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I don't know about that one bensop, cause that kid was kinda scary lookin. Watched that clip Wlbaye and liked it alot. Mr.Cox reminds me of another actor but just can't figure who it is?    Mike


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Hey Zurf, sorry for the loss of one of your peers. As age creeps in, these things happen.Just wondering if this was accident caused? Hope his family is doing as well as can be expected for they are the ones that need comforting. I work for a small company and last summer we lost the owner of the company.He was only 4 years ahead of me at 58, and left behind a 14year old son. Unbelievably worse, he lost his wife the year before from the same illness. Sorry for the added sadness here just thought you'd like to hear that you are not alone.    Mike


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Wlbaye, just watched Hello...... and thought it to be the perfect type of song for your voice and playing. Really good!


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Hi all, sorry to see all the confusion but my 2cents worth is ......great job Russel and am looking forward to more of your works!


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Hey Cam, best of luck. Having someone right next to you in person is the best way to learn as long as they can play the way you want. Recently I got on jamplay and it has been excellent. Have you considered this route? Take care,Mike

Hey Crevs, don't worry too much about the right name. The band makes the name not the other way round. Sounds like you're going "looney tunes".


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Hey Headcase, thanks for the reply about Jamplay! Couldn't stand it any longer so i got on and glad i did. Went with DMac phase1 at first like they recomend phase1 even tho i've been playing a long time but theory and such i'm lacking. Went thro that pretty quickly and got alot of good stuff to work on. Jumped to phase2 with Brad H. and now working on the modes as that area has been hard for me. Now i got it!!! This has been the best thing ever. Thanks again, mike.


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years ago(in the 80's) i played with a guy who was a great pedal steel player. he had a double-top sierra and owned stock in the company and also was involved in the designing of them. must be the same company i assume? he has since passed away or else i would give him a shout,very much miss my friend and mentor.


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hey cliffordkillian, i agree with stransongs and rest them. if needed i know of lead players that have done the super glue and clear nail polish tricks and hear they work but luckily i have'nt tried.


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walterdziuba, unfortunately this is part of the chord playing process where the palm muscle at the base of your thumb is getting an "unusual" workout. play-rest-play-rest until over time it goes away. unfortunately also i find when i've not played for awhile that nagging pain returns, especially if playing a gig. the more you play on your flatop the easier it is on the electric. i try to play both for just that reason. keep at it-goodluck!


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Nearly forgot bensonp----- old doll is very clever.


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Thanks for the best wishes topdown,old doll,bensonp. Today I may have a cold one and sit in with a local band, after the little ghosts and goblins knock on the door of course.


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will hit the big 55 tomarrow the 31st. we all can learn from each other-young and old.


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hey!Great forum here. I've had a laptop for almost 5 years but really not into chats-etc. Am looking into Jamplay, but some of my questions might be answered here and possibly I can contribute also. Been playing since "1980", but never knew what the hell I was doing untill 2 yrs go when lead playing became an obssession. Need the light bulb to come on to play the correct scales for improvising over progessions and more. Anyway I'm glad you guys and gals are out there.


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I've been reading in the forum trying to see if this is the real deal for me or not. So far it looks really good, but was wondering about how much info I would get-like will I be limited to just a set number of lessons per month from Jamplay or can I saturate myself with as much as I can(within reason)? Also I'm self taught and really do not want to go to square 1. Been playing for a long time and the last couple years been working hard on scales and lead as I feel I'm on the verge to good improvising but lack the little light bulb going off in my head.