g'day johnno 35yrs from down under.

started out with my son wanting to learn. so you know the old story we got the guitar and  It lasted about a week and that was it for him. so i thought why not give it ago. i've  been teaching myself for about 3months now and love it. don't know why i didn't start as a young whipper snapper.
      all the best


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Thanks Zurf,

                 i'll check these sites out


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Thankyou for your comments. I guess its hard to know if  i'm on the right track with teaching myself without the guidence of a teacher. I have bought the guitar method series of books,eg scales & modes,rhythm and theory. I keep it up and try toget to see a teagher once a month for some direction.

                             thanks again johnno


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Hi everyone,

       This is my first post. I have been playing Acoustic for three months now without the aid of a teacher. Self teaching with books, getting lessons is a 2 hour drive away so thats out of the question. I know 90% of chords/bar chords, I'm learning 7 songs at the moment, do you think this is too many for a newbie. If so what is your opinion and should i completly get one song right before starting on the next.

  EG: spend one week on a song then start another.

                         thanks johnno