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I have to go along with what a lot of folks are saying above.  I have been a Guild player for years.  The crown jewel of the collection came several years ago when I bought a dazzling JF-30 sunburst Jumbo 12-string from Gruhn's in Nashville and was tickled spitless.  That is ... right up until, on a whim, I bought a Seagull S12+ 12-string Cedar Top made by Godin.  It's not the prettiest axe on the rack, but, children, let me testify - it'll blow the socks off that Guild, truer action, way more bottom, more volume, cleaner clearer sound.  I can't say enough about this ugly little darling.  From what I hear and read, this isn't an accident.  All the models made by the Godin compny seem to be not only unequaled for quality but are refreshingly easy on the pocketbook.  So much so that I'm selling the Guild!