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I have the forum page Favourited and have never experienced problems getting in (except ocaisional 'typical' Computer Probs as above)


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Ha Pix soaz!

That Bright eyes song has been used over here for a TV ad campaign by a building society. I'd wondered what it was, who it was by, etc! Cheers!


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Don't have songbooks!

Did have "Connection Probs" when I came back here just now!


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Is it just an NC problem or interstate?

No worries in Blighty! Altho' I did find some interestingly carved stones recently!


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Ha Ken, Ha Pix!

Some of us still here; tho' I've been learning Facebook most of past week.

What's happening?

And what does "CROATOAN" mean Pix?


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lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

Ha Topdown I LMAO! Love the solo when he jumps in! Great stuff!

Ha Cam! Is that part of a real campaign over there or is it something from a comedy show or an E-mail circular?


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Ha StranSongs!

Easy to turn into a song - it's screamin' "Rock-Blues!" Excellent one cool

PS: Your Journal bought and waiting for me to get to Post Office - delayed, CERTAINLY not forgotten!


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As far as technique goes, I find with songs it's better to concentrate on keeping the vocals tight and letting the guitar play "2nd Fiddle" ( big_smile ) to the lyric. If the guitar isn't tight, the song still stays together and the guitar (eventually) "learns its' place in the song," then when the singing stops it's all attention to guitar! I find this has helped me over some DIRE mistakes in front of audiences!


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SongsForSarah wrote:

I definitely see what you're saying zguitar, but the way I look at it is... If I start learning a song to play for her now... I will be able to play it for her EVENTUALLY. If I don't start... I won't ever be able to. Better now than never...

cool smile


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Hey SFS!

Checked for you, this seems to be the best Wonderful Tonight I've found here:

http://www.chordie.com/chord.pere/www.g … 45707.html

Can't find anything on K.H. on Youtube or similar, don't know if anyone can actually find this song - a beaut for your purposes. I worked out the chords from the album which I lost long ago.

If you need anything for the other two, hints or helps, just hollar!

Kemmer with, soaz!


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Oy, oy Case-O and Popster!

You guys are going from strength to strength!

Cool as Mustard! cool


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Ha Micky soaz!

Do you sing along with the radio? in the shower/bath? while doing something else?

Does it makie you feel good singing?

That's one question answered.

Hear's a simple exercise for ya t' try, assuming the last answer was affirmative: use a simple major scale - take C major - and play the first three notes of the scale singing along to the guitar, then after three notes stop playing the guitar but continue singing the scale holding the last note so you can play it on the guitar to find how close you are. Try doing this with as many scales as possible, but remember that if your ears hear you practising first it will be easier.

Now if you can get to the 8th note and be roughly in tune, you've got something to work with. Remember tho' that what happens on the terraces (whilst great fun) is not singing but has more to do with shouting to drown the other supporters out.

Do you find you can only sing if there is a note to sing to and can sing those notes then? - HEY! Good enough!

A lot of people sing but get embarrassed and shouldn't (and there are those that don't get embarrassed and should) I fall into the first category: it's either that I like the tone but can't stand the timbre or like the timbre but can't stand the tone.

You're going to have lose any embarrassment you may have for the next bit: try making as many weird sounds and noises that you can with your gut/chest/throat/nose/mouth - any noises, put on a woman's vox, try talking/singing like a cartoon character, try to make your vox sound as different to yourself as you can - go mad baby noises the lot!!!

Just don't strain your throat, if it hurts after singing (or doing vox exercises) you are possibly doing something wrong and could end up permanently damaging whet you've got.

This will help you to exercise AND discover more about your vox. When you sing, it should come without forcing it. Most people have tune in them but will never be Pavarotti! Enjoy it. you don't have to sing for anyone but yourself.

Any help you need, soaz, just ask! cool

Ha Topdown!

18 years!?! Doesn't bear thinking about. If there was the death penalty he wouldn't be here AND everyone would look at his memory as that of a murderer.

Yeah! £10,000,000/year should cover it; as I said earlier, if there was a significant financial deterrent to situations like this, maybe everyone from police and investigators up would at least make sure they had an airtight case!

Here's to Tator's immenent release!


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Hey Songs for Sarah! (One yard, Jack!)

Being in the Navy, if you were called Songs. By. Sarah. I might think twice about replying!

To business: Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton. G, D, C, D, - Em on bridge.

Romeo and Juliet - Dire Straights. D, A, G - G, A for Chorus.

Hold On - Kieran Halpin (won't give you a youtube ref (if it can be found) 'cause I read your posts!) But a great, easy song C, F, G, then F, G, C (I think?) for the Chorus!

Can't think of any more the mo'!

Have you tried writing her a song yourself? As you will notice by  the responses to your own post, there are lots of love songs that fall into the "beginner/intermediate" areas, so why not try putting some chords to some words that are personal to you and she? Unless the world has changed beyond all recognition, it makes the ladies melt a bit when someone writes a song for THEM!

Chons da, SFS and keep yer 'ead down, mate!

Gans pup bollonjeth oll da, to all service personnell wherever they serve!


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Hey Jlv and welcome to Chordie! cool

Excellent if you have a chord name and want to find the fingering or alternatives.

What I would be more likely to use is something that can take the left hand experimenting I do and input the fingering to give me a chord name that will work with ChoPro here!

Don't be put off! This is an excellent tool that many will want to use!



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Hey Stonebridge!


Do me a favour - beg, borrow or buy a decent capacitor mic and let's hear it!!!!!

Did I say that's one DAMN fine looking guitar? cool

Been and checked them; you may have found my next one!


Ha Zurf soaz!

No answers, just glad you're all right mate and still with us!

Gans pup bollonjeth oll da!


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Been thinking more about this Vicswitchblade.

If you are playing a song in G (say G, C, D and Em) but the song has high notes you cannot reach and when you try singing an octave lower (same notes, same melody but one octave or 12 frets down) it's too low, if you move the capo up a few frets then yes, the version that had some high notes you couldn't reach will be raised meaning you couldn't hit most of/all of the notes...

BUT - what you were singing one octave down that had notes that were too low will also come up and you'll find (with experimentation and finding the right fret) that it comes into a range that is comfortable to sing in and you can hit all the notes and although the Capo means the chords will be higher pitched, what you are singing will be lower!

Hope this makes both the recommendation for and use of a Capo a bit clearer, if not, keep coming back - one of us WILL have YOUR answer!

Chons da! (Buena suerte!)


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Sorry Russ! Couldn't resist posting that photie - and believe me I tried; I lasted two and a half whole days!.

I don't have many photos of meself, bit camera shy. The best photo I had of me was from when I was in my 20s and playing at Cheddar Folk Festival - but it got stolen (may the fleas of a thousand camels infest the thief's armpits!)

Here's one that a fellow Chordian took at Glastonbury this year.