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My first was "Danny Boy" and the hardest was "Kiss him Goodbye".
However I didn't play the last 25 years and for the moment just "Danny Boy" seems hard...



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Hi Phil,
I know everyone can do this, but not everyone knows it could end in a desaster...
I practise hypnosis for more than 20 years and I do it professionally. wink Certainly working with the subconscious mind requires 100% sureness.
Regressions, especially past life regressions are often asked just for fun, people don't expect it could end also with traumatically experiences they had in their past (life(s)). I definitely disapprove such "fun-sessions" even if I am really skilled to handle panic or hysterical reactions.

So don't be anxious about my straight look into my childrens' eyes - I use it only when I am tired of discussions. ;-)


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Does anybody have the tabs of the song "Sheila" (Tommy Roe) ??

Wherever I look I find only the chords and I guess for the moment I am not able to tab it myself.
25 years ago I put my guitar in a corner and now it seams to me like I have to start over....  hmm



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well, I guess most people are holding that hypnosis means to not remember anything after it.
They don't know that just to be lost in thoughts could be a condition of (self)hypnosis.
As a mother I know that looking straight in the eyes of my children works. wink

I am really surprised about your topic, I thought to be here far away from my work... lol