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I'll be watching it, I consider it the National Championship game, at least in my mind. The two best teams in football this year. It should be a close game. I have no dog in this fight, but I think LSU wins it in a squeaker. Though it's gonna be tough to beat Bama at their house. There's nothing like Football in the South, it's taken as serious as fried chicken and BBQ. I hope it comes down to the last play, best team wins. I know Toots has to be very interested in this game, whats your thoughts Toots, I know your a Bama man.



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Dino, Here's the link again, maybe it'll open this time, the other one is opening for me, so this being the same link it might not open for you but I thought I'd give it one more try for you. http://consequenceofsound.net/2011/11/r … h-america/
Hope this one works for you.



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I saw Pink Floyd back just before they released Dark Side of The Moon, but they played some of the songs that night, it just hadn't been released yet. It was in a small venue in Charlotte NC, the place only held about 3,000 people, use to go to so many concerts there, but for the life of me I can't remember the name of the place. I just remember it was on Independence Blvd


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If your a fan of Roger Waters you'll want to see this: http://consequenceofsound.net/2011/11/r … h-america/



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Sounds like you've got plenty of equipment. Welcome to the forums.



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What else am I good at, to varying degrees I dabbled in many things. I played sports as a child, turned out to be pretty darn good at it. I parlayed that into Coaching basketball for many years with kids ranging from 8 & 9 up to High School age kids, wining two championships, one on the National level.

I use to love to draw, some of them very detailed and was very proud of those drawings but sadly they all burned up in a house fire and it broke my heart, haven't attempted to draw since then.

I got into photography and became pretty good at it, had a growing number of pictures I was proud of but posted them online, something happened, they were accidently erased and lost forever.

I've worked with wood, built some of my own furniture and can actually build patios decks, and odd looking birdhouses.

I've tried many other things from golf to canoeing down the Yadkin river and use to be pretty good at working on older cars when you could still get to the part without taking half the engine apart to get to it.

Lately, I've gotten into writing, I had a small piece published in Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine. I've now taken my talent's "limited as they are" to Twitter and writing sports blogs. From that I've been asked to write for some pretty influential people, but have declined them all and write for basically for myself, but I have help founded a small group of writers who have joined forces to put our blogs on a website where our blogs are all pulled into that one website, though for some reason it's down right now, trying to get that worked out, but I still have my own website. I was even mentioned on ESPN believe it or not.

I seem to always be looking for something new that grabs my interest and learn something different, it's came to my attention that regardless of the old saying an old dog can learn new tricks as long as you keep your mind active.




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Steven Tyler falls in hotel shower knocks two teeth out http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/s … dol-253164

Some incredible footage of water in slow motion http://curiositycounts.com/post/1187936 … e-stunning



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Happy Birthday Doug.


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I guess I'm just old and to much of a traditionalist, but then I bet when Les Paul came up with his idea, the traditionalist were mumbling under their breath. Genius is often looked at as stupidity and misunderstood, now that I think about it, that explains why I'm always getting these odd looks all the time, but no, it's more than likely I'm just stupid.


PS: Welcome to the board BadjerJim

I personally don't have a problem with the above mentioned artist's finishing the songs, some of them were already structured with it's melody, so that wasn't compromised at all. However in researching this I found that there was a lot of people who where dead set against this, even to the point of holding protests in Nashville, I was even invited to join it, though I respectfully declined. I saw no problem with the completion of the songs and can't wait to hear them. When I think of them being found in the dumpster, and how close we came to never knowing about these songs sends shutters up my spine. Like Hank or not, he was a pioneer in western music an a musical icon., what a shame he died at such an early age, like so many other great artists, who knows what they might have done that we'll never get the chance to hear.


My pleasure Toots, glad you liked it, I was raised on Hank as a child, my Dad was a huge Hank fan, back in the day.


Hank Williams died in the back of a car at the young age of 29. He was know to write down lyrics on hotel stationary, napkins or a notebook he carried around with him. These unfinished works were put into a vault at Sony/ATV music. In 2006 a janitor found the works in a dumpster, the same notebook, stationary, and napkins that were in the car with him the night he died.

These unfinished lyrics and some of the notated works have brought together artists such as Alan Jackson, Jakob Dylan, Levon Helms Sheryl Crow, Rodney Crowell, Lucinda Williams, Jack White, Norah Jones, and yes even Bob Dylan himself. Agree or disagree that these works should have never been finished by anyone is up for debate, I would think some would think they should be placed under glass in a museum somewhere, but never the less they were finished by these other artists.

Here is the link to the story and even some clips of the music itself that might have otherwise never been heard had it not been for the janitor who found them in the dumpster.

http://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/ … -williams/


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Happy birthday Kenny, hope you have/had a grear one, and many many more to come.


Zurf, it's all starting to make sense now.


Russell update, I haven't found out who started the Birthday thing yet, but in my investigation I did find out that you and Paul Simon http://goo.gl/7qPde      share the same Birthday, coincidence, I think not. I'm still on the case.


So word on the street is that it's Russell's Birthday, I in no way Know where or how the word got out, but I'll look into tracing it back to see where this originated, don't worry Russell I'll FBI the fool out of this thing. I won't rest until we find the culprit, since reading this I already have some hard leads.but until then, Happy Birthday my Friend.



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After watching my 49ers beat the Tampa Bay Bucs 48-3 to go 4-1 "which has absolutely nothing to do with this post, I just wanted to get that in there". I started thinking, keep in mind that this habit of mine "thinking" generally leads to taking a couple of Excedrin, but again, different story.

I got to thinking who is the most influential Musician of all time, not just of us in the older Chordie generation or younger Chordie generation, or even 10 generations ago, but of all generations, from Mozart, to Hank Williams and Willie Nelson to Bob Dylan and Neil Young to The Rolling Stones and Led Zepplin to todays modern music such as "and I hate to even include them in this list but people like Lady GaGa and Katie Perry to Justin Bieber". "Forgive me Music Gods for even including them in this list, but just trying to include all, you get the point

It's a hard pick for me, and I'm not sure there's even a correct answer, but after lots of thinking about it and 2 Excedrin, I've decided at least in my mind it's Bob Dylan. So, who do you think it is?



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Deadstring, that would be correct, Great looking Wife, Great looking car, driver not so much, but how lucky am I.



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Me and my wife Felicia


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Some of the most magnificent pictures you'll ever see, make sure you look at them all, the last one has a little extra.
http://www.lovethesepics.com/2011/10/is … -of-earth/

Just wanted to give ThunderBird a big  Chordie welcome, one of the newest members to Chordie, a friend of mine from Twitter. He's been playing for 46 years I believe he told me. So..ThunderBird59 just jump in when it feels right and hang on.



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I have a Martin that I love, but I've played Taylor's that I certainly loved as well, I wouldn't turn either one down. Wayne makes a good point though, be it a Martin, Taylor or whatever, the entry level guitar's just don't sound as good as their mid range or higher priced models, but then I suppose that's true for any brand, though once in awhile you can find that one special guitar that's not high priced or even a major name brand, if it sounds good to you, that's good enough, each to his own.



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Just wondered what song everyone is working on right now. I'm working on 'Let it Rain' Clapton.



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Wow, very scenic country there, I feel from certain places or settings,or scenes a person can draw strength or inspiration from them. Hope your enjoying your trip, look's and sounds as if you are!