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I just happened to pop on here today to check on things.  I bought a new guitar recently!  I've got to get a NGD post up, after I get some photos, and maybe record the noobie too.  wink  Thanks for thinking of me/us, guys.  I'm hopeful the new guitar will spur me to play some more, and mayhaps get a few videos up too.  We'll see what happens!  Jim's watching the Daytona today, so that means I'll have more time on my Sunday than usual while he falls asleep to the sound of the cars going round and round.  ha ha!

Poor Chris!  Alright, so no more fainting.  Stay away from all the beautiful people.  Take it easy.  Get some rest.  I don't think this is a valid enough excuse not to make it to BYG 2018.  I  mean, that's like, 7 months away and I have some SPARKLERS to put in a CAKE!  big_smile 

Get better!


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It was good getting to know you some, CG.  Thanks for hanging out here, when you did.  I'm sorry the small community here wasn't what you were hoping it would be, and I do genuinely hope you find a group that suits you better. 

Thanks to for your feedback.  Negative or positive, as long as it is honest and serves a constructive purpose, I'm all for feedback.

Since this topic is basically a goodbye, I'm going to close it from further posts.


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Welcome Back PETE!!!!  big_smile  Chordie's like crack, but in a "it honestly won't hurt you" good kind of way.  wink  It's like "Cheers"!  I'm really glad to see you here again.


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Hey-o!  I'm not dead, just round, errrr... I mean, around.  wink

Actually, I've had a TON of work-y things happen in the past year and especially the past few months.  Good things, really.  Though, my work days are now spent managing people who are monitoring all sorts of social media, including forums.  As many of you may know, I work from home.  That said, it means I'm on the computer - at home -all day long.  On top of that, I'm homeschooling my kids (who are also at home with me - all day long) and a lot of that organizational stuff is also done on the computer.  When the day's all done, I try my hardest to get away from said computer.  In a nutshell, I just haven't had a ton of time lately to visit all my favorite websites, including Chordie.  Plus, I get yelled at by the family - "Are you still working?", "how long are you working?" - even if I'm just trying to look at Chordie or my personal Facebook, they want me to socialize with them, they're weird like that wink

I do check in from time to time, mostly silently.  I'll handle a lil moderation, check up on the newest Chordie posts, and miss you all!  I'm working on slowly fitting in more time for my guitar, plus all of ya'll! 

UJB - I'm really sorry to hear that.  Make sure to send me a note if there's anything I can do to help.  I promise, I do check my personal email at least .... once a month.  Yeah, I'm bad on that too.  But, you've got my number too, so call if you think of anything I can help with.  Seriously!

Gotta say, I'm glad no one else kicked the bucket.  Thanks for thinking of me TF!  <3


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Hey Bill and Dondra!  I haven't been around a whole lot, but I've been following.  How's things going?  Have you managed to fight off the nearly invisible monsters?  I hope you're both doing better.  Think about you often!

Interesting stories, most I haven't heard, some I've heard tidbits of here and there.  big_smile  Good topic!

I'm pretty sure I've told most of this before somewhere on these boards, but I'll bite again.  wink  My Dad took guitar lessons when he was young, and I grew up with him being "the guy" at campfires playing and singing tunes.  He was a train Engineer on the railroad so was gone a lot, but when he was laid off and home for periods of time, we'd sit together and he'd practice guitar and teach me how to sing, to hold out a note, add a little vibrato, to properly end a word that ended with a consonant (he had lots of choir practice in his youth).  I got rudimentary lessons in reading music, or at least watching for the chord changes and words to know when to turn the pages for him in his music books.  I sang along.  He played a lot of the songs from the 60's and 70's, and some folk tunes, but always put his own spin on them.  I grew up knowing Dad's version of songs, not the radio versions, and it's only been the past few years that I've ever even bothered to listen to the originals to really begin to understand my Dad's taste in music (and why some people don't know "these great songs" - lots were really dull recordings, but not the way Dad played and sang 'em).

He tried to talk me into learning guitar as a kid, I just wanted to sing though.  I was required to learn an instrument in grade school and picked up the B-flat clarinet.  That's where I learned to read the treble clef.  Then I quit playing after a few years and just sang and sang, took voice lessons for a bit (learning Italian Arias, really odd musical numbers, and old Latin religious songs as well as participating in vocal competitions), made it to All County as well as All State choir.  My parents said I wouldn't make money in music and encouraged me NOT to follow my dreams and go to a music college - Willie said so, I needed to be a doctor or lawyer or something.  Long story short, I didn't end up going to any college but finally picked up the guitar a few years ago.

My Grandma was a big fat lady, she was always playing her 8-tracks - Elvis, Dolly, Willie.  My other Grandma played the organ (typical church music and songs from the 20's-40's) and gave it to me at one point, but I never learned to do more than plunk out notes.  She taught me where they were by writing on the keys in pencil. 

