my "plastic" guitar. I bought a set on a whim several years ago and just thought they fit that guitar. I like changing colors for the occasion - think I'll have to go with green for chordiestock since it falls on st. paddy's day big_smile

My go-to strings on my other acoustics are John Pearse - they just sound the best to me. YMMV

Also Gloria by Van Morrison - E, D, A

I believe The Last Time by the Stones (E, D, A) qualifies. That's all I got.


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I'm normally leery responding to an old topic brought up by a new member with an innocuous, yet meaningless response, but somehow I missed this thread so I thought I would add one of my favs.

"I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy" ~ Fred Allen

Nicely done Russ - Been a while since you've posted a vid and I really like the back to basics acoustic blues! You still got it!

So Normtheguitar is confirmed as well as Beamer. I’m still hoping Wayne and Liz can make it and if BGD, JoeyX3, and Dirty Ed show up, this might be the most chordians that ever made it to a chordiestock! About 1-1/2 months away!


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There is only one reason - Will it make me a rock star and get me chicks?

I'm still searching.................

Beamer - looks to be about 2.5 miles away - just over the bridge. It has a Mad Beach address, but is really on the mainland. I am sure we can work out transportation during your stay, but uber might be necessary to get you back in the evenings as folks that are able to drive late at night are usually few and far between smile

Glad to hear it Beamer! I am making my airport run on Thursday, so I won't be able to get you on Friday. I think the cheapest option is the Airport Super Shuttle where you can get a ride for about $30. Uber is also an option, but I don't know how much it costs.

I should be able to get you back to the airport on Monday though - I plan on making a trip mid afternoon, depending on everyone's flight times. Zurf is departing at 4:30ish, close enough to your flight. See ya in March!

Here's another pic from last year - our attempt at recreating Abbey Road on the way to the beach