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Would a couple of newbies from Ohio be ok?   New to playing but get along pretty well.   Singing use to be my forte.  Country is mostly my genre, if that fits.


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Think of the octaves in relationship to the piano.  You have middle C and when you go to the left the next C is a lower octave, but a C nonetheless.  Same as when you find the next C to the right, it will be a higher C.    You will hear some refer to a singer that can sing the full range of C to C, sometimes two ranges (that would probably make them an opera singer or a bass singer..lol)

On the guitar the open 6th string is a low E, but the 1st string E open is a a higher E.  When you run the scale out of a Key such as E your next octave of E will be your eighth note.   Do, re, me, fa, so, la, ti, do.   Same in all keys. 

I hope I helped a little.


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Old Doll wrote:

Nice thread Toots,

I enjoyed reading all the post here.. Excitement, downfall, expectation, tribulation,  Just like a wee drama lol

As for the free dinners< id work for them alone.. lol

Ps. Gabby, ive heard you sing before, you have a beautiful singing voice, May God bless it.

Old Doll

Ok, my curiosity is up........other than YouTube?    And thank you so much for the wonderful compliment...  smile


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buvvy wrote:

Hi there LB, welcome to Chordie, I live on a farm in the Philadelphia area, and i am looking for someone who can play guitar and sing, as i have 385 songs that i have written, and would like to see what can be done with them.  David

If you haven't found anyone, could I take a look?


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I love happy endings...:)


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I really really liked it!


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I agree with everyone.  You write goooood!   Wish I could hear what you had in mind for the tempo.  Your songs on your site are very good, as I've said before and you write with heart.


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Good question and suggestions.     I've found what was suggested on getting the chords down as second nature allows me to concentrate more on the strumming.


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I liked your song too.  I liked the humor and the subtlety.


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Thanks wlbaye, I've been reading and researching.  They don't make these anymore and from what I'm gathering, they give out a great sound (I know that is true), but their main complaint is the awkwardness and heaviness of them.   Made for super strong people...

I have someone who wants them badly, and I want my space, so it will be a win/win.   I'm gonna hook them up today and make sure they work.  I have two sets of these and thought about keeping one for a dream I have of having a jam place.  They would fill a big barn with sound....lol


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Thanks Pete!   I'll check them out.   I also have a relative who is into this bigger stuff and I want to negotiate a fair price for both of us. 

This  will help, if I can find comparative prices to show how I arrived at my prices. 



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I have a set of Peavey FH-1 Mark III series speakers to sell and MF-1-X with R-835 Crossover for EV speakers about the same size.    I have been surfing with every keyword I know, to find sites to help me determine their value and I'm coming up with nothing.  I know they don't make them anymore.  They have an awesome output, but way too heavy for me now.  I'm not in a band anymore and they are taking up valuable real estate.   

Any help you can provide would be great.

Congratulations!   I have a Washburn and a Fender, just about too big.   Good luck!


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"I Second That Emotion".  lol   I love this forum.  Don't get here to often, but always an answer before I even ask.


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Wayne, that last post made me tear up. 



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Cold, cold and more cold.   I'll take the snow over cold...

Oh wait!  They come together............hee hee hee


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Don't give up Wayne, you are doing a great job.   

The tunes I put on YouTube were done with my dj/jk equipment, then uploaded.  I put them on a cd, then uploaded from the disk.   

Wasn't too bad on quality was it?  (Now don't forget, they were one take wonders from a friend and I goofing around on my karaoke equipment...lol.)  I tweaked it through my earphones before recording them, then sang. No do overs.  Of course, there are mistakes in them, but I wanted to see what they sounded like.  smile


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If I may add something else to my comments.  I just listened to it again.  I don't know if you were pulling away from the mic some or what, but sometimes I had to strain to listen to you.  You faded out in some places.  Now it could be my speakers.   

Again, though, you have a command of the melody and you certainly made this song yours.  I could listen to you and the guitar alone, without anything.  There was something haunting about it and the pictures added to that effect. 

I agree with Amy, the beauty of the "simplicity" of it with your guitar is good.


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Just listened to your tribute.  Reiterating my comments.  You have a clear and succinct voice.  Love listening to you.  You make the song your own.


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Thanks wlbaye for the response too.   I have used wireless hand helds and head sets before.   But trying to get 4 wireless for my Bose system and want to make sure I don't bleed over into each others channels.   I've look at Shure, Samson, EV and AVG, still trying to decide.  lol

Hi Nathan,  I'm a newbie somewhat.  Signed up for a while, but lurk mostly.  From Ohio and love to sing.   I use to be in a country rock band and now I'm learning to play guitar.  I do kj/dj for music consumption...lol     

Enjoy here.  I am always made to feel welcome.



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Thanks tubatooter, I have researched Musician's Friend and others.   I was wondering what the experienced performers on here were using and why.

I like to hear the pros and cons. 

The designated channels from the makers, do they bleed into another channel if they are close in assignment?


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Hopefully, some of you experienced performers will be able to help me choose a great wireless vocal mic and guitar mic.

Thanks for reading.


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I have a Bose L1 II with the Tone Engine.
I and a friend are vocalists and play guitars.

I want a wireless set up for both the instruments and vocals

Any recommendations or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I am confused about the USF and VHF and have read extensively about them.   

Our desire is to perform with freedom of cords and be able to use the quality of the Bose system.  Love that system.   

The body packs seem cumbersome.  I like the little antenna thingy for the guitars.

Thank you in advance.



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I'm new here for the most part, but see you're still going to keep doing music.  Cool