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Looking at a Samick Greg Bennett D7CE [Beaumont Series] with a solid cedar top. Any thoughts. Thanks.


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I went to our local Acoustic Music Club last night and I was shown an Epiphone AJ 220 SCE which looked and sounded good. It was an electric acoustic with a cutaway body. Still looking at this stage and also looking at other brands. My son has lent me his Delta brand until I find one, which is 35 years old and still in good shape. That is the guitar, not my son, he is 47 years old and in good shape.


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Thanks for the advice and you are right about buying over the internet, not a good idea. A friend of mine did and the seller had cut down the bridge saddle to almost level with the bridge to lower the action.

I am looking at an Epiphone AJ-100 CE NA guitar to buy and would like some advice from owners or anyone who knows them on their quality, sound, action high or low etc. Thanks


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Go the Warriors


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Hi easybeat I had a Suzuki 12 string and thought it was a great guitar, nice sound,low action and well made. It was made of mahogany with spruce top, a quality guitar in my opinion.Everybody admired it. The ones you see on Trademe are not made by the Kiso Suzuki Violin Co.


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Hi Naolslager. Thanks for all that information. The last guitar I had was a Suzuki made by the Kiso ( I think ) Violin Company in Japan then a Yamaha CJ 818 which had a broken neck by the head stock. I was going to repair it but decided not to try so on sold it for parts. I didn't break it, it was done by the previous owner. Yes I should have used "Guitars and Accessories". Is there any way of transferring this with the click of a button? Adding a photograph is outside my range of skills.


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I have got myself a Yamaha FG 411s guitar. If anyone has one what sort of strings do you use. I am thinking of getting Elixer Nanoweb 12/53s. It is in good condition and the neck is straight with a few minor dings. The action is a little suspect. It measures 5/32" or 3mm at 6th string 12th fret. The bridge saddle is almost flush with the bridge on the 1st string side and raised about 3/32" or 2mm on the 6th string side so not much room for adjustment.The serial number is 71120519, does anyone know how to tell its age from this. Thanks.


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I am not old, only look old. I am 73 and play with a group in their 70's and 80's.We have a saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, guitar, bass and piano. We had a saxophone player who has since passed on [ not to another band ]. He was 96 and had been playing since he was 14  There was a documentary on TV recently interviewing a 92 year old who still teaches bass at a high school. I am listed as a junior member, can anybody tell me how to change that to senior.


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Thanks mixter 102. I should have picked that up. But thanks for the bit of history anyway

I have a Samick electric guitar SMx1 which I got in 1997. It has an American ash body, 24 fret ebony finger board, pearl dot inlay, double lock Floyd Rose bridge, gold coloured hardware and designed by Valley Arts Custom Pro Shop. Pickups are 2 single and 1 humbucker with a 5 position switch. Somebody said to me once that Samick usually copy other brands and don't normally design their own. Does anyone know if this is a copy or a one off.


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I have a Vox AD50VT amp made in Vietnam. There has been some talk that amps made there are not as good as the Korean made ones. Written on the back it has "Made under the direction of Vox England" so I can't see how they could use inferior components.Has anybody got any opinions on this. Thanks

What is the difference between a stratocaster and a telecaster.Do they suit different types of music or is one just a later model of the other?

Well I have been through that exercise.Don't take all the strings off.To replace strings unlock the three clamps at the nut and do one string at a time and tune this string.When finished tune  again.Set fine tuners to middle. Start at low E. and when finished check low E again and if flat start again and tune each string a little sharp and repeat until all strings are tuned When finished make sure the base is not tilted away from the body, if it is you adjust the springs.I got tired of this and took the back plate off and blocked the springs to make it a fixed bridge The blocks need to be a hard wood and a snug fit but not to tight because they need to be removeable


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I have recently replaced the fret wires on an acoustic guitar using a book called Guitar Repair by Irvine Sloane described as a Manual of repair for guitars and fretted instruments I am a retired cabinetmaker and found the job difficult so you would need to have a few clues on woodworking or know someone that has.The book covers topics on warped neck,action and buzzing,refretting,cracks,fractures,loose braces,etc. In his acknowledgments he thanks the C F Martin Organisation and the craftsmen for their help Replacing a whole side seems to be a major job I would get more advice on repairing the crack


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I have Elixir light 10-46s on my guitar Some one in our group suggested that I go lighter to a 9 to make bending easier.Does changing to lighter strings alter the tone in any way.
Thanks for any advice


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Thanks Jim I will give that amp a go. Being able to store a sound is handy for a quick set up. Someone told me that an electric acoustic can be put through these amps as well


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Has anybody got advice on clean settings for this amp please. I play Eagles,Rod Stewart,CCR type of music.I am experimenting with Black 2x12, Tweed 4x10, AC15, and AC30TB.If you have, use clock face as a referance and do you start with the preset mode and tweak or start on the manual mode.My guitar is a Samick designed by Valley Arts and the pickups are 2 single and 1 humbucker with a 5 position switch.


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Yes my Samick sounds good.I put it through a Vox AD50 V T modelling amp which is a little complicated although when I find the right sound I can lock it in a channel and save it.I should have bought a Crate.The action on electric guitars are ok unless someone has over tightened the truss rod. Mine has got 2 allen screws on the bridge to raise and lower the action The amp is a Vox AD 50 VT Valvetronix and if anyone has advice on a clean setting for rhythm and a setting for blues let me know please


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I have a Samick number 4061171 made in Korea and designed by Valley Arts Guitar and I owned it for 20 years and have had no problems It has a maple neck,ebony fretboard.oak body and 3 pickups one being a humbucker.I did not like the Floyd Rose bridge so inserted a block of wood to make it fixed The instructions to do this are on Google