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12 string basses have four sets of three strings. one tuned to the same pitch as a four string but with the addition of two normal guitar strings. So when you play you have to hold down three strings with one finger, good luck to them i have more than enough adventure getting round six.


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I have known les paul head stocks to snap off during such abuse!!


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Fingers but it depends on the syle of music you play, some stuff needs a pick.

My first was Edgar Winter,they only come out at night.


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Thats the wonderfull thing about guitar over most any other instrument the fingering patterns are repeated time and again. Say you play C major no flats or sharps but then you go to B major now you have five sharps but no change in how your fingering pattern would play it. Thats why so many guitarists dont understand a lot of music theory the way the instrument is built they dont have to, they learn something in one key and then just move it around.