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1.  Stevie Ray Vaughan
2.  Eric Clapton
3.  George Harrison
4.  Prince
5.  Slash


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Thanks alot Bootlegger, They got alot of amp kits on their website think I'll find what I need there.


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I have a strat with a maple neck. In my opinion I think the sound is a little brighter than rosewood.  I just love the look and feel of a maple fretboard when they start to get all dirty and discolored like claptons "blackie"

I was also wondering about the pao ferro fretboards that SRV used on his guitar?


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just wondering if their were any hot rod owners out their who know some mods to make on this amp to make it sound better. I've heard of changing tube brand and I've also seen an omnisonic volume box they sell on ebay.    I use it for practice now but would like to use it for gigging someday.


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Taxman,  it has that funky beat that you wouldn't expect from the beatles

A silver american deluxe Stratocastor and a Takamine acoustic

I own a 2006 fender american strat and was just wondering if it was worth more with the factory case or not.  The factory cases they give you are cheap plastic so I sold it and got a SKB one.  Just wondering if it would mess with the overall valueof the guitar in the future or not, Thanks for any info.