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I like barring my chords if I need to transpose, because of the pattern.   Using the Nashville system really simplifies the process.

I tell beginners that if they would just learn one chord progression or even two, that the capo will open up the rest of the chords for them.   But after learning the bar chord method.  I find it's faster than changing the capo.


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"Cause you ain't woman enough to take my man"  Loretta Lynn   

I just like that phrase  smile

Love this song too.

Thanks Mike, wonderful suggestion.  I'll give that a try.

I'm coming up with blanks.   It's hard to find places that are having them, but not advertising them.   sad    Thanks for the suggestion tubatooter.  It was worth a shot.  Some of them are not updating their sites either.

Wanting to do some traveling from Ohio toward either Nashville or Virginia Beach.   Anything within an 8-10 hour trek one way...stay a few and return.  I call this fishing expeditions without the poles......  lol

Does anyone have any tips on how to find locations that welcome pickers/singers as in jam sessions/open mic night or even bands that welcome people to get up and try a few songs? 

The intent is to make new friends and find like minded musicians/singers.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.   Thanks!



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I have my dad's MIM strat.   It's beautiful, it plays wonderful and wouldn't trade it.   It belonged to him.  Priceless.  smile


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That's what I'm talking about!


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You are inspiring me more.  Reduce the distractions and go forward.  Love it!   I am wanting to learn lead riffs.   It still alludes my understanding.  So far, just a straight  player.


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Butch8844 wrote:

I specialize I only sing wawa's

Now that's funny!   smile

We use to bring people up from the audience to be guests Doo-Whops.   Is it the same Butch...jk   hahahahahah

Happy New Year!

Staying home and watching the ball drop.  All of you have a safe and wonderful New Year's Eve.  Happy New Year!


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Wonderful story Nomikai.


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Merry Christmas everybody.  Have a very Happy New Year!


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Merry Christmas tweedy0_9 and a Happy New Year!


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I like the Nashville system as an expedient way to transpose from key to key.  I find most players I know though, don't know what it is except that they've heard of it.    Plus, the ones that do, don't seem to agree on the use of minors where theory says they should go.  I'm not that good at it, mostly because I don't use it as far as jamming.   I understand it though, mostly....;)


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I hated the Bm barre.  However, I can make an Am easily, once my memory muscle related to that position, it was just a simple matter to slide my Am position down to the B and barre my index finger. 

I love Chordie... smile


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bensonp wrote:

Sounds like you've learned from experience, gabby.  Well said.  And I think your equation for getting better is right on.

Thanks besonp, life can be hard stuff and it isn't an easy road to climb out of the depths of despair and I don't know how others do it without Christ in their life.   I know that I'm not the only one hurting or experiencing it, and it is only right to pass on what I've learned if it helps.

Ok, so back to the topic of musical slump or losing interest............lol     jk

Hang in there selso, you will find your music again.  Play for someone who loves to hear you play and sing, trust me, it does wonders for the ego...;)


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You inspire me, Wayne.   Been working up the nerve to play and sing in front of an audience.  Have lots of experience in just singing with the band of long ago, but this would just be a couple of guitars and a mic.   Yep, you've inspired me.!     Kudos to you!!!!!


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Lost a husband through divorce...............was a high school love.   Was suppose to grow old together..   Hurt deeply.
Lost a second husband through death......was the joy of my life and made my first marriage pale in comparison.   Still reeling, but as time goes by, I discovered a few things.   3 words sum it up.    'Life goes on'.    As much as my life stood still, no one else's did.   The people who were responsible for his death, still have happy holidays, celebrate anniversaries and see their family and friends.   

I have to make a choice everyday when I wake up, deciding what I am going to focus on.   It is a retraining of the mind to not be in deep grief, not to hate, not to dwell on the events/details and why people  purposely hurt other people.   None of these things matter to other people, except the ones who watch you die a little everyday, wishing they could take the hurt away.

Once I got over being mad at God, He keeps me strong and on those days that I don't think I wanna participate anymore, somehow, I do.   I gave up music because it hurt too much to hear and sing songs that were 'our' songs.    I walk out of a room when someone does a song that takes me to a place I can't handle.   That's why I began learning to play guitar, it's a direction (new memory) that I am creating that is independent of 'our' life.  It helps me keep my brain from overworking on the bad thoughts and forces it to learn new things.

Life goes on and if you can somehow figure out that no matter what happens, life goes on and someday, somehow, somewhere, you will see that those who care.......matter.   If not for you, but for your kids.   You set the example on how to deal with your grief.  They are learning from you, watching you, picking up on your vibe you send out.   

So you decide, what kind of example are you going to be for them.    The best you can be for them is the best they will be when 'life sucks' for them.
You will be the rock they lean on in their core beliefs.

It takes a while, not saying you will 'get over it', but you can change or decide "do I live in the past or do I create new and different memories".   I have to make the choice everyday.   I have great friends and family.   No judgment or lectures on their part, they let me be me, no matter how I am.  We accept tears as a cleansing process and relish the smiles for what we still have.   

Life is short and there is no do over.   Fill it with as much love and true life for you.   Your kids depend on you for guidance.  Which way are you going to lead them.

Hope this wasn't too much, I just felt the need and it was a refresher course for me as much as exposing my feelings on the matter of the heart.  smile


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Welcome Paul!


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I whined and whined about making barre chords.  However, making the E position with the pinky, ring and middle fingers and using the index finger for the barring, it got easier and easier.  Play an E,A,B  song, practicing sliding up and down the neck, it begins to get easier.   

It didn't feel natural to keep the index finger on the neck and  was constantly sliding off my strings, losing my place, etc.   My friend would practically want to smack my index finger down.  "Keep that index finger on the fret", he would say.   It is your guide to where you are going to go.    Finally!  It is getting easier.


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Loved the video!   Thanks for posting it.   Can't wait for the planned spring one.


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Thanks Surf! Sounds like a great plan.   I will get to practicing.  smile

Cant wait to hear about the fun and see some pics... 



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sad   A lot of things have happened since I posted.   Pleeeeze have another one soon.      Hope you all have a great time!    Post pics and sound so we all can enjoy too.


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topdown wrote:

^gabby - any and all chordians are welcome! And I am sure we could use a quality vocalist or 2 (just going by my own abilities that is). Come on down!

Thanks, I'm gonna check and make sure I can.  It would be a lot of fun.  Been looking for something like this around here.  Not a lot available... sad