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As a newbie... THIS particular thread lead me to actually LOOK at the sticky on strumming pattern videos, so with me as an example - people don't look at stickies but hopefully if they're searching for something they will find it before asking, and at the least I agree with Zurf that having it there so you can tell newbies to look at it is worth more than NOT having it there and having to repeat yourself all the time when people ask.  I appreciate having a LIST of refrences... I might not need them today, but when I come back looking for them it'll be a lot easier to find them if they're in a sticky!  What would make me look at it?

"Beginners online resources and videos"  -- a simple straightforward title

Doug ... when it comes to web admin, adding a sticky in a forum is a lot easier than adding a page to a website.  It would be helpful of course, but far more work.

I wasn't looking for what I found ... but... I was still educated by finding it!


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zguitar wrote:

Hi all!!!!

I don't know if it's just me, but alot of the songs that people say are easy look hard to me. Either they aren't playing the whole song (intro,solos etc) or I just really suck and should quit.
For example, Cats in the cradle is in some easy songbooks. Are you kidding me, the intro (which HAS to be played in the song) is a killer. I find stuff like this all the time. I've been playing for about 9 months I think. I am progressing fine. I know everyone progresses differently, but come on. Some of the songs that people who have been playing way less than me say are easy is blowing my mind. Another is bad moon rising, strumming is way too fast for it to be an easy song.

Well... I've been playing for just a couple weeks.  I'm working on that easy version of "Cats in the Cradle" ... and it works for me.  I hear the intro in my head while I strum a couple chords for "my intro" ... and then off I go.  So IMHO it is a good beginner song.  If I remember correctly, Harry Chapin isn't even strumming chords thru the song, he reminds me more of a classical guitarist where he's playing all kinds of stuff at once.  On the other hand, Ugly Kid Joe has an entire band where someone's playing lead and someone else is just strumming chords.  I certianly am not about to finger pick anything... but then... I know for me I need to just learn chords for now.  I can pick out "Hush little baby" tho LOL! Very true, everyone progresses at a different speed and what I want to play can be rather different than what you want to play and the styles that go along with it.  I want to get "Cats in the Cradle" down enough that when I sing and strum it's recognizeable and people will want to listen or sing along with me.... I don't want to record it and make a million!  So, I can live without the intro and just play the chords.  Everyone's always been impressed by my dad's playing... now that I know a little more about guitar I have learned that he never even played anything more than "beginner" songs... interesting... but yet he impressed MANY with his "little" skill.

I think your list of songs you can already play is very impressive too.  Um... maybe your hunger for guitar is faster than your ability... I'm no vetran, but I found that if I slow down and practice for a bit on perfecting what I'm already doing before jumping into trying to learn a new song, I get a lot better and then that next song comes a little faster.  Good luck!


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I was strumming along to the words... sounded pretty good in my head... till my husband asked me what the heck I was playing.  So then I sang WITH it... and he went "OH, I see" ... LOL!  Um... yeah, so I worked on a few strumming patterns... recorded my three different versions of the same song (nothing special, just with my camera) ... and come to find out that it DOES make a HUGE difference in the overall sound of the song. 

So yeah... strum it how you want to start with and then tweak it!  Since I've always been able to hear the entire "band" playing in my head while singing... now I add the guitar in and I can hear even more... but amazingly no one else does!  So until everyone else can get in my head and hear what I hear; I learned that you have to make it sound like a full song with just the guitar and yourself (unless of course you ARE going to play with a whole band... or... you're content just hearing the rest of the song in your head).


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just got your slashes wrong zurf... it's / not \ to close the tag... here ya go:

That should work!


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looks like it's cleared up now... as stonebridge just said, next time there's a prob just type in www.chordie.com/forum and you should get in here (this of course will not work if there's a problem with the forum)!


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Well... I thought I was going to have to wait till Christmas, but lucky me my anniversary came first (well, it's this coming weekend) and the hubster decided to get me a guitar as a gift!   WHOO HOO!  So, we went out to a couple places and I played with a few guitars... and found one that fit me just perfectly!  It has a thinner body than all the others I tried and the best part was I liked the sound better too (plus it's a little touch of pretty in my eyes)!  WONDERFUL!  OH... and even better than that... since I've been practicing on my hubby's steel string and built up a little toughness in my fingers, playing my new nylon strings is EASY on my girlie hands!

Anyhow... I just wanted to share my new baby with you guys... here she is:

It's an Ibanez 3/4 classical ... I did of course really like the $800 guitars that fit me too... but this was a bit more in our price range!  LOL!


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ok... well I'm the one with the camera in hand regularly (newbie to chordie) but here's a b&w pic of me and my littlest one... I'll see if someone can make a point to take a pic of me W/ guitar for my next online debut.  Hopefully this facebook photo will come thru and not be a "protected" pic.


sorry it's so fuzzy... my 4 yr old took this one!  LOL!

