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rickyjack wrote:

"Audio Assault"...I like that....I might just borrow that one.

BAHA      "AUDIO ASSAULT"    I could be arrested for this every time I sing!! smile
That is a great phrase Ricky!

Easybeat came up with it....and I do think I will borrow it as long as I'm not stepping on any toes. We already have a name for our group so I might use it when I play solo.

"Audio Assault"...I like that....I might just borrow that one.

I'll throw these 2 out there.Seminole Wind, John Anderson,92...Roller Derby Queen, Jim Croce,73.

I enjoyed listening to all the versions of this song...this is fun.
We could have a great jam session if we could all get together.
Thank you Jandle and the powers that be for your work on this project.

Here's my go at The Weight.
I was going to record Wish You Were Here last month but MOJO1 nailed it so well that I decided to let it slide.
I'm going to pass on Jack And Diane...can't fit any harp into it, so far.

Thanks Jim.
I play with four other old guys and that song has been on our song list for a few years now. It sure sounds empty without the harmonies and guitar solos.


Take 1
I'll get the ball rolling.
I've played this one more than Country Roads, which I hope to get up here before the end of the month.
P.S. I miss you Bill.

It looks like I'm the first one to jump in this month. https://soundcloud.com/rds-songs/youve- … our-love-1
I'm still trying to get the other song to sound half way decent.

Alright, a Beatles song.  It has a harmonica part in it at the end. I'll give it a try.
I tried your song Dino but couldn't get it to sound right. It's a good song to listen to but dang if I can make it sound half way decent.

I'm going to try to get one or both of these songs recorded before the end of the month.
Sometimes life gets in the way of a good time.

I edited my above post. I knew better than that...maybe I can blame it on age.

I have gone thru my pile of songs and came up with 10.
I like the Dylan theme also...You've Got To Hide your Love Away.
There are also some great Beatles songs...Ticket To Ride, Things We Said Today.
Now that Pancho And Lefty song is a good one.

I seem to have got things a bit crossed up on my above post.
For the Bob Dylan song I meant to put, You Aint Going Nowhere.
You've Got To hide You're Love Away, does go in the Beatles group of songs.

Sorry for the mix-up.



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Happy Birthday Per.
I also want to thank you for all the work you've put in to make this such a great site.

On a side note... Every time I put a song up on soundcloud I get several "follows" from young women. I block them every time...I'm an old guy and don't need no heart-attack.
Does anyone else have this problem or am I missing something?

Thanks Jandle, I'm glad you liked my songs.
BGD, I run my mic and instrument thru my 35 watt amp, then mic the amp to my computer. Just sitting here in the music room.

Thanks for your kind words dino..
It was me on the harp and guitar. I find it to be a very useful tool when I can't remember the words to a song.

Thanks easybeat.
Here's another one that was a first take. It went sideways a few times but made it to the end.
https://soundcloud.com/rds-songs/dont-t … ts-alright

Here's my go at one of the songs of the month. It's not my best work but I had fun.
https://soundcloud.com/rds-songs/city-o … ns-chordie


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I've got one.
Before his passing, Merle Haggard lived about 5 miles down the road.
We used to see him in town now and then.

That sounded great, especially for a "quick take".
Love your voice.


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I heard one the other day that made me laugh.
Dumber than a football bat.

I'm looking forward to see what songs people come up with next month.
I like surprises so I'm not going to put my name in the hat this time.


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Great tune and message. Thanks for the feel good song.


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All 3 of the above links work for me.
Good song and well played. I wish I had the talent to write songs like that.


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Thanks easybeat. You folks sure have a funny way of talking way down there.... I'll bet ours sounds about as funny to you.
Thanks for clearing up the definition for me. Yes, let's go with "bit of a character".