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How about "Rocky Road Blues" ... Bill Monroe  Good easy song to learn and play.


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Ahhh   Anything by Rolf Harris ... with you there Ken

           Oh those Stylaphone licks .. lol


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Hey Marc  Thanks for the links now I'am really p***ed off ..lol

               Was that you on the piano in foggy mountain ? big_smile

               How's all you other newbies doing.me Iam finding it hard to switch rolls in mid stream
               any tips Marc..


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Crevs  .. put the Bitch back in the corner ..next time you pick her up your back in love ... lol
              Sorry Ladies ! smile

              Strange why it happens what do you pro's do to snap out of it ?


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old west country sayings .."Bright as a cat's arse in the moonlight"
                                       Or "Be rain or dark fore morning"


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Hey Detman  Don't give up look what Django Reinhardt could do with just 2 working fingers
                     on his left hand...

                  Topdown ...that was funny ..thks  lol


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Hi Ken I belive its an old naval saying from the days of sailing warships
           Brass monkeys where racks to hold the cannon balls made of
           brass because of all the gun powder no sparks when the metal
           balls were moved.Hence  cold enough to freeze the balls of a
           brass monkey... smile

Perhaps they should rename the tune "Sweet David Brown"  smile

Four wheel drive Metronome .. Just the job !

                    Nice clip Pix  big_smile


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Hi Newplucker just a couple of things that might help...
    The "F" chord is not easy to get the hang of but it can be done !
     First get that wrist bent so your "barre" finger is nice and flat against the fret board.
     sit up and try not to turn the guitar towards you too see your fingering as this changes
     the wrist postion.
     If you find the stretch a bit too much try moving the "F" shape upto the 5th fret then the
     chord becomes an "A" but you will find it is some 1/2 inch (12mm) less between the frets
     practice that then stretch a bit more by moving down to the 3rd fret now a"G" and play
     practice playing between the two then slip on down to the first "F" 

     A metronome is good idea or tap your foot but start slowly get those chords sounding
     clean and yeah no way out Practice,Practice,Practice ... sorry  smile

     Hope this helps ...  Most of all have fun.


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Once your wife has fallen over it a few times I'am sure she will make it part of the family!

                                   BUY IT  lol


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Merry christmas Marc to you and yours... Iam still pickin at that 5 string.... smile


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Great post Ken ,I love trees been planting them on my bit of land for 15yrs now..Glad to
                        see some city planners using there heads for once .Alas my chainsaw
                        just makes logs for the woodburner smile


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Hi Scruff  Try clicking on songs at the top of the page and select "N" and  find Nut Bush ...you will
               find two versions there ... play with the box on the right if you want to change key..

              Have Fun smile

" I just don't look good naked anymore"  -- Sheb Wooley

    Ain't that the truth lol


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Hey evsynator   Sorry to hear your plight...I know I bust my ankle some 18 yrs ago and had a plate
                        put in ..still got it..lol  Promise I won't mention the itching in the plaster cast you
                        can't reach..oopps! Still you got me thinking ..I said in earlier post that I was going
                        to build a cabin by my little lake and have always had an idea of letting it out cheap
                        to Acoustic folks as a "practice session shed" I put all the services under ground last
                        year ...what yer think?

Charlotte  I think its ok but ask admin to be sure...if its ok start new post "Fender FB58 for sale"
                ps. We don't "get rid of" our Banjos  we let them go lol


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Hi evsynator I think your right trying to play at half power seems to make it harder I'am lucky I have
                   only cows and sheep round me so when they start walking I know its time to quit for a while...

Marcalan  lol Great name and yep got loads of room here in south Devon rolling hills and moorland and
                      coastline ... just the job for us "Banjo virgins" Do appriciate your advice and experience
                     I checked out your site great music ...you get the job as manager,front man ...lol we will
                     all stay in the back ground looking cute...
                     But your right there is some great banjo tunes out there am looking forward to getting
                     going with the banjo it is a great instrument.



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Hi Ian   I have been at the Banjo for about 3 weeks trying to learn Bluegrass style.as I have
            been looking for lessons on good ol "you tube" I have seen some blues Banjo stuff
            on there...give it a try ..Oh and welcome good site this ..all sorts of opinions and
            advice....   Mark smile


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Hi Doreen  Try   rickmckeon.com  He dose some great lessons...free smile and you can listen
                 and print out the Tab also he is on you tube just type in "Banjo lesson cripple creek"

                 Hope its some help ..keep at the "D" those fingers will do as u want one day.I still
                 have trouble keeping the roll steady during a change of chord

                 Have fun Mark...


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Hi Buffalo ..yes your right I have been using picks for 3 weeks  and they now feel good
                 Just nailed first couple of bars of "Cripple Creek" still its a start... smile

                  Hey Doreen keep posting like to hear how another starter is doing!


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Bonanza!!  Hoss , little joe all them cartwrights smile
wonder what the Ponderosa is worth today...

Hi Stonebridge  I play "G" as you do ..I find it puts the 1st finger in a good position to help in a "G" lick
                       and the 2nd finger is in an easy position for quick bass run to "D" Also helps to get a
                       quick change to "C".... Like you I might have been doing it wrong for years...but it works.


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Hi Doreen Yep I've decided to practice both methods and see what works best for me..
                As you say the Banjo is great fun I can't put it down ..some wish I would lol
                Duelling Banjos was I think writen for just two banjos and the guitar part was
                just for the film...Try "You tube" for duelling banjo lessons you might get the
                guitar part or try posting your request here on the song request forum.

                Keep pickin'    Mark


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Hi  Marcalan thanks for your post..looks like us Banjer players are thin on the ground on here ... lol
    suprised just how much noise theese little critters make when you play them,I have about 5 acres
    of woods and water here so working on that shed as we speak !:lol:


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I've just picked up my first Banjo ..to learn as a Winter project,I play flat pick guitar so
am happy with left hand techniques hammers,slides all that stuff and new chord shapes
are no problem,its the right hand...Ive watched you tube lessons and can't decide which
is best to start with Clawhammer or jump straight in to "scruggs picking". Has anyone
been on this journey or any advice on starting out or how they did it.Most tunes I know
can be played in either style so its whats best to start off with as a new player..

                                                Thanks Mark.