Hi Grah.

great backing track, my friend...but knowing you the words are the important component? Unfortunately they are buried under the rhythm guitar. I'd like to hear your vocal and the lead track brought forward if possible?     


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and a welcome from me Aradii. we all have to begin somewhere. i suggest lean simple open chords, practice rhythm/strumming and don't try to run before you can walk...take it slow in other words.

it's good to have new friends to talk to from the middle east...welcome again     


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thanks for the ego boost Jim but i'm not so sure about that!
i totally agree that to write you need to write. Cory has his dad to proof read his lines and help shape them into a song, experience counts.     


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i've got a Scarlett i818 by Focusrite which i've used for about 6 years but i had to replace it as it has started distorting music. i looked into buying a new version but found they were a lot more expensive than the last one so i searched around and found a Steinberg UR22 mk2 which came with a Cubasis AI downloadable DAW which is quite complicated but it also works with any DAW and is considerably cheaper than Focusrite and the sound is very good with no noticeable latency.     


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Sounds like a normal day to me...lol

You left out the part about the top button on the trousers popping off as you get into the car.... happened to me last week! The zip that gets stuck. There's so many last minute "accident's" you could write a part 2 .

I have to say I did lol as I've experienced everything you mention. Haven't played it yet but the words are great.     


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Be as bonkers as you like....it certainly brought a smile and a giggle from me...ah memories, I remember the chimps well.

Would you also wish the lovely Maree a happy birthday from Ann and me. Penblwydd hapys cariad.     


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keepitreal wrote:

Only someone from The Land of Song could have put those words together. It just sounds so Welsh. Great stuff Phill.

Thanks for reading and commenting keepitreal. Believe me it's always much appreciated when other members can be bothered to look and comment.     


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Believe it or not I used to do the Peter Sellers version when I did my comedy slot, many years ago. Funnily enough it was him I was thinking of when you mentioned reciting the poem!     


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Peatle Jville wrote:

How out thou Phill. I love the way you wrote this.  Well written in a ye old style.   I can hear in it my head been spoken by someone with a  Shakespearian type voice.

you may have noticed that it's only airy-fairy in the first verse which i wrote early morning (about 10 o'clock). second and third verse arrived about twelve hours later, so they aren't so floral or Shakespearean.
as for a voice you can choose between Richard Burton or Peter Sellers, oh no you cant as they're both no longer with us... drat     


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thank you Brian, i do try, in fact Ann tells me i'm very trying...?     


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TIGLJK wrote:

Quite a nice piece of literature there Sir Phill !!

i don't know why it came out like that, it was early in the morning, and it was quite frosty and toasty in bed.     


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there's a song with the line " I don't feel like dancing when the old joanna plays..." scissor sisters i believe, great song. i enjoyed your love song too. when i play piano it's called torturing the ivories...?     


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Doth dawn break ever silent over loose and falling stones.
The mountains white capped, majestic.
Greet the new day, reflecting snow.
In the low lands, shadows creeping, hear the chorus of the dawn.
Sheep lift their sleepy heads, humans stretch and yawn.
Grass is white and frosty.
Toes are warm and toasty.
This home is cold so light the fire.
The kettle on the boil.

Who brings the morning paper?
The news for all to read.
The baker boy that rides his bike, over hills and brooks alike.
The old man stirs his morning cup.
The heat that steams his specks.
The candle that was company.
Has burnt itself right out.

The cows that now need milking.
The hay that must be spread.
The eggs must be collected.
The household must be fed.
The day starts later every day.
And every day  it's colder.
It's harder to get out of bed.
Upon a winters morn. 


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as Russ has said...this is a nonsense post and usually contains spam or sometime in the future be reopened to post spam. As the post does not contain spam YET there are no grounds to ban  the poster. but be sure the ban hammer will fall should this person make the mistake of posting spam. would all members be vigilant  and report any new members that may post spam, spoiling the site for us all.



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keepitreal wrote:

A great little song and fun to play. I couldn't help thinking of John Entwistle and his Boris.
Good luck with the twerking, but remember. The A & E gets pretty crowded at this time of year.

Take my word for it...no one wants to see me twerking, even the wife looks the other way when I strip my clothes off. LOL

I hadn't thought of Boris the spider! I bet Graham could make a good song of it as he is a big Boris fan...not     


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some of those chords need 15 fingers i think?
i have to say i don't understand punk music so i'll be very interested to hear a recording of it.     


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it took me a while to work out what AED was, i got there in the end! i'm off to give it a listen now.     


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great song Jim, 4 line verse 8 line chorus, I agree with Ed not the usual song layout. Having said that not your usual song subject, a slight departure, I like it a lot.     


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I hadn't even considered option 4 but it deserves it's place. Nice one     


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Thanks Jim, will do and it should read tweeking not twerking! Predictive text strikes again.
As an addendum; there are three ways the words can be read:-
1) a simple halloween song for kids.
2) a song about a coercive and violent  stalker.
3) a person planning a murder.
only option 1 was on my mind during writing.     


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Thanks Pete and Brian. It does have two meanings depending on how you read it...ha ha! My eight year old granddaughter was watching me type it out and reading it aloud and making suggestions and many questions, why do spiders eat flies? The web never held what? Ah, the ever enquiring mind of an eight year old?
I have begun recording it but it needs twerking and refining.     


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A new song to celebrate all hallows e'en

Just A Little SpiderUndefined


[Em]Come a little closer.

Said the spider to the fly.

[A4]Let me taste your sweet long legs.

[Em]Before you die.

[B7]I'm just a little spider, babe.

[Em] You cant run away to hide.


[Em]I caught you in my spider web.

And you cant get free.

[A4]I caught you and I won the game.

[Em]Now you belong to me.

[B7]I'm just a little spider babe.

[Em]I think you're nice to eat.


[A4]Long ago when spring began.

[Em]I came out of my shell.

[A4]And all the flies were flying round.

[B7]My spiders web never held.


[Em]Come a little closer.

You're all that I require.

[A4]You'll never fly away again.

[Em]My body feels afire.

[B7]I'm just a little spider, babe.

[Em]You're all that I desire.



Phill Williams 2020. 


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Nice one Brian, that'll teach the complainers     


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I loved this song from the first time I heard it. Jeff has given me permission to record and post it on Soundcloud. I never do covers of completed songs but I had to do this one. 


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That was brilliant. I love the words, the guitar is great  and I think the key change was the right way to go. As the saying goes; you should never  achieve your dreams as you'll only be disappointed, that's my take on what you're saying, am I right?