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I've found some usable picks on stages too. I use the Altoid mint cans for storing picks and keep one in each guitar case.

Funny how many times at jams I've been asked " got an extra pick?", so I'll put these lost and found picks in the cans

along with my choice picks(Fender heavy confetti) and others that have accumulated from birthdays and Christmas etc.

Occasionally someone will get their lost pick returned to them. Thanks for the info Z, I just might get a sample and if I

still prefer Fender then I'll have a couple more in the tins. For acoustic rhythm I'll use Dulaps, oops I mean Dunlops.

Dunlaps is what my belly does over my belt!:D         Mike


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Awesome Z. Just goes to show some people in the industry are humble. I admire those folks!


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Lots of great jokes here. Rodney was one of my heroes Toots. He could get me to laugh when things had me down
and out. Thanks Toots, those lines are golden.


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Music stand, highlighters, metronome, sharpies, to name some that really come in handy. Tex, how about "Simple Man"?


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Good deal Roger. I envy you guys,gals, that take on these guitar projects. At some point I may attempt one.

I see this guitar with a butcher block look. smile      Mike


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You'll get right back in the saddle as they say and and do even better.

A lot in common Katie? Not really. We all like classic rock and beer tho.;) Easy and Badeye hit the nail: "Indecisive Misty and the
Too Pickys". Right on! smile

We'll get there.      Thanks all, Mike

Howdy Pete, well one of the problems is the age difference between Misty and the old geezers. A name like Midlife Krisis

does not apply to her per say. Also she would prefer not: Misty and the.... so and so's. Understandingly ok with this. As

far as I can tell we are a mixed bag in politics. Avoiding that subject for now, but I can see where you are going with it.

We are probably being too picky but .... Thanks, Mike

Thanks for the input Satriani96 and welcome to Chordie. Sorry for the delay as the T-day caught me doing other

things. We(the band), are having some issues. Seems choosing a name has become a chore!? We really want

something that is agreed on by all. Not happening so far. We get close-4 outta five votes but not unanimous.

So for now it's back to the drawing board as they say. If anyone wishes to throw more names out there please

do so.

We need to come up with something soon, we've been asked to play New Years Eve at Momma's. Again thanks

all-- vid to follow soon.      Mike

Just an update everyone-played Saturday-all went well aside from a mic cord taking a crap. Great crowd, a lot of local

musicians that came out to support us, friends, relatives and new faces. Good time had by all!

As far as the band name---well---- we have opted to give it some more thought but for now as a temp name-----

Midlife Crisis. We may keep it however this name,I've been told, has been used in the Portland area in the past tho

not in use currently. We most likely will have a solid choice this week. I WILL announce it as soon as I can, along

with the winner either by entry used or entry draw from the hat. This has been fun however it also has been a

eye opener to anyone wanting to tag anything with a name or title. Songs,books,dogs cats,etc. Can get stressful

if you let it.       Mike


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Yep keep at it Zurf. I wish I had your determination. My goal would be about 50lbs. Not working has really taken
it's toll on me. I need the " Zurfs Guide to Shedding Pounds" !!

Would like to thank everyone for their input on this fun project. It looks like today will be the last day for suggestions

to ponder over. The band has decided to pick a name prior to Saturday and not take more suggestions that night.

This has been a lot of fun.  We have laughed our butts off at some of these entries while others are in the running.

Some wild ones have popped up on our own also. If Buzz was in the band-Jerrys' Kids or Jerry and the Atrics:D

On a more serious side it would be nice to come up with a name denoting the Pacific NW, surrounded by volcanoes,

massive amounts of rain, etc. It's not the name that makes or breaks the band,but it helps the band feel good

about themselves.       Thanks again everyone, will announce the band name and winner Saturday!  Mike


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This guy is great! Lots of laughs, thanks.

