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Since I retired I play at least once per week and try to get out more often.  My first year I retired I played three or four times a week, but that was before grandkids; the guitar and now the motorcycle.  Throw in some fishing every now and then, some camping and I have a pretty full schedule.
I have never personally hit a hole in one (came close once) but I have witnessed three of them.  Pretty special!  I have had three eagles where I hit a wedge into the hole from about 100 yards, so that is my golf shots to claim so far.
The first hole in one I ever saw was during my senior year in high school.  I talked a buddy of mine into going golfing on a warm January day (rare in Ohio).  First time he ever played and on the par three fifth hole he knocked it straight into the cup.  He turned around to me and says:  "Is that all there is to this game?"  After that he didn't play again for thirty years.

My neighbors and I were talking yesterday and she said: "He has to have the best of everything!  Look at his mower, check out his golf clubs, his tools; everything he has is the best."  Immediately, I replied:  "Well then, what does that say about you?  He picked you didn't he?   Her reply was:  "Nice Jim, way to bail him out of this argument!"   The conversation kind of stuck with me and I put this together last night and today.  Feel free to comment and or critique.  I am pretty thick skinned since I am so new to trying to write songs and play my guitar that I haven't had time to build up any ego about either.  Thanks,  Bass Viking

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As I read this a thought occurred to me; if a chat room was established, some, maybe even much of the great information I gather from this site would simply be chatted between those chatting and then lost to those of us who come online and "catch-up" with the questions, answers and discussions all of the great folks on here have.  I, for one, thoroughly enjoy a daily dose of investigation of the forum and seeing what others have asked and then answered to further my knowledge about many things.  I would hate to lose that to a "chat" between two or more as it would not get kept in the archives as is done currently.
Just my two cents worth, but I find that I don't post nearly as much (or wouldn't chat) as much as I get on here at all times of the day and evening to gather knowledge.   I hope everybody keeps up the good efforts and realizes that not everybody wants to be actively involved as a chat would enable, but would at times rather have a passive involvement and be allowed to "peruse" the postings of the forums and gather info.   GREAT SITE!  GREAT PEOPLE!  GREAT INFO!   GREAT HELP!      THANK YOU   Yes, I know the caps make it seem like I am yelling and in this case, maybe I am.   Thanks to all for all you do!


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Thanks to everyone for your supportive comments.  Being new to trying to play the guitar, trying to write a song and then getting up in front of others and trying to play and sing it has been quite an experience for me.  An experience made better by the feeling that I wasn't doing this alone as folks like you on these forums provide an ample amount of support and motivation.  I still feel a little stupid when I don't know what someone is talking about in the forums, but I usually hang around enough to figure it out.  I appreciate all the good feedback.  It was just nice to finally see and hear myself to better understand what I need to continue to work on to keep on having fun with the music.  Keep up the good vibes everybody; it sure helps.  Thanks


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Always took a stab at poetry in the past, but this was one of my first attempts at songwriting.  Came up with this tune and then tried to play and sing it at an open mic.  Song is about how life has changed me and made me much more sentimental since getting older and the fact that I am more comfortable being who I am at this age.  Hope you like it!

http://www.youtube.com/user/Englishmanj … ZEX-UtyZks

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Congrats Amy!  The real question inquiring minds want to know is if this will interfere with the baking and biscuit making?


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Okay, it is official!  Too much Chordie can be hazardous to your health.  I just weighed myself after reading about these cheesecakes and peanut butter pies and I gained a pound just by reading.  I guess I will have to give up reading all this deliciousness........NOT!  Just kidding about the weight thing.  I actually lost weight again this week.  Being on here keeps me from the bored eating that I sometimes do in the evening.  Thanks all, helping me to try to be a better guitar player and losing weight also.  Keep up the good work.

I had to get out and go fishing after reading this post the other day.  Couldn't go over the weekend due to Grandaughter's 1st birthday party which I could not miss.   Managed to get over to my buddies pond, lake or whatever you call it and caught about two dozen nice largemouth bass today.  I always catch and release at his place to maintain his stock.  Biggest was five pounds, 2 ounces and was 22 inches long.  I have caught one in there that was seven pounds, two ounces. (see my avatar pic)  I might have to go again this week now that I have caught the fever, but it is just soooooo hard to put down my new guitar.


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Note to Doug, Zurf, MKM and the Old Doll Baby:  Probably the two best things I ever make when cooking is my homemade sausage gravy over biscuits and my pecan pies.  Any pie I make gets rave reviews, primarily over the flaky crust.  My sausage gravy is seasoned soooooooo well that it just melts in your mouth.  I put waaaaaaay tooooooo much sausage in my batches, but it is what I like, so damn it I make it that way.   And MKM, I love spices, hot stuff and apply liberal amounts to most of my cooking.  Since I am trying to lose weight, all I can do right now is talk about food as I am staying away from most of it, or as Doll might say, nae having any!   Old Doll, thanks for the headsup on the soup recipe; it is very similar to something I have been making and it sounds delicious.


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I have a brand new Blueridge 160A, solid adirondack spruce top accoustic, an almost thirty year old Fender accoustic and an Epiphone about the same age as my Fender.  What a difference the Blueridge is over the other two.  They haven't been out of the case since I got it.


