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Ave just found a way of improving the  vocals when am playing, no real magic about it!! just get somebody else to sing!! smile

Seriously...what ideas do you fellow chordians have? i dont have a good voice at all but enjoy "trying" to sing along while playing

ave no fancy gadgets though am goning to buy a mic, to record my voice and guitar,  is it possible to use my pc to record and maybe ad echo or something to improve  the sound?

I am not looking for a professional job just a improvement (so it wont take much)

Cheers Micky  cool

Ps: ave got  Audacity software


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aye badeye it wont take long getting used to it, took me longer to work out xp to windows 7

Ken the pad thing a bugga lol i bought a usb micro mouse, its spot on

cheers micky


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hiya badeye, aye not a bad lappy!! ave just bought the toshiba sattilite L300, enjoy going mobile


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thanks a bunch rude!! seems to fit really well( omg! another B chord lol)

now to practice
thanks micky


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hiya rude and thanks for the reply(got no email though)

if this link works you can hear the song here m8

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvfBMuoH … re=related


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hiya fellow chordians

wondered if anybody was willing to help me?

I have been trying to play Such a Night (elvis) using chords  E  B7(not sure where i first got the layout from?)
but i cant get the end right

(from here is the problem am having, am sure theres a chord change to something like A ? )

oh yes and a pig of a B7 too lol

thanks micky cool

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OMG!!  a tecno genius yikes

wOW !!!! Fantastic!! first time ave seen him thanks


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another cool thing I bought is the Ernie Ball Electric String Winder...Looks like a little drill. I know seems lazy and lame but it's pretty cool. Admittedly, I do love the gadgets.

Lazy or not handy little gadget so i made my own to use with my little srewdriver drill

i know this is not Blue Peter but here's one i made earlier lol

and no stickyback plastic in sight ( though i did use glue)


It cost the price of a hand winder, about a pound? if it breaks i'l make another

cheers micky

hi john dont be down hearted! when i started i learned to play a scale ...BACKWARDS FIRST!!
why? because like you i took the 6th string as the 1st DOH!!  that put me right off scales lol


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ave got a Re mote if thats any good lol wink ohhh and i can draw a bridge


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And? do anybody name their guitars?
              Ho'way Tell us all...is it "Betty" or a  "Suzie" or "Cyril" or "Henry" for the ladies lol

Cos it looks like no one wants to admit to having another Woman" or "man" in there lives lol?

just a thought peeps   Cheers Micky


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Hello fellow chordians

                                   Just a short quick question or two lol......
Q1 - What's the best way to store your guitar ? I dont mean long term as i play everyday, and any i dont goes back i a gig bag

So is it bag/case? Stand or Hanger?

Am asking this as i now have  mine on hangers and not sure if thats good for them long term. So do hangers do harm?  ( i know, something i should of asked BEFORE i bought the  hangers)

Q2 - who names their Guitars, and what are they called?
(summat ave never done but been tempted lol)

Cheers lads & lasses cool

My new Acoustic !! and dont i just love it !! yes i do lol

plays soo sweet


Cheers! micky


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me too! i got that refreshed IE and its gone


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Thanks lads !!

                              i'll give what i understood a go lol God! noises from any orifices (gulp!)

i tend to sing RnR 1950's stuff Holly/Everlys Etc with a bit of Cash & country, mainly to myself! yes i do get embarrassed even though i enjoy it lol and my guitar playing will go haywire too( though i did video myself once OMG! I sounded crap)....also  i dont push myself enough to sing other gendres and i know i should!!......

maybe 2 years is'nt long enough experence for this ole man lol.....Practice Practice

looks like more confidence would be of help (or a thick skin lol)

thanks again!     Micky cool


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Hiya Fellow Chordians

                                 What is your opinion? can anyone sing? hmm  i mean with a reasonable sound...
I must admit i can't, though i do try roll  i never seem to find the right"pitch" for my voice

Ave had no vocal training at all,  never really had a need to sing owt (bar Christmas time with the kids) now am 48 picked up the guitar 2 years ago and want to sing along to what am playing.

Do i stand a cat in hell's chance? given i think i dont have a musical ear!

Cheers Lads & lasses  cool


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jerome.oneil wrote:

I sing them in the shower with the express purpose of memorization.  I forget the lyrics to songs I write all the time.  Bugs me!

Dont the paper get soggy though??? all that water! i do take it the inks waterproof though (wink)LOL

CHEERS micky


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hiya fellow chordians,

Ive just about learned 2 songs without lookin` (well the odd hic up) Diana / Wooden heart and another couple i still get the verses wrong way around........HOLD THE PRESS!!!! come to write this and i probably able to play more than i think i can?... think i`ll make some sorta cue cards and see if thats a better way than having A4 papers in front of me

thanks for yer time !! cool    micky


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I prefer Acoustic`s semi acoustic mostly played without a pick, Sorry!


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Hiya  Try Diana by Paul Anka   simple  G Em C  D....Oh and Dont be Cruel !


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hiya raven long time no speaky lol ....yep volume up but maybe not full whack !! (pre amp) yep plugged in direct to Tuner only, no Amp connected,
Will try again with full volume.



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Hiya all,
Am having a problem tuning my Vintage electro acoustic in using a inline Korg tuner, it seems like its not picking up,ave tried a different lead/new battery in both guitar & tuner ( its ok mic wise)
oh its ok inline on my tanglewood semi hollow too.  i usually use a clip on tuner  but thought ad better give it a good tune up

any ideas???

ps: plays fine to a Amp,so i dont think its the pick up?

cheers micky


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Heres me, made to look a bit prettier by my son! ( a lot of work in photoshop lol)
Thats my Freshman jumbo acoustic am "playing" &  my Tanglewood semi hollow to the side


I know this is a music site but i love old cars something with a bit of bling lol




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hey crevs its the one my heart is set on!!!!!i cant wait!  which did yer buy? nat or the sunburst ?

cheers micky