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Ken just watched the pics from your trip...Thats what its all about...great sound track. thks smile

Hi Laurie Have you thought of trying the "Dobro" ?
             Plays in open tunings ..so no barre chords..
             played with a slide..
             plays with palm down picking..
             and sounds great..

             Check out Jerry Douglas on you tube a True master of this instrument..

            What ever you try .. wish you good times ahead.. smile


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Hi Wil ..A Resonator guitar has a metal cone made of Aluminium to project the sound
           Best known  is the National style "O" used  by Mark knopfler as shown on the
           cover of I think "Brothers in Arms" The body is also made of Ally.  This type
           of guitar was first made back in the late 1920,s Also Dobro also make fine Resonators
           Makes for fine slide playing too.... hope that helps a bit ...sure the folks here will
           have some more information   .... cheers Mark smile


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Hi Try looking at expertvillage on you tube they have a good lesson on Hammer on's and pull off's

        It will add a lot of colour to your playing once you master them...good luck   smile


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Brill !! Well done keep going....  big_smile


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Food : Live chicken (eggs for a while,then rip off wings and legs K.F.C. Finish as a roast on Sunday)

Meds : Morphine (For the chicken)

Music : Box set of "The Shadows" ( Remember childhood wanting to play and drawing little red strats
                                                    all over my school books lol)


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Hi Badeye  ... I got an old Ibanez copy of a humming bird over 30 yrs old like yours
                     sounds real deep and sweet...they only made them for a short time as
                     Gibson filed a law suit on them... lol


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Hold onto yer hats folks !! Reminds me of an old song
  "Mississippi Heavy Water Blues" ( Barbeque Bob ) ... cool name  lol  from ... 1920's


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Hi Patrickdirickx   .... Yeah big thankyou found that link very interesting...
                               Glad to see i'am up with the modern stuff...lol   lol


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Hi Headcase ...sorry to hear your tale hope all goes well for you...A man called Sam Baker ..look him
up was blown up on a train by Farc killers on a train ripped apart by a bomb..he had to start again with
his playing ..and now produces some wonderful songs and playing..it can be done..good luck friend...


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Have a look on you tube at old vids of Leo Kottke playing a 12 with slide...


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I'm 53 and a half...been strumming chords for 30 odd years on and off now been flatpicking
for 2 years bluegrass style with full attention and is paying off love the sounds I can now
create..any learners please keep at it ..find your style and play..it will come....:d


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livebaitman...oh what a list....what stringed instruments where made for....god bless
           just love strings ...:lol:


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Hey sparky ... Try punching in Dulcimer on you tube I see they have some tunning vids
  hope that helps ....

We used to have an old couple do a cookery TV show Johnny and Fanny Craddock in UK
she showed how to make Doughnuts (Donuts ..us) at the end of the show Johnny said
"Good night and I hope all your Doughnuts turn out like Fannys"  lol


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I brought Frank Ifield's "She tought me to yodel" on a 45 as a kid...
Oh god the shame of it...Please don't let any one else know :lol

Old Jimmy Rodgers records sound great with his yodel "Hobo Bill's last ride " Ect..


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Check out the photo section of this site for the "Mermaid" guitar
            www.andymanson.co.uk    smile


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Years ago a friend let me strum my few cords on a Martin OM 45 Delux...I think it was
the thing just hummed..!!Ain't guitars just something .....:D


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Hi Wil check out you tube punch in Flat picking ...loads of lessons on there.. Have a look at
folks like Norman Blake,Tony Rice,Orrin star,Eric Thompson ... Have fun   

                                                  Mark big_smile


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Hi Wil most of the old bluegrass tunes are done with a flat pick but I find played
at a slower tempo and finger picked they sound great...like "wildwood flower A.P.Carter"
ol rockin chair stuff...:o


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Hey Riddler...wow man how did you find that !!!He plays better than me with just a capo lol

Thanks alansheeran ..yep that looks more my kinda thing....    thanks all


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Just started picking this tune and wondered how it got its name and
what it means...So many "B" parts to this tune lol Hell it will sound
fine when I'am done....lol


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Thanks for your wisdom folks ..but still getting some incomming ... think I will stay in the bunker
for a bit .... Hero with cowards legs ...


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Thx uni.13 but don't remember those words being sung ..lol


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Look very simple..had washing machine play up ..and they found a pick in the filter...
and all turn on me...!!!! Why I never put the washing in...:lol: