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The first couple up there had me laughing my buns off... reminds me of a few Dad played a lot... "A boy Named Sue", "Father's Whiskers", and "Rock Island Line"


There are quite a few railroad songs he plays (he is now a retired Railroad Engineer - aka choo choo train driver).  So, here's a little Boxcar Willie:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYzHeuhZfuM


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for those without directv, it will also be broadcast live on the farmaid.org website


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Enjoy, you've earned it.  I was starting to think it was possibly just some weird glare... I'm glad someone figured it out!

Although, you'll have to share with manicbassman... as he led us directly to the link.


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Happy belated birthday Zurf!  I loved your story... reminds me of a lot of good times out on the lake.  Some were very similar... like that one time a few of us kids "stole" Dad's little aluminum boat and took it out in the dark trying to get into town... and staying close to shore, we hit that person's anchor rope with the prop - WOW that was a wild ride!  Good times... good times!  Ahhh... or the FIRST few times Dad attempted to launch the "real" boat and ended up also launching the truck... yes indeed.  Hey, at least you did get a few good casts out there so you could say you DID in fact go fishing on your birthday!!


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AHHH... I had to look at all the videos there to find it... it's in the last link you put there... I only saw a capo in the previous videos and just assumed that's what you meant.  Hmm... don't know... good question!


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WOW!  Wayne you work FAST!  I just asked about this yesterday, and BLAM there it is!  Thank you so very much!  I'm going to work on your strumming pattern for this.  I think that this might just solve my issue between how I want to play it, and how my dad did it... and give me that sound I'm looking for.  I can't wait... I'll have my guitar out in about an hour working on it. 

I'm getting very excited about all the different strumming patterns that can be done... "Running Bear" just popped into my head ... I'm thinking that will be my next "fun strum" song.  Now that one, I know how to do... I can hear it clearly (it's still in my head, but I can hear it)! 

Thank you again Wayne!


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manicbassman wrote:

PS. anyone know what that thing is on the upper bout of her guitar?

That's a capo.  It's an easy way to change the key of a song (without knowing music theory).  You put it on a fret (across all strings) and pretend that is your nut then play your chords.  It raises the pitch up.  They come in all different styles from screw on's to clamp on's.  Kinda nice to play around with.

Do as topdown says folks... post your song title in song requests and ask for the strum pattern there.  You'll likely get a very good response with several different options for each song.  My strum pattern for ONE song could be 3 different ways... depending on how I'm feeling that day... it's all up to you in the end... but having a starting point is nice!

Normtheguitar... your link is missing the .htm at the end, for anyone looking here it is: http://www.jpstrings.com/armrest.htm  - that's interesting, now I'm going to have to pay more attention to where my arm is and see what a difference changing my "comfort" will do to the sound!

Thanks Pix!  I look forward to working my brain a bit more tomorrow morning!


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jollywally - yes, your bad on the copyright stuff... also on posting in the wrong location... and perhaps there was a little "horn tooting" going on there.  Next time, maybe explain yourself better or get to know everyone and the site a little better before just throwing things out there.  An intro in the chat corner would have been good perhaps.  Or, maybe jump into some valid discussion elsewhere and make a contribution.  A late "Welcome to the forum"... I do hope you take a little time to read thru about the forum (they all have rules), and about the site so that you can actually enjoy it.

Ken's been known to share his opinion freely.  Honestly I do occasionally enjoy hearing people's thoughts that might be better kept to themselves in different settings.  We're going to talk about this over breakfast... Ken, I'm on my way over to your house... I'll pick you up... I'M driving! wink  LOL!! smile


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I have issues with Firefox on a lot of different sites.  I stopped using it when I was turned onto google chrome.  Check it out... safer than IE they say (and a free download).  I'm sure the chordie crew appreciates the input about firefox.  It's good to try to get a site working with all browsers, although sometimes as an admin, it just doesn't work out that way.


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One of my fav's as a woman is Tesla, Paradise.  My husband used to work out of town a lot, and we actually fell in love while he was working out of town, so this one has always spoken to me.  Sorry this thread is a little old, but I just caught up with this one and "Sara's songs" (is he still on here?)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TktVST0q … re=related

That one you posted (bensop) by Bryan Adams is an absolute tear jerker too. 

Not sure about this on the guitar, but there's got to be a way... Michael Bolton... How am I supposed to live without you?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STjw3zqF … re=related
I'll bet it can be done, and sound even better than the 80's disco sound going on here.  It was a good one tho during it's time.


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RAM57 wrote:

Start with bands or artists you like and look for songs you "know" with "chords" you know. I think it's important, you know the "songs" well. Add songs with chords you know plus a chord or two you don't know. I started with songs I like to sing.

That's the best advice there.  A LOT easier to play if you already know the song and like it!  That is also what I've done, add a new song here and there and a new chord or two with it. 

hopeful wrote:

The first tunes i learned were amazing grace, blowing in the wind,leaving on a jet plane and scarborough fair, all easy songs.

Similar here as well.  Leaving on a Jet Plane (A,D,E) ... Cats in the Cradle (E,G,D,A) ... Tom Dooley (D, A7)... Amazing Grace (D,G, A7)), You are my Sunshine (adds a D7 to those previously learned).  There's a few more I've added with the C chord also.  I've only been playing about a month (tho I can't put my guitar down... we're talking a few hours a day and then some) but with those simple songs (and a few others) I can strum the chords well enough to sing along and it sounds pretty well like a song.  Mind you, the first week I wasn't playing that much - no... my fingers hurt way too much and I was a little frustrated by that.  Keep on going and you'll soon be far to addicted like most of us.  I LOVE guitar!

Sorry you haven't gotten any answers yet.  Thought I'd post and throw this back up to the top for ya.  I've been to NYC a couple times... I imagine there's got to be a TON of awesome shops there.  Where is indeed a very good question!  Hope you get an answer to this one.  I'm in NY state... but about 5 hours from NYC sad


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Thanks Doug for the insight!  I am mostly using fingers... but I do use my nails in lieu of a pick sometimes with a couple "heavier" songs to get a different sound.  Good to know everyone's opinion on a timeline.  I think my high E was just still getting stretched out well.. it's good now.  Took a few weeks.  I think I frayed that G string because I went from a steel string to the nylon... fretting "too" hard on the nylon is my theory on why I have the fraying. 

I love this site.  Everyone has given lots of good advise to myself and in answer to Seslo's original post.  Awesome.  When I get to the point of actually changing my strings the first time I'll be sure to share my journey.  I'm expecting it's going to be an interesting task with the nylon.

My son changed 2 of his strings on his steel string himself the other day.  He came to me for help... I told him to go to the Taylor website!  LOL!  He did fairly well... but he thinks it looks pretty cool to leave the long ends hanging off and not trim them.  I think it looks like a trip to the eye doctor!

Guitarpix wrote:

Mekidsmom, I have a ton of bookmarks saved on tonewoods and such, If you want I'll email you a few good links that you may find interesting. -Pix

Pix, that'd be awesome!  Send the links.  I love to learn why and how things work.  When I'm ready for my next guitar, or ready to help my hubby pick out his next (he needs a new one more than I do... since mine's only a couple weeks old his a few years - LOL) it'll help make a good match.  Plus, I get bored without some type of constant education.  TKS!


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I really hope to be able to record a song and place it on myspace or youtube, but UNTIL TODAY, I CAN'T LET YOU HEAR A SONG, BECAUSE I'M still unable to put a song on these websites. WHO KNOWS A SOLUTION FOR DOING THIS.

do you need help uploading music to youtube?  I'm not sure where you're at as far as computer use etc... but let us know.  Tons of folks on here know how and can help walk you thru it.  I don't know much about guitars.... but that's darn "pretty" ... very cool looking guitar!  Even better, you LOVE the sound!  Awesome!  Happy NGD!