I wish I'd have taken music theory in high school, but there just wasn't time with Girls Choir, Jazz Choir, regular Choir, voice lessons, and boys.  wink  Maybe someday I'll bother to learn more, but for now I'm just happy strumming a few chords to sing with.

My first song was "Leaving on a Jet Plane".  I remember this discussion coming up years ago and could swear a bunch of people said their first song was "House of the Rising Sun".  When I was new, I couldn't understand how that would be chosen as a first, because I thought it was awful difficult but then again I've only ever played it somewhat the way I learned it (my Dad's way, not calm and cool like the original).  wink

There were a few Tom Petty tunes over the weekend and they all sounded great!  I'm still surprised that no one did Free Fallin' - I actually have that one in my book, so I'll see if I can find a few minutes to record it before the month ends.  FINGERS CROSSED!


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Jim and I would both like to thank you, once again Joe, for your amazing hospitality!  We had a wonderful time, as always!  The weekend weather was absolutely beautiful, the guitar time was wonderful (or "something like that"), food was abundant, and new friends made as always!  Jim and Robert hit it off well, and it was soo good to see him again, as well as Zurf, Jeff, Scott, and yourself Joe!  Also, I took down the model number of your camcorder... I may just get one to keep it new in box and on hand for that day when I finally break yours.  Hi, my name is Amy and I'm a lil clumsy.  wink

Dexter and Bobby found no problem fitting in (although no one actually invited Bobby, he seemed to have no problem making friends with just about everyone and even managed a sip of Bourbon).  big_smile  Good times!  Of course, after I told the girls all about our new friends, they were both a little jealous that they didn't come with us.  Steph said, "Sure, the one time I really SHOULD have come because I'd have been able to make some friends."  HA HA!   

Let Jeff know that Steph will be impossible to keep out of the car next year, as long as Dexter is expected to be there.  wink  I'll make sure she practices up.  We look forward to seeing you all at the next slightly North Eastern event, be that perhaps a little south of here or right at our home in July/August next year.


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Awe, JJJ you and Chris won't make it?  sad 

MKD and I will be heading out Friday morning.  I've got the weekend off.  I'm 99.9% sure that we'll be without kids.  Steph may change her mind and want to come along at the last minute, but so far the plan is for the little to stay behind with the grandparents and big brother.  I haven't had much time to do much aside from the constant of work/homeschool/mom duties, so super looking forward to getting away where the electronics don't work as well.  wink 

That weather forecast doesn't look too bad, UJB!


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Welcome to the forums!!  big_smile


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Thinking of you and your family Mojo!  I am glad to hear you're in a decent location, however very sorry to hear you've got family further south.  I hope they've all stayed safe.  The devastation on the news is so very sad.


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Well, shame on me for not getting a picture up sooner... but... it's fuzzy.  I thought there would be a LOT more photos floating around the internet similar to mine, but much better.  I've been surprised not to see so many, so I'm happy to share my fuzzy photo with ya.

I took one of Jim's welding hoods apart a little, and used the "glass" as a lens filter.  wink  Hence the fuzzyness, but all in all it was good viewing!



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Looking good there, Bill.  The guitars and amps will be there when you're ready to spend time with them.  The worst that can happen is the strings rust a bit and need a change.  They'll wait.  As always, take your time and do what you need to for your lovely Dondra.  I always say, family comes first - no matter what.  Yeah, we're the Chordie Family, but we have no pressing issues to attend to here.  Hugs and kisses for the two of you, and gabbing the kids and giving them some as well, especially with the two of you in thought.


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Hey hey hey!  We'll be there!  We're currently discussing if either of the kids are coming along or not.  We (especially me) may be due for a break from them by then.  wink  Of course, even when Steph isn't feeling personable, she still manages to enjoy a little time away.  wink 

That's so nice of your new buddy, Jeff, to offer up space!  I'll try to remember to toss that new air mattress in the trunk just in case it's needed.  We're HOPING to head out Friday Morning, so we're not arriving late at night for a change.  Maybe that will help avoid some of the traffic in the "construction zone" between here and there too. 

I'll make sure to bring along the cookies!

unclejoesband wrote:
mekidsmom wrote:

I haven't gotten very far with the BYG 2017 Videos...

Have you tried running any through Mixcraft to weed out some of the wind noise?

Not yet, but I have converted a bunch to file types mixcraft can open (ummmm... and installed mixcraft on my new computer lol)

All in all, I think it was a success.  I didn't burn the house down, MKD didn't burn the tree line down, so that's always a bonus!  wink  It rained on and off all weekend, but that really didn't slow us down at all.  We moved to the porch or in the house when rainy, and back outside when not over the weekend.  Saturday the tents were up, and that kept us all dry in the backyard while the butts were smoking all day. 

