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How ya doin Bob ??? Im a 38 yr old Scottish guy living in Antibes on the Cote D Azur I have only been here 6 mnts but there seems to be tons of oper chanceties to play Acoustic type stuff during the summer season as there are tons of english/irish stylee pubs in Nice and Cannes and in Antibes itself and when the tourists and the yachtie crowd are here every night is Friday night so if you find yourself in the neighbourhood get in touch (french mobile) 067913117


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afterglow - small faces
reason to believe - tim harding
something - george harrison

all known as 'knicker wetters' where I come from


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I got a martin d-16 a year ago and it just sounds better and better it looks as plain as can be but its the sound that gets every ones attention.. gotta be the martin