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I was always told that if I musicate too much that I would go blind or grow hair on my palms.

Just practicing a bit of self preservation.



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This morning I noticed that all my past post's are missing.
At first I thought it was a glitch in the system.

Even the post's I put up today are not there.

Did I do something wrong and get punished? I hope not.

Thank you Amy for letting us be a part of your get together.

It's nice to be able to put a face to some of the names.


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Nice...I liked that..Thanks


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I don't care what they say about you Bill..you're still a good guy in my book...I'm happy for you that you found a happy pill.

This is a good site....I've known that for years.

I've got one in the works Brian...thanks to you.

Ya'll sleep well..I hope.


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Hey..you guy's are great.

Bill with his encouragement (he noticed I ran of breath on one of the verses),..hey I'm getting old and don't have what I used to. Take 2 will be better...I hope.
And Brian with all those good ideas..he is a song writing machine. Along with those uke friends of his way down under....Good people.

I feel blessed to have you all as friends....Music a wonderful thing.

I'll try to get something else up tomorrow.



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Nice string of words.
I just played an E A B7 thing to it and came up with several fun things.

Just an ordinary song with words like, Expidicious, coflgulate and repositate.

I like it. Thanks.


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Let me start by saying...
My guitar never has a headache, it never says no.
It's always in the same mood as I am.
It's always pleasant to my ear.
It doesn't mind being picked on or fingered.
When it goes to party's with me it always has a good time.
It likes my harmonica playing and singing.
It doesn't talk back.
It doesn't mind if I play other guitars.
It doesn't mind if I don't have anything to do with it for days.

Now on the other hand......I love my wife and sex is pretty good stuff.....

I'll get back to you on a final answer.


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Hello Bill.

I started a soundcloud page yesterday. I haven't put anything up yet...but soon.
Today is our band day so I've been kinda busy. I'll get something up there soon and I'll let you know when. I'll try to make some noise on there tomorrow.

Thanks for asking.



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You're on easybeat.

If you can get me writing songs, I will be one happy man.

Thank you for your response.


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I admire people that can string words together like that, much less make a song out of them. I don't have that gift.

Great love song. Thank you.

I've got one of those mood rings. It turned my finger green.

The paper that came with it didn't say what mood that was so I'm going with happy, smart and good looking.


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Hey Bill, it's good to see your face.

Maybe not the best circumstances but I'll take it.

Take care.


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Hey Bill, I hope your with us for a long time.
Heck, I'm just getting used to you being my friend and I need all I can get.

Take care friend.

And a big thank you to Amy for all her help.

It took me most of a year to find someone that I could play with comfortably. He was the 4th one that replied to my ad.
I had to do some phone screening for sure. Ya never know what your going to get.

I played for 20 some years before I reached out to find musical partners and I'm glad I did. I finally kicked that shy thing that I held me back for way too long. I have found some of the best friends through music that I never would have found otherwise.

I really hope you find someone to play with Bill.

Have you tried craigslist?

It worked for me.


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Hey Bill.
I usually keep them in their cases on shelves I made. I have several hundred so I have to keep them in alphabetical order or I would be lost big time.
My wife is wanting to redecorate that room so right now they are in boxes in the spare room. I get to alphabetize all over again. Being retired, it gives me something to do.

Good luck Bill.
If I were closer I would be up for it.