Not sure I understand what you are ranting about!  Did I miss something or did I or someone else do something wrong here.  I don't see it!  Please advise Bernie60

Was just messing around in the basement today and recorded this song I always enjoyed by Keith Whitley.  Just me being me having a good time enjoying music!  Hope you enjoy!  Let me know what you think!  I know, bad lighting, not great audio and Me singing!

On a good day; I feel about fifty; on a bad day about 75!  Most days I am really 57, but my body usually reminds me that I seem older.  Retiring almost seven years ago and having these bad knees may make me seem older!  However, I am ALIVE and KICKING enjoying being able to listen, learn and share with all you fine folks!


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Oh Ed, tell me this is fiction; for if ever a young lad chased and caught a young lass from Meeeeeeeechigan, it would bring scorn from his Buckeye bretheren!  Shame the audio in the video gets a little muffled from the crowd noise.  Kind of limits the ability to understand the lyric without following it as you wrote it out.  You are a creative soul my friend!  Oh, by the way,  Go Bucks!


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Dirty Ed, my ole buddy Ken from down Ross County way!  That picture was actually last week!  Anything even remotely maize or blueish got moved to the other closet for this week.  That ugly guy on the stool is just my big fat but.  The prettiest thing in the picture is a buddy of mines Bose system that he brings and hooks up for our playing.  It is an awesome sound system.  I always thought the Bose stuff was just an advertising gimmick until I actually heard and am now a believer.  Hope all is well with you!


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Thanks for the comments folks!  Zurf, I check in to see what everybody is doing, but haven't been posting much.  I keep pretty good tabs on all of you, but have been busy as I play a lot of golf; I am a Trustee at our local VFW;  we bought a motor home, built a barn to put it in and then it is my beloved OSU Buckeyes Football season and now my sons and I go to the OSU Basketball games.  Helped brother in law as he also built a barn and am still working on completing the "man cave."  Between my "fun" and looking out after my mother and sometimes my grandkids and life, I am one pretty busy guy.  I do make time to strum the old Blueridge frequently and listen in on Pete's latest recording.  I have been trying to figure out how I could get to Chordiestock to hear Amy sing and all of you guys play, but current plans are to go west  to watch the Buckeyes in either the Rose Bowl or national championship if they are sooooo lucky to get there.  I then have my annual trip to South Carolina the first week of February with a bunch of buddy's for golfing!   I believe life is short and I am doing my best to live as much of it as I can while I can.


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A few of us have been hosting an open mic / accoustic jam session once a month at our local VFW Club.  This is me last weekend having a good time "entertaining the former troops" at the Club Canteen.  A lot of fun and everybody seemed to enjoy the music.


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Sent an email to whitewater, if he wants to forward to me I have some things to add and pass it on and would be interested to see what it has since I had it over at least over a year ago, maybe longer.


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Welcome Rob; I like you just picked up about two years ago.  This is a great place to get your fill of info, friendship and support.  Don't be afraid to ask any question as the good folks on here are just full of; well, let us just leave it at that.  No, really, great site, great people; lots of good reading.  I don't post tooo much, but I do like to check in pretty often and keep up with all of the characters.  Here's hoping you become one of us Chordie characters.  I am just up the road a bit in south central Ohio.   Welcome!

First heard this song awhile back at a local bluegrass festival and fell in love with the lyrics.  Played this the other night at a local campfire and it was recorded, so I decided to share it.  Touching song about a family and their beloved pet.  Recording quality not the best, but good enough to share.  Just me being me and sharing with my Chordie friends.  Hope you enjoy!  Let me know what you think?  Big Jim

Thanks guys for the responses!  Sorry for not being around for awhile.  Got real involved with out local VFW helping out trying to straighten out some problems.  Wife says I have been working harder at this than I was before I retired six years ago.  Still manage to check in, just not been recording and posting things.  Keeping track of all of you, especially Pete and all his music which he does so fine and Amy and her Chordiestock planning.  We did hold an open mic at the VFW and I was a hit!  Probably because I play mostly songs people know and have loved over the years.  Keep up what you are all doing!  I am around and will keep checking in.       Updated to include a YouTube video

Started watching a TV show called Mountain Men and this is used as the theme song.  Liked it, looked it up, played it, recorded it and now sharing.  Just me being me, hope you like it.  I am having a problem with my desktop computer so it doesn't sound like it recorded right to me.  Plays back with an echo on my speakers.   How about to anybody else?  Let me know!  Have a great day!  Big Jim


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Not familiar with the song Wayne, but I am a fan of what you do!  I am lucky to try and play and sing together, let alone play, sing and then add in the harmonica.  Nice Job!  I enjoyed it.  And; I like the blue guitar; if for nothing else what it stands for in terms of promoting music with the grandaughter.


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May the new year bring the best out of and to you for 2013; may you be blessed with the time you need to do what you want and what you need to make each and every day a special one!  I have come to look forward to my daily dose of "Chordie" insight from all of you as some type of extended family making this world a little better; one post or one song at a time!  Thanks and Happy New Year to each of you and yours!


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I am in the middle of turning our entire basement into my "man cave."  This is under the total recommendation and with the approval of the wife.  My "studio" (our third bedroom) as she has called it;  has been determined to be returned to use as a spare bedroom for when the grandkids and family come over, so full speed ahead on the basement remodel.  Doing it all myself; it is going slowly, but it is going.  My new digs will include an HD projector which has been ordered; my music area; my office area; a bar; and my workshop on the back side of the basement.  Wife even suggested that future plans should include a bathroom!  She is being really great about this as she knows it will give me all kinds of room to occupy myself during these long, cold Ohio winter days.  When I retired, I had visions of spending considerable time in a warmer climate during the winter, but she likes the cold and doesn't want Florida trips like I do.  I think her real idea is that if I have enough play area, she will have to put up with me less and I will be less inclined to suffer seasonal depression when I can't get outside to play golf, fish etc.

Dirty Ed wrote:
dino48 wrote:

Got too be some guitar gremlins,but thank your wife also for saving the screw.

I'm glad she found the screw, but if she had just put it back on the end table after cleaning, I'd have saved the money I spent ordering a new set of tuners, the time and money spent traveling all over town trying to find the right size replacement screw and the money I spent on soap and water taking a shower after trash can diving to look for the screw she thought she'd thrown in it.

........... You know, the more I think about this whole situation, the more I think I got screwed .................


I think this is the first time I have ever heard of a woman saving a screw for a guy and him not seeing a silver lining!  Did she at least give you a kiss?  LOL  Glad is all well in the land of Dirty Ed!

Hey Naolslager; I have an Acoustic AG60 and have been really happy with it.  Others who have seen it, plugged into it liked it as well.  I think Zurf has one of these as well.  Bass aka Big Jim


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Cover of an old country song I heard on the radio and since I liked the song, I decided to record it and share it.  Hope you like it!  It has a great story and I am a sucker for a great storyline.


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Hey Pete!  I liked it; it just felt so right!  LOL  Nice job my friend.  Makes me want to go do something to share.  Good Job


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Nice job!  I liked it!  Suits your voice really well!

"I'd Be Better Off"

A song I ran across that I used to listen to alot and decided to give it a play.  Hope you like it!  Big Jim

I can always count on you two to give a listen; thanks alot for the comments as the feedback is appreciated.

Thanks BGD, I appreciate that!


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I liked it; music is even better with others.  Good job Roger!

Thanks Pete and Dino; I can always count on you two for a listen and some feedback.  Hey Dino, I looked it up and this song was done as part of the movie "The Jazz Singer"