Yes, thank you very much for sharing this!  I love listening to him.  He reminds me of my high school physics teacher... they are a very special "breed" of people indeed.  Always so excited and engrossed in what they do, yet coming across so calm and collected.  This was very interesting and posted at the right time.  I was just doing a bunch of research into guitar woods yesterday... this answered a ton of questions and confirmed a lot of what I had read but explained WHY!  LOVE IT!


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you could always get involved by volunteering at your local shelter... and helping raise money with them

Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5 pops into my head... sorry, not too good with trivia but they do technically count.  Along with Michael, several of the family members made attempts over the years to become rich and famous singers... Michael is the only one that really went far.  Janet did pretty good... tho she was NOT a part of the 5.

Ok... I am female and perhaps a little hormonal... but damn that made me get all teary,

"I don't know what 47 is, I only know what 31 is," Taylor said. "I think I want to go home and be invisible for a while."

I don't think there's one of us here that can possibly fathom what this guy is going through... GOD Bless him and his family!


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hmmm... naming the guitar... that's a good idea.  I'll have to think on that one a bit.  Perhaps a name I would have liked for one of the kids but wouldn't have worked out with our last name... yes... I'm getting an idea... ahhh... I think the tattoo shop may be closed tonight and my guitar may end up with a tattoo that matches mine!  Pics to come if I can get him to do it for me tonight!


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Surely Zurf you will HAVE to get a bar stool.  Where in the world will you set your beer while standing?  At least sitting on the stool you'll be sure to have a table near by.  Although... if you set your beer on the bar stool then you might be alright standing.  Yes, either way... you need a stool now!


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Old Doll... If I had just $1000 for every email like that I've received, I'd easily have a million by now!  They are so fab.  I wonder how many poor suspecting souls down on their luck actually fall into the trap?  BTW... if anyone out there wants to claim ME as their winner...  you could steal my credit card info and just pay that off.  That'd be just lovely!  If you're not paying it off... then the info you steal really won't do you any good anyhow!


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Rattles... that is ALL awesome to hear!  She wants to... that right there is a breath of fresh air to me!  Good thing about the nylon strings too.  I know it made a huge difference to ME... I can only imagine it would to a child too.  My son and husband both keep GRABBING mine in fact... cuz it is easier to play than their steel strings.  It's also a "better" guitar.  Not by leaps and bounds, but the action is lower and that makes a world of difference!  CUDOS on the new song and beginner chords for the wee ones!  Most of all... have fun!!

Thanks for the welcome Normtheguitar!  Ahh... my Dad always played, and I picked the guitar up MANY times over the years.  Honestly, it wasn't until just a few weeks ago (20 some years later) that I finally decided to learn!  I do wish I'd have had a desire earlier in life... but it happened when it did.  Due to my LOVE of music, I'm sure my Dad wished I'd have had a desire to learn many moons ago. My son also doesn't try at things he might fail at.  He tends to enjoy picking out notes.  I personally try NOT to pick out notes when I'm around him.  I don't want to discourage him from what he IS enjoying by going beyond him there.  I get what you're saying.  It's the age of "parent's know nothing" so if they can't possibly compete with us to prove that we know nothing, they just don't bother.  So sad, but there's lots of time and life to learn the guitar once they outgrow that!  He'll be coming to you sooner or later!

I'd say that my son and I have an "even playing field" because I just started and he's basically just started... but I have that advantage of years and understanding harmony and rhythm, and listening to a LOT of backyard playing.  Plus, I really do have the desire and he doesn't quite have it yet.  Sadly, he won't understand that until he's older.

I'm trying very hard to "practice" with him... and do this like a couple friends might.  Admittedly it's difficult.  He likes to pick something different than what I want to strum.  He has no rhythm, and he doesn't want to learn the "old" songs that I do.  But, it's coming along alright!  We took a hunter safety course together over the summer.  That was interesting.  He truly enjoyed it because he went in knowing more than me... but he cheated off me a little on the written test.  LOL!  Trying things that are new to the both of us really helps our relationship.  It proves to him, that he's right, mom doesn't know EVERYTHING... but she sure can learn just like HE CAN!

That age is really tough.  Enjoy his friends!!  Sometimes they help your kid realize how important YOU are to him!