Sorry Joey I had to laugh at that one.:D   Afterall Z for Zurf. Oh my--- Zurfs new band name--The Zurfers?:D

  We are leaning towards no Z for S names and probably one, two or three word names. Like to see the humor

  coming out of this.      Mike

Creativity is afoot! Free beer on a marquee would surely draw a crowd!:) OK, we are on for the 19th to play at a club
  called Momma's. I am writing down all entries and associated names. We have around 50 entries total and will have more
  from the crowd at Momma's. I hope a Chordie member wins tho. Hey Jets-you're not far off on the seafood name.
  A band was formed about 30 miles from here in Trout Lake,Wa. called "Seafood Mommas".Changed the name later to
  "Quarterflash"!! No big expectations here,just fun.       Thanks, keep em coming.        Mike


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Impressive style. Catchy tune also. Thanks Badeye.


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Hi Daldav, wecome to Chordie. My looper experience is with the 20 sec. looper built into my digitech rp355 guitar
  processor. I essentially bought it for the sounds it creates but found the looper to very useful. The one drawback
  is that 20 seconds is not enough time to fit a normal song verse and chorus in to practice over. I get frustrated at
  times at this and have checked out looping stations but they are spendy. You might check out Chordies market place
  here on Chordie. Russell had a looper for sale there, and could give you his opinion.     Good luck-Mike

Keep em coming! Zurf- I am the same way. If only I'd written them down! I know you guy are being nice by offering

the winning loot:) back to the band, but I look at this as a side bet in a way -between friends- and none of us like to

loose to a buddy right? So that makes the small prize much larger than it is.

Wow, got some good ones already. Very clever you guys! Ah the band--- a five piece, Misty on vocals, Dan on guitar, Mike
   on drums, Rolf(he's from the Netherlands) on bass, and myself. Classic rock for sure-Jefferson Airplane, Fleetwood Mac,
   Dylan, CCR, Dire Straits, for a few and some not so classic, Jewel, Hootie,4Non Blondes etc. Probably some surf tunes also
   and blues along with SRV covers.

   What really counts for us is to have a good time and hope it rubs off onto our audiences. As long as Murphy's law doesn't
   interfere there will be a vid made on that night. Will pick the name shortly afterwards.  Thanks,  Mike

Hey everyone! This is in regards to a new band that I've been working with locally. The time has come to venture out of the
  studio and start gigging. We've been asked to drop off a demo at a local establishment that has been closed for awhile due
  to economics but has since re-opened. We have a full blown studio to record in however we have spent much of the past
  time rehearsing and just recording our practice, so it looks like we will do a "live" audition of sorts. We plan to fully set up
  and play a set or two for the fun of it and if all goes well(fingers crossed), we will get a booking for a pre Christmas party
  there next month. We will be the first band to play there since the new opening.

  I've seen other threads here of people asking for help with band names and thought I'd throw the idea of someone winning
  $25.00 for a name that our band members would agree upon. Not a lot of loot but it could still be fun in a way. Of course
  some basic rules would apply:

                                            1) ties are split evenly
                                            2) if one of our own names are used we will draw a winner from all names submitted
                                            3) winner will be notified and a check sent to the address of such
                                            4) addresses can be furnished via e-mail after the winner is notified
                                            5) Post entry here on Chordie
                                            6) Limit suggestions to 5 names per post

  We're just throwing this out  for now, Would like to hear back from the moderators for acceptance of this or "no go".
  We will probably run an ad in the local paper and take entries the night we play also. The more the merrier!

Will play on the 19th this month if all goes well, so there will be time to ponder. Providing moderator approval I will
give info about ourselves to assist the brain cells creative powers.:)                 Thanks-Mike


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A Texas howdy for Texan! Like the nickname Tex. Have a friend by that name, hope you don't mind.       Mike


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A big howdy and welcome Keith.


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Right on Tops! Glad to see this new experience turn out well. A day not to be forgotten! BTW-what songs did you croon
  your audience with?       Mike


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Can run the heck out of a dozer, backhoe, excavator, loader, grader, forklift. If made of iron and has a motor
  I can probably beat it into submission. smile  Looks like some of us have the "handy man" trait, born of necessity
  to help pay the bills for me. Very good at reading honey do lists and making a fried egg sandwich. A favorite
  of hers to appease the "now where did I put that list" excuse.          mike

Have fun Big Jim! That's what is all about, you AND them havin some fun now!! Too many of our seniors are confined
  to their resident for health problems and such. Just by showing up Jim you will put smiles on faces that may not smile
  as often as they need.    Rip it up!        Mike