Zurf... truly the saddest thing about this is that guy could have made a nice new SALE off of you if ONLY he would have written on paper what he said in person.  Stupid people!  Have you considered going somewhere else to see if they would?  "Listen man, I want a new one.  Is this damaged?  Yes?  Good.  Write that down on paper and when I get my cash I'll be back HERE to buy the new one."  Sometimes you have to push people driven by money, WITH money!  Maybe the store manager (who probably makes most of his money off commissioned sales) would be the person to talk to.  Maybe not this store,but one that primarily is into retail sales and also has a repair tech on staff.  Keep looking... I think there's a way to find the right place that will stand behind their opinion with the hope of getting some money out of the deal themselves!  Good luck!


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Stonebridge wrote:

Typing spaces will never work, but using tabs "should". Computers being what they are will usually mean that something somewhere isn't right, though.
The problem is that nearly all the fonts used are so called "proportional". This means that the characters don't have a fixed width. A "l" is narrower than a "W".
If you use the font Courier New, it will often do the trick. It is a very old fashioned looking font, but if you can put up with that, give it a try. It works because it is a mono spaced font where all the characters are the same width.

EXCELLENT explanation (why couldn't I just say that?).  I didn't know that about Courier New either... probably because it's an "ugly" font I never use... good to know tho!!  Awesome suggestion!


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spaces, tabs etc never really print out right where you want them in a word processor program... the BEST way to do this is a bit trickier than it "should" be.  I would suggest using a spreadsheet program (like microsoft excel or microsoft spreadsheet) to get things to line up the way you like when they print.  Sadly, this can be VERY time consuming (a lot of artists in any field be it music, color, etc... are not very "tech" patient). 

Another option...much eaiser, is saving your document as a pdf file and then print it and proof read.  This may or may not work for you as some text can get turned into weird characters when making the conversion ... and you may or may not have the ability on your computer to do it without adding a new program.  If you'd like more help/info/etc... let me know! 

---- I'm new to the guitar... a bit more experienced with computers! ----


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Well guys, you'll be happy to know that I filed my nails down quite a bit... I just can't bring myself to totally cut them (always been rather proud of my natural long nails, but I'll spare you guys that drama)... but it's working very well with the much shorter nails!  I'm really interested in everything you're all talking about .. as far as making FUTURE chords easier by learning basic formations slightly different from the start.  There really is a LOT to the guitar that a beginner doesn't have a CLUE about while just trying to learn a few beginner chords.  smile  In the end... It sounds like after we learn the beginner basic chords, a style will be developed based upon what you're playing most... and regardless... these basic formations are going to change in some way shape or form based on that style that is developed.  Even if you know every chord... you can always tune the guitar to a completely different than traditional tuning and then there's even MORE that can be learned.  So complicated that I LOVE it!  Now, if only my fingers would toughen up faster so I can get to that point!  I can see how many would quit at this point due to a lack of patience... but I'm just excited to know that there's soooo much more to the guitar than I ever imagined.  Learning truly could be a life long venture!


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Hi!  I just started this week... check out the free lessons from www.justinguitar.com -- he starts you out with just A,D,E ... then suggests practicing minute changes (go back and forth between like A&E for example as many times as possible in a minute... then try to beat your own score to build up your chord changes).  As for an easy song that uses JUST these three chords... I'm working with "leaving on a jet plane" from the beginners books others are talking about.  It primarily goes back and forth between A&D with E thrown in here and there... you can just strum each cord down once as you're working on your chord changes and then work on the strumming pattern later on!  =0)  anyhow... that's what I'm doing!  Good Luck!


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Well... as I'm just starting out and have managed to get the basics of just D, A, and E... I'm working on "Leaving on a Jet Plane" as my first song.  Darn how I wish there were a few Jim Croce songs with just three chords!  As for all you "60's children" ... don't let the music from your youth age you ... Let the music from your youth keep you young!! I love the music and it's what I grew up listening to my dad play and therefore what I would LOVE to play! In fact, if what you played actually aged you then my father would be aging himself at least a few decades with "White Cliffs of Dover" and "Rock Island Line" to name a few.  "House of the rising sun" will NEVER go out of sytle!

.... says a girl born in the mid 70's....


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geoaguiar... thank you for the suggestion!  I think I will practice with both the proper form and the "baby" chord similarly to how you suggested, at least until I can manage to get that full chord sounding good!

bensonp... I checked out Dolly... and a lot of the info online says that she probably tunes her guitar in a different key making the chords she has to play for specific songs much easier to fret (or barre) to play them with those nails.  It's something worth looking into down the road (and I'm so tempted to just do it now and keep my nails) but for now since most of the FREE info available for beginners is with a standard tuning, I guess it's best to just cut my nails and learn the traditional way first!


