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cameronkl7 wrote:

Hi Everyone,

  I don't remember my first show, but I do remember the first time I saw a color TV, the weatherman was giving the weather report, and I remember seeing a yellow map of the USA, that image burned into my brain. Some of the first shows I remember are the "Ed Sullivan Show", "The Honeymooners, "I Love Lucy" "and my all time favorite, thought it came on later is "The Andy Griffith show", still my favorite today! I also remember the Danny Thomas show, wow! I'm getting old guys!


yep you are getting old,,,the earliest shows i remember is mighty mouse and underdog and of course bullwinkle and rocky


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take a close look at the hagstrom, their swede's are a lp style only not as wide,,, i have a hagstrom viking and a ultra swede and i love them both

want a hollow body that is easy to play and that you will fall in love with from the start,,, try out a hagstrom viking but, you better get one as quickly as possible they shot up 100 $ since i bought mine about 4 months ago and they seem to be on back order alot even at musiciansfriend