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So far everyone has been really helpfull and given me some good advice. Does  anyone know where I should buy an acoustic guitar. Should I risk buying online, or I could go to my local guitar shop, but they always look a bit surprised that a 16 year old girl is in their shop (so they might not take me seriously). Also, does anybody how much it should cost in GB£.


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I have been teaching myself guitar for the past few months and it's coming along well. The only problem is I have been using my good quality classical guitar which i tried to learn a few years ago when I was 11/12 (I didn't like my teacher or the songs i had to play and didn't even like fingerpicking) but I recently found out that I really shouldn't be strumming nylon strings.

I have (understandably) feminine hands and have been finding it difficult to play barre chords, could this be because of the wider neck?

I could probably afford a new guitar as long as it isn't very expensive, is it nessisary that I buy an acoustic guitar?

Any advice about what I should be doing, and possibly which guitar I should purchase, would be very much appreciated.