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Ok thanks for the help, the link was great!

One more question... Do I add up the wattage on the speakers for the total wattage? Or do the wattages on the individual speakers have to be high enough?


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As a broke guitarist in need of more power, my summer project is an open back 4X12 cab. I want to buy amp head with about 100watts to go with it. I realized the main problem with my plan is speaker selection.

    Ohms? Watts? Sensitivity? Does anyone know of a straightforward article that explains the specs on a speaker and how they should match up on my amp? hmm

   Other websites and forums I've visited send mixed messages about everything. One guy (or girl) says amp watts have to be higher than the speakers rating. Another person says the amp needs lower wattage. I even found a post saying watts don't matter at all and ohms are the only important thing. All these post sound like a friend I have who "Knows-it-all" about speakers, LOL. lol

     Anyways, if anyone can shed some light on my dilemma it would be greatly appreciated.


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Try the finger tapping on Eddie van Halen's Eruption, it was originally what he played to warm up. It's got to be one of his easiest solo's but most recognizable.


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Hey does anyone know what kind of cable I need to hook the RP500 up to my computer? One end of it is a USB but I'm not sure what the plug on the pedal is called.


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The RP500 is amazing. It'll never run out of different sounds and tones. Thanks for the tip tongue


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Hey thanks for the info on the RP500. All my research on the web has turned up nothing but good reviews of it. The youtube demonstration was cool and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna dip into the savings for one. My local music store can order it for $500. A little more money in Canada than in the States I guess, but it looks worth it.

I'm thinking about buying a Way Huge Electronics "Fat Sandwich" distortion pedal. But I figured if I'm gonna spend a good chunk of change on a pedal, I'd might as well see what people have to say about.

Does anyone have any comments/criticism about the Fat Sandwich?

What are some alternatives to the Fat Sandwich?


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All of my friends had guitar hero and all I had was a guitar. I was determined to play what they could on the game. I'm 17 years old now. After about a year I'm still playing guitar every day and the fad of guitar hero has passed by my generation. tongue