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Is anyone safe on beer's?....I have a problem being that safe...as I take a swig off a beer.

How bout "A NEW CAR"?

All kidding aside now. If he asked me for a set of string, that would be fine.
I just like the song and am looking forward to playing around with it.


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mojo01 wrote:

I suppose I just don't like to hear my self singing and prefer to hear the guitar or it could just be that I don't have a clue what im doing when it comes to recording. but I do truly appreciate the input and will attempt to raise the voice level on my future recordings. thanks for the positive comments

You've got a great tune there. I enjoyed the heck out of playing along with you on it.
I'll throw some beer's your way if you let me put it up on soundcloud after I get it down a bit better and maybe add in some harmonica.
I play regularly with 5 others, just for fun, and I would like to bring this song into the group also. I'm sure they will like it.



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Good morning Bill.

I think the email thing may have been corrected. Fingers crossed.


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Thank you Russell...I'm looking forward to learning something new.


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Good picture and sound for $100. I'm going to look one up for myself.

It sure beats this little camera I use for skype. Thanks for the heads up.


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I agree with NELA on that one Bill. It seems to add feeling to a song.

It spices up a three chord song.



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I'm glad you finally made it back home......Now stay there.

If anyone's interested, Bill doesn't have a German accent. I thought he might after hearing him refer to himself as a German boy. He sounds like he is from the south for sure.

I had the pleasure of talking to Dondra on the phone, what a sweetheart....It sounds like Bill has a good one there.

I just wish I lived closer. If I did I would go over and musicate the heck out of them.

Take care friend.

P.S.  If you make your songbook public I would like to check it out.


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Good to see you back in here Bill.


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Hey Bill....Do you feel the love?

I really do miss you here.

Give Dondra a hug for me and take care of yourself friend.


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Hey friend...It's good to see you back.


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I just received an email form Bill.

He is a bit busy with some medical issues with Dondra at present.
From the sound of things he doesn't have time to visit this site right now.

You can bet your E strings that he will be back musicating soon.

If you're so inclined you might throw some prayers his and Dondra's way.


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Slowing it down helped, in my opinion.

I think the jest of the song is something we can all relate to...we are all human...I hope so anyhow.

I look forward to your next song.


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Yeah...I'll comment.
The human hormonal urges and the consequences.

I admire your ability to put words down in such a way..real life drama.

I like it better as a poem rather than a song as suggested.
Just my opinion.

Don't stop writing songs...I wish I could.


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I miss you Bill.


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I played it before I listened to in and gave it a bluesy touch.

I like it... It might be good on the harp also.

Thank you for that.


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Good song. You made it sound great.
Nice sounding guitar and voice.


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Very good.

You have a lovely voice.

I like your version of this song. Well played.


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.......And the crowd went wild......

I don't remember you posting that before Bill.

Hey, that's a real toe tapper.I liked it.
I could just see people dancing their socks off to that one.

Thanks for putting it up here Bill.

I had never thought of doing breathing exercises. I think they would benefit my singing and harp playing.

I have noticed over the years that I don't have the lung capacity I used to...along with the hair turning gray and falling out, hearing and eye sight diminishing and other things I can't think of..oh yeah memory.

Thanks for the tip buddy.


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Sooo I can't sleep, get up about 2am, check chordie and all my past posts are there. I come back an hour later and they are gone.
                       Strange?....I think so.


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Hello dino.

I was thinking maybe a mod or admin would see my post. My fingers are crossed.

I would like very much to go to Las Vegas for a chordie jam. My responsibilities might get in the way of that happening. Then again the stars and the moon might just line up and I could get away.

I'm in Redding, so it would be quite a drive for me. If I were to fly I would have to drive to Sacramento to catch a flight...Maybe if I started saving my pennies.....


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I have noticed that the font on songs I print has change within the last year.
It is not as bold as it used to be.
Is there a way I can change it?

I see how to make it bigger or smaller at the top of the page but that doesn't fix the problem I'm seeing.

My old eyes need help.


It is a bold font until I hit print, then It wimps down.


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Yes..Keep it Bill.

It seems you have made some good friends here.
It was given to you with respect.
Accept it with honor.



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Hello Roger,

I was more curious than anything else. I can live without them.
I noticed that the posts I put up today are not showing either.

I mainly wanted to make sure I hadn't done anything wrong.

Thanks for you reply.



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Thanks Bill.