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A few good campfire songs are

1-the weight - the band
2-fire and rain- james taylor
3- in my hour of darkness-gram parsons
4-the eagles-tequila sunrise
last but by no means least
5- if you go down to the woods today your in for a big surprise by whomever.


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sincere thanks alvee


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Hi folks,im looking for the chords to an old country tune called goodbye old paint,im pretty new to the guitar so this would to my ears anyway seem quite easy,i viewed it on youtube but only piano versions on there and im not musical enough yet to transpose,any help much appreciated.

steve kilbey from the church has been very prolific,16 studio albums with the church and at least 8 solo albums,not including collaborative albums with other artists e.g grant mclennan,hex,gilt trip,it just seems endless with kilbey,all this in a 27 year recording career,if hes not the most prolific he may well be someday.


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Tricky to pick 5,but what the hell give it a shot,1-the doors,2-the band,3-neil and crazy horse,4-the waterboys,5-mercury rev.


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Very tricky one,i will also pick 5,but in no particular order and for varied reasons,1-the waterboys-dont bang the drum,2-bob dylan-tangled up in blue,3-neil young cortez the killer,4-louis armstrong & ella fitzgerald version of gershwins-summertime,the band-the weight,of course ones taste changes but these are songs/artists i return to more often than others.

Hi malvika,find me,make it with you,babe im a want you,all by david gates are romantic,make you feel my love by bob dylan,silver and gold by neil young,good luck in your search and long live romance.