UJB stayed nice and dry in the house each night, as his tent ended up a little more wet than planned.  He really did 99% of the photography and videography, and for that I'm thankful!  My hands were full playing hostess, cooking, and trying to keep my glass full.  Our little Ukelele player wasn't feeling quite up to par, so we didn't hear much from her.  A young man stopped by with his guitar, but he was pretty nervous.  That said, I think he's been finding everything that exists online from DE - as he seemed to know quite a few of those songs that he played.  I think Young Joey will be back again next year ready to play a bit. 

I heard that Blandon's has several different stoppers, and they're collectable.  Though, I also heard that supposedly, if you collect them all, you can trade them in for a free bottle!  :0

It was really a great weekend, and the best part wasn't necessarily the guitar time, food, or weather... it was the people.  Catching up with Ken, Joe, Joey, Chris, and one of my friends I only see once a year was the real treat!  It's about the people really, and the guitars that bring us together is just the icing on that cake.  Thank you, each of you that made it out. I'm grateful to know such good people, and to have the honor of your company. 

Looking forward to the PA get together!

I haven't gotten very far with the BYG 2017 Videos, but there's the beginning of a playlist developing here:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P … WNv--2_2b8

More songs will be added to it each day, so please do check back!


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Mostly, I play with the guitar resting on my right leg... but sometimes on the left.  Sometimes with legs crossed (right over left, or left over right), sometimes not.  It's just whatever feels most comfortable.  The songs that I pick out that are "piano" songs (ie:  not just picking "that one pattern" that I know), I do tend to rest the guitar more on the left leg.  I guess that's more the "classical style".  But when strumming and chopping it's always the right leg for me.

Thanks for putting up photos, Joe!  I heard back and both Joe and Ken made it home safely (Jim was prepared to drive halfway to Ohio if there were any issues).  JJJ and Chris are still in town, safe from zombies.  I just want to thank all of you that came to the gathering. It was so nice to sit and relax with guitars and friends.  As I am on vacation from work for a few more days I'm staying away from the computer... so photos and videos may take a bit of time to show up.  It's kind of nice not being tied to it all day. wink

Ok, no real practice went into this - one try - one take:  https://soundcloud.com/user-935684483/b … -challenge

Jim did it too (quite well), however I forgot to push the darn button to record!

easybeat wrote:

Great idea MKM
just banged out a quicky to get the ball a rollin`
come on chordians, i challenge you to cover this song! YES YOU!

Sweet!  I'll give this one a try since the chords don't seem too tricky.  wink 

BGD wrote:

This is a fun idea. Do we stipulate that the recordings need to be current; no recycling old stuff?

Hmmm... I say, if you can do a new one go for it... if not... cheating works this month, preferably only for covering a challenge (not for introducing new challenges), but... I'm just a girl who makes things up as I go.  I won't delete anything if it breaks the "rules", and I'll probably still like it!  ha ha!

Great Idea Mekidsmom. Nice cover EB. I am not up to doing covers at the moment due to health issues.   I will do a cover of Bad Moon with my friend Robert as soon as  I can. I will put up a Rolling Stone Cover now that I did a while back in the mean time. Hope that is ok, You Got The Silver a Rolling Stone song.

Huh, I don't know that one, I don't think.  Always good to hear stuff from ya!  Bluesy slide... nice!  I'm going to say this one can't be a "challenge" because it should be a "new" cover... but, I still like it!  tongue

Ok - so we're going to just take a Challenge Month because... frankly, my Dear, there weren't enough suggestions!

How's the Challenge Month work?  Here's how we'll try this one...

1. Pick a song, any song you like... cover it... upload... challenge!
2. Take that challenge!  Try to cover the one before you, and offer up another song as a challenge if you like!
3. Snowball out of control with multiple songs offered up as challenges that others can pick from and try out too!

These don't have to be GREAT AMAZING COVERS... have FUN with it!

You can't challenge others, unless you submit a recording!

I have no clue if this will work or not, but I think it could be a LOT of fun!  If no one else puts a song up, I'll get one on there ASAP to start out the challenge!  If you want to try to beat me to it, go for it!  The first one to post a recording starts the challenge rolling!


WOO HOO!  I'm officially on Vacation from work now!

Heading out to spend my paycheck on goodies and food and stuffs for the weekend!  SO looking forward to seeing everyone when they get in!  big_smile


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It's good to see a smile on your face, Bill.  I'm glad you're getting some guitar time in.  Music helps heal more than we know sometimes.  We're always thinking of you and Dondra, and I'm not just saying that.  You're on our minds a LOT here.  <3  Glad to hear you've found a support group as well.  No doubt the hurt will stick around for a while; love does that. 

BTW - I too love the "on air" sign!