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It was beautiful.  Love your voice.


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I don't write originals, but have been playing around with singing cover songs.  Just added Grandpa by the Judds.  The photography is my own. 


Would love to hear comments, good and bad.  smile


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Thanks SouthPaw.    I'm reading lots of rave reviews.   Not sure everyone in the band I'm associated with can afford their own set up.....lol.


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How is this system for a full band with bass, rhythm, lead and vocals on up to 5 people?  Does it take more than 1 of these systems?   Thanks. 

Presently, I do dj'ing/karaoking and use a component system with separate mixer and power amp.  Speakers jbl and very heavy.  But have gone back and forth with a band environment and that is even more of a headache to set up.  All of the above and them some with the sound checks.


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I started late in life compared to a lot of singers.  I enjoy singing and have been a singer in a country/rock band.   I also do Karaoke shows, just because I like to be around music.  I recently started learning the guitar.  I have an ear for music, but was never able to translate that to any musical instrument.  It is a struggle for me to learn to play and sing at the same time, but what I've learned, I love it and wished I started out that way.

I put a few cover songs on YouTube, at the request of a friend, under Gabbsysings2.   I have had a few hits on them and some comments.     They were one-takes during a party and was recorded for fun.   I didn't get that many hits and comments and this friend still wants me to put more on.   lol

Hearing myself on a recording still surprises me.  During the course of the years I've been singing, that is what helped me most though.   Play back and listening to what I want to change helped me improve.


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Cool feeling.

I've been trying to learn guitar and played some with others.   It is fun to follow along.


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I love this thread.

I was in a band for about 15 years.  We never broke up, just drifted.  Partly because we lost our rhythm player and then our lead player.  Miss them a lot, we never really grouped together since then.   

I started doing kj/dj stuff just to stick around music.  Lost my soul mate and went into deep depression.  In that period, lost my passion for singing. 
Decided to try playing guitar mainly to make my brain work on something different.  Focusing intently on the guitar helps a lot.  Singing hasn't come back though.  It was all I did in the band.  It was said I couldn't sing and walk at the same time.    ...wink...wink.....lol

I have a very supportive friend who likes to hear me sing and thinks I do well.   At his request, I posted 3 cover songs on YouTube and he just brags to everyone.   I wish I could match his enthusiasm.   

Anyway, listening to the stories here gives me hope I'll get my passion again through learning the guitar.  I get to jam with our old bass player (he also taught me chord progression and lit that need for knowledge) and others who show up.  So far, we've had a banjo picker, steel guitar and lead players with various levels of skill.   

It makes for a great time together.  Oh yeah, the bass player and his wife are excellent cooks.   big_smile

Good luck.  Wish I lived near you.  From Ohio.   Love your genres.   smile


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In U.S. here and it is difficult to find others.   Usually it is because once they find someone they pretty much become exclusive. Or it is because I'm not that good yet.  lol

VictionU   maybe?


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How about  RokGenerate or RokGenerator?


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Sorry, I should have thought of that......

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qI7y9iv … re=channel
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0WeJjPL … re=channel


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Cool!  Thought I would add... I have some experience in working in a studio.  No big stuff, just some songs written by some friends.


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I'm pretty new on here.  I sing.  If you can use that.  If you go to YouTube and look up gabbysings2, there are 3 cover songs I put down for the heck of it.  They were all first takes using karaoke music.    Use to be in a band and now trying to learn guitar.  In the band, I only sang.


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I'm just learning.  I had my dad's ole fender acoustic and recently received a Washburn for a present.  Needless to say, the fretting and strings are different.  Where I learned to finally know where my fingers were going, I now have to look when I make a sour chord and lo and behold, I missed a string.

Down days are bound to happen.  If no one noticed, you probably just tired of playing the same ole same ole.  Maybe.  From a singer standpoint, I got bored with singing the same old standby that everyone wants to hear over and over and over, till I thought I sucked (I probably did), but everyone says I sounded good or never said anything one way or the other.