i hate to be a bore but handedness isnt a word...the actual term is dexterity i believe!!!  however i feel us lefties deserve to be able to choose from all the guitars that the "righties" can.  to say there is no demand is obviously evidence of poor market research on the behalf of the guitar manufacturers. 

in a 21st century world of equal opportunities...why are we still discriminated against..

ok, rant over

i thank you


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I feel ur pain buddy... Im a lefty and live in the UK...even less choice here. was looking at musiciansfriend.com earlier and there are loads more guitars for us superior beings there...but thats the problem, they are there and not here!!!
as for the righty converted to lefty.. a sunburst strat hendrix style would be ok but otherwise itd look odd imo.

What i feel i need is a friend in the US to be a middle man to ship the guitars i desire to me (for a small fee of course) just like eBay.