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Thanks, actually I did save my songbook but didn't seem to have success making it public.  Any thoughts on that one?

Thanks, Peter


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If he can do F he can play any major chord with the same grip. 

e.g. move the grip from the 1st to the 2nd fret and you get F#.  The next fret and you get G, the next you get G#, the next you get A, etc.

I'd recommend he learn some 1-4-5 chords (Do - Fa - So) so he can play most rock, c&w and blues songs.

e.g. C-G-F is pretty simple as is A-D-E - they'll work with 90% of basic songs

Get some Creedence from Chordie - he'll see chord diagrams off to the right - then get them doing the song on Youtube (you'll need to open 2 tabs in Windows) - works great!!  Skip any "fancy" chords for later.


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Hi, I just made my songbook public but I can't find it.  It is called "Hog Songs".

Anybody help this porrrr fuel???