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Hi nedaph,

I have only been playing for about 12 months and founds the same problem.
Once I became confident and quicker with my chord changes I found the strumming alot more fluent.

I think it is like, alot of things with the guitar, it just comes with practice.

Don't stress mate it will come.


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Hi all,

Thankyou to all who have taken the time to read my post and offer your suggestions.

I have read all and have taken bits from each. I am growing my nails but I am not sure I like it, they feel strange and they get dirty and so on but I will see if they help.

I will keep practicing with the pic and yeah I have gone for a stiffer one so I will keep onto it, it is improving.

I went on got a thumb pic (dunlop type) from my local music store, man they do feel very weird not sure I like them.

Yeah, I like the mellow tone of the "flesh on string" with the odd pluck with the nails.
I feel I am more intouch and have more control with the guitar when using my tumb and fingers ( I know i probably sounds silly), and I seem to be able to change the tone and strumming pattern quickly and easily.

I will keep doing both, I have noticed that I seem to be getting a little louder. Either way I love playing and I must say, coming from having not a musical note in my body and teaching myself, to now being able to play "most" not all, the songs I look for i urges me on even more.

Thanks again, thanks chordie for providing a place to help people like myself progress in this awesome instrument.

Cheers, Kane


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Hi All,

I am new to Chordie so Hi to all fella muso's/whant a be's (that's me).

I have only been playing for about 10 months but love it and carn't put it down!

I have just up graded my acoustic to a Cole Clark FL1A and love it!! Such a better sound ohhhh!!!

I just have a question regarding stumming, I use a very thin pick which I find easier and I have more control over holding the thing which is fine for alot of the songs I am playing, however I have two very young kids and I do play alot when they are sleeping ( or when the mrs is watching TV hehe), so I do tend to use my thumb to play and quite like playing this way but I do find i loose alot of volume so when I play infront of people it doesn't seem to project as well as I would like.

I like to play alot of Jack Johnson type of stuff and I notice these guys tend not to use a pick yet they never seem to lack punch, is this because they are plugged in or is there a particular style they use??

I am trying not use my thumb so much and trying to use my index finger more which I hope to get better at over time but I will see (pratice,practice,practice!!)

I guess what I am asking is Am I dong something wrong? Am I creating bad habits? Should I just stick with pick 100%, if there is a good technique that I can use what is and where can I find it?

Cheers to all, look forward maybe contributing to this great website!