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Just a quick note to MEK and the Old Doll!  While I haven't weighed in on any of your recipe conversations to date, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your sharing of ideas, tastes etc.  I am retired and love to create in the kitchen and your discussions prompt me to try other things.  Unfortunately, I am trying to lose some weight so some things are probably not a good idea to fix and have around the house.  For those things, I will just have to rely on what you two are cooking up and enjoy them through my imagination.  Keep up the good work; I find your topics enjoyable!  Have a good day

tubatooter; excellent song, excellent story!  Thanks for your offer, but I already was able to find it several places on the internet.  I enjoyed this, you made my day.


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Thank you for the link; how inspiring!  I wish the media would do more of these "positive" stories.  There are hundreds out there.  I think the moral of this story is that each of us should attack with a passion that which we love.  What would each of us do if we thought we only had a short time to live?  Don't wait, go do what you want to do and enjoy it.  Thanks again for the story.  This has made my day!

Wow! Dennis, that was amazingly funny.  What a great play on the words!   Is this your original?  Can I get the words to this?  Outstanding, really enjoyed it.


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Hooray for You!  Great news!


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Way to Go KidsMom!  I, just like you, have just recently started playing guitar and got up front and performed at my first "Open Mic" a couple of weeks ago.  This is a very professional setup with multiple mic's, a soundman and about fifty people in the audience.  They even videotape the performances some nights for posting on Utube.  I had actually went a few times before to watch, so I kind of knew the routine.  I was soooooo nervous, but seemed to settle down toward the end of the first song (they let you do three).  It was cool having someone come up and set up the mic for my accoustic and for me to sing.  Getting used to the mic and trying to hear my playing was a little uncomfortable at first as well.  Everybody was very supportive and I actually walked away from it feeling very good.  I even played for my second song an original that I had written.  If you mess up on those, nobody knows cause it is yours and they don't know it.   I plan on going again this week and hope you keep up with it.
From one newbie to another, I am proud of you!

I stumbled upon this young man's music last year on Utube and have been following it since then.  He will be releasing his first CD in February.  I think he has a wonderful voice and warrants a listen.  Has done alot of covers on Utube, but I personnally have enjoyed his own written tunes very much as well.  Worked with a couple of Nashville pros to create and release this first CD.  Check him out on Utube or on his website at jamesdupre.com.  I don't think you would be disappointed with what you hear.


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Hey Tonyespo!  I was pretty much in the same place as you.  I retired and decided it was something I always wanted to accomplish, so I picked up my 30 year old Fender accoustic and started learning chords.  Doning internet searches brought me here where I found the music.  Got the fingers toughened up, moved to lighter guage strings and spend some time each and every day with the guitar.  I just recently ordered myself a brand new guitar and can say I am having FUN with my music, (or at least my version of it)  Good Luck, stay with it!  Once I realized it was for MY enjoyment and quit worrying about what others thought I have progressed.  I still am thinking about taking some lessons to learn a couple of things I struggle with, but this site provides alot of info and some pretty supportive people.  I don't post much, but I sure like to read the posts of others as reinforcement.  Wish you well!


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Ode to Becoming Aged

I never used to think about the day when I would get older.
I didn’t worry if the weather was going to be hot or it was colder.
I listened to music on the radio, but never watched the news.
My time became so precious, I had to organize and choose,
between all the things I wanted to do; but rarely had the time,
as I tried hard to get all of it done; while I was in my prime.
I raised my kids, worked my job and then I could retire.
There’s so much life for you to live before that you expire.
The years flew by so quickly and my age began to show.
I looked around one day and wondered: where did they all go?

My skin had developed wrinkles and I had lost my full head of hair.
People had to start helping me when I got up from a chair.
I had lost the spring I had in my step, so now I could only creep.
I couldn’t get up if I fell down; I couldn’t go to or stay asleep.
I recalled when I was younger, I liked things that gave me quite a thrill,
but as I aged and wanted to have sex, I needed a little blue pill.
All the trips to the bathroom became an experience for me,
as my prostrate swelled and got so big that I could hardly pee.
I took Rolaids for my upset stomach; to see I had to use drops;
to hear; I played my TV so loud, neighbors complained to cops.

It’s hell to get old and suffer with all the afflictions that it brings.
People say I’m grouchy and I can’t remember things.
I raise hell with everybody, even kids walking across my yard.
The little things that I did easily before, they all became so hard.
Although sometimes my memory failed me and my wits were not as keen,
I made my points, debating; about what I thought I’d heard or seen.
I had become so hard to deal with, and from what everyone was saying,
it’s not a question of when, but where, they say that I’ll be staying.
I guess getting older isn’t easy, especially on all my family and friends.
If my behavior drives them all away, who’ll change my Depends?

I didn’t want to become a problem for anybody to deal with in their life.
It’s just that getting older; and its effects; has created all this strife.
I never wanted to become a pain, to have these ravings and these rants.
Nobody ever wants to hear; what’s that smell; did you fill your pants?
When something like this has happened, you just want it to be over;
to be laid to rest where you will ultimately be, underneath the clover.
But when I’m lucid, I have thoughts about it; it makes me pretty sad;
that my life has come full circle from when I was a younger dad.
For now they have their family to worry about and do not need my whine,
It’s just that I used to change their diapers, now their changing mine.