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I don't have any I don't work anymore!!

Then play that song all you want!!!!!!


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I have an A&L that I love. Even tho it's the entry level line it is built better than most other entry level guitars. I really like the fact that they try to keep the company small. Mass production gets us cheap prices but not the best quality. Godin balances the two quite well. I'm always on the lookout for a Seagull S6. Awesome guitars. Can't justify it, but one of these days I'll pull the trigger.

If Guitarpix was around he could tell ya more.


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http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company- … c-history/

Cool little story of the history of Godin guitars.

http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/holy … n-22821384

I can't even imagine how much some of these will go for. I'll be looking for the after auction report.


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How is that even possible. Unless he still had a pulse and they missed it. I'm assuming it takes a while to get from place to place and get put in a bag. If he was actually dead, there's no coming back from being gone that long.

Nice!!! I like the green.

Welcome to Chordie Oldman!!!!

There is no set place you "should" be at. If you're progressing then it's all good. Like you said, everyone is different. Keep trying new things. Most important is keep at it.


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badeye wrote:

Hello Friday...   An old guitar hero... 


badeye    cool

Jeff Healey is awesome. Quite under-rated if you ask me. Sad that he is gone.


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No reason at all to be sorry. A measly little package it nothing compared to you wife. It is a blessing that she is recovering so well. I am a strong believer in the power of music. It's something that can't be explained or reasoned. It just is. I hope that a sense of normalcy is in sight for your family.


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You haven't been gone that long Bushy!!!

How's the ol' ticker and what not?


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naolslager wrote:

I bought a show shovel today.

Those are words no one will ever hear me say.

I think you ended up in the hardware store for a reason......


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Have fun all!!!!!

Don't forget the evidence, I mean pictures.


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They haven't bee around in quite a while. I'm sure there are others, these just came to mind.


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It's been almost 6 months. Whats' the status of our package?

Cool stuff.

Her Biography from Facebook:

The love for music is what drives Zaina Arekat to play, produce, and perform on the guitar. She is a soul-driven musician who follows no tabs, no rules, no notes; in fact, she learns music and creates it all by ear. Zaina had always been fond of music; however, she never really liked guitar lessons, and that is why the maximum amount of time she probably ever spent going to guitar lessons was a month or so. Despite her long-love for music, she only started focusing on playing the guitar in 2008 after a series of events.

If you already know Zaina, then you’d already be aware of her health case. She has Nemaline Myopathy, a muscular disorder that prevents her from mobility-that’s in short. If you're interested to learn more about this condition, then you could visit this website: http://www.davidmcd.btinternet.co.uk/Intro/what_is_NM.htm

In addition to Nemaline Myopathy, Zaina had lost her eyesight in 2008. Nevertheless, these weaknesses that Zaina has are overcome by her mental strength. As it is very clear, her weaknesses do not hinder and do not cause any obstacles in pursuing her talent in music.

Zaina’s main focus is on classic rock, medieval music, and acoustic-guitar-songs. Most of the videos published on YouTube are covers of songs that fall under the categories mentioned. On the other hand, Zaina also composes original songs, but they are not published yet. There is one original song though that is already posted – Aurora.


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Words don't really mean much at a time like this but we are all rallying around you.

I have very little experience with this so take this with a grain of salt. I think it gets to a point (seems like where you are now) that passing is the better of the two evils. Suffering, pain, anxiousness about how long they will have to endure. Just this past year the principal at my son's school got to this point. Struggling and waiting each new day for the end to come.

Praying of your family.


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http://www.wunderground.com/news/apostl … s-20140205

That's some seriously cold weather. Too cold for me.


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Wish I had just a little bit of her singing talent.


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Here's the Youtube link:



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Usain Bolt. I already think this guy is awesome and this just reiterates the fact that this guy is super cool. He could be really cocky and arrogant but instead he is humble. From what I have seen of him he is playful and down to earth.

http://www.ijreview.com/2014/02/115455- … or-america


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Praying for you Deadstring. At least we know that now she is in the best health, no worries, no pain. Awesome times for her in heaven. Keep the faith brother.


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Nothing like a freebie NGD.

Pics please.


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Yep. Been there a lot in the past year. There are lots of times that I just don't have time. So I tell myself that when I do have time I must do it just to keep it up. But lo and behold, when I get time, I just don't feel like it. It's a phase and it will pass.


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The Beatles? Funny name. Maybe I'll have to check them out.

Just kidding.

I have only been around for 38 of those 50 years. They are definitely a great influence on music as we know it.

Happy anniversary to the Beatles!!!!!!!


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Resurrecting this thread. Wow it's been 2 1/2 years.

So my project is complete. Here are some in process pics.

Nasty sand thru. Couldn't get the front clean like the back and sides. I did like the look of the black grain. Was going to do a burst but...

Neck stripped. I had to do a little sanding to get the red/brown out.

I was actually able to fix some of the sand thru. I used a razor blade to cut "grain" into the wood, hit it with some black stain, and sanded it back down. There were two really bad spots that wouldn't turn out. So, a different burst pattern was in mind....

Neck all taped up ready for clear.

Here is the burst I settled on. I really didn't like it so I decided to just paint the top all black. I really liked how the grain stood out thru the paint.

Here is the paint and clear I used. I picked this paint because I had already planned on using a polyurethane clear. I had heard that the base coat should be the same type as the top coat.

Here she is all done. You can barely see the clear pickguard in this pic.

A hint of grain still shows thru. The more paint and clear I added the more it hid the grain. I should have done a couple less coats of each.

Little piece of Rosewood? on the heel. It was covered up with black when I got it.

The neck came out nice and smooth.

I changed the shape of the soundport and this is a pic of inside thru the port. The small hole there is from someone who tried to mount a strap button. Notice the black that bled thru to the inside. I am thinking this guitar was refinished at some point after the hole was made. Anyhow, it looks better now than it did when I got it. When I had it all apart I did look closer at the leaf inside. Turns out to be just a sticker.

So all in all I like how it turned out. Not how I originally planned but still nice.