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I'm a newbie... but from all the WATCHING I've done, you certianly can put a few "lead tricks" in there.  Here's an OVER THE TOP example. 
Now mind you, this guy is a classical guitar player (absolutely beautiful music)... but if you look up Eric Clapton you'll see that he's just strumming along in his concerts and someone else is playing the melody... then come back to this classical player, he's doing it ALL at once.  So certianly you "could" find a way to add a little finger picking melody into your strumming.  But... again, I don't know what I'm doing yet... I just think this is an awesome example of what could be done.  And, I found this guy yesterday and became just awed by his playing.

I'm just starting out, but I like the sound of my fingers on the strings more than the pick... however when practicing to learn my chords with my son next to me picking out notes (with a pick) I find I can't hear past his volume... so... fingers deff more quiet than a pick!!  smile


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UBER newbie here!  I was working on learning some chords last night and my son brought out his guitar and his "baby book".  It's from First Act... basically for little kids to learn guitar.  He started asking WHY I was doing what I was doing.  So I explained to him the chord I was attempting to play was a G... and of course he again said, WHY?  I showed him the chord chart from Chordie and he showed me what was in HIS kids book.  It's just a simple 3rd fret 1st string ... just strum the bottom three strings.  I could clearly hear that it's a G with the bass notes left out... and his C Chord is also a simple one string fretted and bass notes left out as well.  Soooo here's the question.  Is it advisable to start out with his "baby chords" while my fingers are toughening up and I can feel like I've actually been able to make a decent sound come out of the guitar???  OR... am I hurting myself more in the long run by not learning the chord "properly"???

Also... I'm using my husband's guitar... I feel very awkward like the body is wayyyy too big for me, to the point that holding it like a classical guitar is actually far more comfortable.  I can't get myelf around the guitar to see the fretboard while holding it.  It feels like the strings are too close together up on the neck, but stretching to reach some of these chords is difficult (I guess I have little FAT fingers... I don't know... although also I still need to cut my nails and I think that'll help a lot).  I know I need to go to the muisc store and try some guitars out and get one that is just for me... I think I like the idea of nylon strings, although I really am not going to play classical style music... I just want to strum out some campfire songs and such (of course I'd LOVE to play classical music, but that'd be possible maybe in a few YEARS... there's a LOT to learn there)... can you put nylon strings on an acousitc steel string guitar? 

Thanks everyone for your comments in advance!

Hi!  Female, 32, NY USA ... My dad always played, and I always thought I'd like to learn... but just the other day I saw my dad just couldn't keep it going with elbow/back problems ... so I finally picked up the guitar on a mission to finally learn just the other day.  I'm pleased that folks in this forum are so welcoming, friendly, and there's a genuine comradarie even to the newbies (and no holier than thou tudes)!  Thanks!


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Thanks Guys!  I'm checking out all your suggestions!!


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Zurf... thanks for the suggestion!  Actually, I don't have small hands, and I kinda refuse to cut my nails at this point too - so I'm thinking a "regular size neck" or maybe even classic is best for me, but I'm a small person in structure (5') so was thinking a smaller bodied guitar... I was just shocked at how small the body of this travel guitar is!  I'm gonna keep on looking around the threads and learn a bit more about the different guitars then make my way to the local music shop and hold a few!  wink --- that Taylor Big Baby does look nice


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I'm very new and looking for a "right" guitar for me (rather than using my hubby's)... I was thinking since I'm a small person this might work well for me... but alas I will continue searching.  I didn't think from pictures that the body of this guitar was THAT small!  Thank you very much for the video, it helped a lot in making my decision to skip this -- although I do like the sound (for what it is) and it looks like it'll be wonderful for camping!  Enjoy!


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Ha ha!  Thanks!  I felt compelled to sign up and respond... but I was a little scared since it seems mostly guys on here!  I'm glad my lack of testosterone is not a problem for ya!  I shall return... very nice forum!!


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Hi guys... hope you don't mind a "chick" on here!  LOL!  Anyhow, I just FINALLY picked up a guitar yesterday with the intention of learning how to strum out some chords (been many years I've picked one up... but never with determination).  I took voice lessons many moons ago - so I wanted to post to the question.  Obviously I can't tell you much about singing AND playing... except what I've seen.  My dad always played and sang... as the ultimate campfire guitarist (LOL).  He had a nice voice, tho nothing exceptional.  I learned to love music from him however.  For a long time I was happy just singing.. but now that he can't play so much any more (back/elbow issues) I feel it is time for me to learn.  I think the difference in my dad's singing and mine, AND music comprehension does come from the voice lessons I took.  I think voice lessons are excellent if you really want to learn how to stay on pitch, how to breathe properly to control when you take breaths and not sound choppy in your singing, and how to harmonize with your guitar.  If you don't know much about notes and such, it is an excellent way to learn!
-- just my opinion based on what I know... which to some is a lot, to others not so much! --