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Hi Mike welcome to chordie , Yes its a great site good information on evry subject,well worth
going back over some of the posts...Enjoy and join in as a teacher your brain will be picked
Iam sure...   have fun Mark.


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Thinking of a new capo been using a Wilkerson for years ..simple and good
what you all use and why ...like your views... Mark


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Hey Kap they should let you off for the PR job you have done,see we all know ...we are just human
we all make mistakes..and some cost very dear...


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Hi Gesader   ... Can't help with more complex tab but have you tried "you tube"
Orrin Starr dose a lesson on whiskey before breakfast with all knobs and nockers
in it .... hope its some help ....   rgds Mark


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Bummer ... Reminder to us all Kap ... I hope all works out for you in sept.
                  Didn't know Mounties horses were so quick!!

p.s Good news I know few Jailhouse songs.   rgds  Mark


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Hi Lisa  Best thing to do is find a friend who is used to changing guitar strings
to show you how to do it .. can be a bit of a handful for the first time...also
mind your eyes..As for kinds of strings again get someone who knows your
type of guitar and advise...you will soon pick it all up....

        Good luck and have fun ...its worth it....Mark


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Damm .. if strings last ten years i've wasted over a hundred years worth...I use Martin medium 80/20
bronze.. seem to me to sound best after a good while...nice and rich and deep ..whats the pros view ?


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yeh buy mine ...lol   No don't rush  try anything you can new is not always best you might
find a second hand for 150 that will suit you better and you my end up with a much better
guitar.....take time......good hunting ...have fun


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Hi gbugedy ... Picks are so cheap so get a handful and try them .I like to use a thick 1mm
pick it gets the "old box hummin" ... Try a chord hit the bass note then strum down after
you got that hit the next bass note and strum down then alternate the bass notes ...
                  Happy picking !!


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Hi Gitaardocphil  the beautiful carved guitars you mention are made here in Devon
by Andy Manson...they are amazing works of art...check out his web site and see
some of his other guitars www.andymanson.co.uk  He crafted the "Mermaid" guitar

I think the rules look just fine James...and Roger summed it up
spot on ...
                  cheers Mark


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Hi upyerkilt.... sounds great wish I was up there ...have a wee one for me

    have fun....mark

Hi Gitaardocphil    Yep 1955 vintage  model  ...lol
                           With a few dinks

Hi Nela ...lol.. If we didn't use "R" it would spell a word meaning a grey hairy
animal from africa..oops sorry critter.

     Have a good one .      Mark

I think that Leo Fender in 1950 developed the Fender Broadcaster
then it was soon renamed the Telecaster...



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Hi I'am Mark 53 in England just signed in..Been learning for 2yrs Bluegrass flatpicking style
just love it...Reading some of the forum glad to see everyone has same problems as me...
And I thought the good lord was just picking on me !! Look forward to joining in..