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That has got be heartbreaking,  if that had happened to one of mine I'd be cutting loose with a string of cuss words for a week.  I use tite-bond glue when working on boats above the waterline and it holds well, as long as you aren't using the Gibson under water it's going to hold.     


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I can't read music,  in elementary school sheet music just looked like bugs on the paper, no one noticed that I needed glasses.  I played bugle in a drum and bugle corp when I was in my early teens, the music instructor would play what I was supposed to play and I just copied what he played.     

I'm not complaining, just sometimes make me laugh when in the christmas songs I see titles like "Wake Up Little Susie", "Runaround Sue" and " I Wanna Be Sedated".  In all fairness sometimes I do need to be sedated during the holiday season. 

Graham,   sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.     


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Tommy is fantastic!  He will be doing a concert near our area soon,  I have house guests who are coming from Pennsylvania to attend the concert.     


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Thankfully  the saga of the splinter is not something I've had to experience as I've never even seen or talked to the doctor who owns/runs the medical facility I go to for general health care.  I only ever see the family nurse practitioner, which is ok by me as we've become great friends over the years and she lives close by.

All things change and thats ok, they served their purpose and now it's time to let them go. For me it was fast bikes and risky choices, once I let them go life got a whole lot easier. Well maybe not easier but better- you know what I mean. 

Thanks BGD, I haven't been able to play since for the past few years and I missed it. I''ll give string bending a try. 

The fingertips are sore but it's a welcome feeling.  Since my back injury several years ago and the pain that came with it, playing guitar had become impossible. I had a spinal stimulator implanted a few months ago and for the past few days I've finally been able to pick up my guitar and try to play some of the songs I used to. I woke up early this morning and after charging my stimulator battery I decided to start learning Paint It Black, my fingers hurt and I have to take a break.  It feels good to play my guitar again. The GAS is strong this morning as I've been to the Duesenburg website, I can still dream while I pay off all the medical bills, maybe someday that Duesy will end up in my lap. 


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I think the chord names are  #1- x54530 - D9no5 or Cb5/D
                                                          #2- xx9x8x  - Gno5/B
                                                          #3 -xx8x8x  - Gmn05/A#
                                                          #4 -xx7x6x  - Fn05/A
                                                          #5 -xx6x6x -  Fmno5/G#

I hope this is what you were looking for,  they all have a nice sound.  I'm no expert but I enjoy finding new chords and alternative fingerings to give a slightly different"voice" to chords normally used. 


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Yes DE, I do indeed think Murphy would have been proud!  Hope ya caught a mess of smallies to makeup for the hole in the boat and a busted guitar. I used to take a guitar with me on some of my Susquehanna floats and but never busted up a guitar, fortunately.  I've seen some carbon fiber guitars but haven't played one yet, thats something to think about for your next trip. I always carried some fibeglass cloth and a couple of tubes of 5 minute epoxy along with some trusty old duct tape for the occasional rock damage on my old canoe. I can't do those kind of trips anymore, but I've got a ton of great memories to look back on.


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How does one learn to play like that?  Three necks, two hands - I have trouble using a fork at supper time.


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Had a first and last gig at the same time. The audience enjoyed it, I just didn't  like perfoming and never tried it again.


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The dude is a telemaster!  He sure knew how to make that "tele" talk.  The flat body of a telecaster with the ashtray kept me from owning one, now I have to reconsider. Thanks for sharing Bill - brings back great memories of Dino.


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The sewing machine brings back memories. My mother taught me to run a sewing machine when I was a teenager, she was tired of sewing ripped pants. That knowlege led to auto upholstry and classic auto restoration, Packards, Cords and Rolls Royces to name a few.  I still enjoy a little time at the sewing machine once in a while. Have fun with your new machine Russell.


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Beautifully written!


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I like it Phill, you have a wonderful way with words, keep taking showers!

Thank you for Bill for a beautiful song to start the day on,  I'm just waiting for the coyotes to move out of the holler behind the house so I can let my smallest dog out.


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Wooo-hooo,  Happy NGD.


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Thats  small price to pay to protect your equipment, good choice Beamer.  Having the entire basement on one breaker seems like a huge risk. When I rewired my house and work shop I put in dedicated circuts for the computers and in my work shop each wall has its own breaker, might be overkill, but I feel safer about it.


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Had me laughing, that was great! I recently had surgery on my back and I thought it would pull out the staples. I always enjoyed Prarrie Home Companion.


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I usually stop by every day, but don't comment very often.  My sense of humor sometimes leads to misunderstanding so I just usually remain "silent".


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Both versions are great but having to chose, I think the first version would be my pick.


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Great lyrics Phill,  beautiful music.


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Stupid stuff is what I normally do!