My version covering an old Neil Diamond tune I first heard in a movie.  I have always liked it and just decided to take a crack at recording it.  Just sharing; me being me, still enjoying all of this.  Let me know what you think!


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Hey Pete:  I am not familiar with this song or his music, so as far as I am concerned your version is every bit as good as, if not better than the original.  Glad you keep em coming.  I enjoy us "old farts" still making some noise we call music.

I first heard this song years ago and liked it ever since, so did a little recording today and decided to share.  Hope you enjoy!  Let me know what you think!

I also did this cover of an old Crystal Gayle song called "Cry" and decided to add it as well!  Thanks, enjoy!

Thank you bushy!  I enjoyed it as well and glad it could make your day a little brighter!


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Totally in a different direction, but I am amazed at the ridiculous way in which some guys are wearing their pants way down below their posterior.  I stood behind a guy in a checkout line the other night who couldn't even walk right because his pants were so low (almost around his knees) that he had to just kind of waddle for fear his pants would actually fall to the floor.  Just don't see the merits of this type of dressing.

Pretty much anything that was old country, not this new wave country rock of today, Hank Williams to Merle Haggard, George Jones era of country.  Guys like Randy Travis and Alan Jackson have kept the type of music going for me!  I have always been a fan of Vern Gosdin!


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Hey Pete, okay, I have to admit I don't remember hearing this song.  My tastes always leaned toward country music and maybe that is why, but in any case, I love that you keep on putting them out there for us to listen to.  Thanks,  Big Jim

Just a tune I have liked for a long time.  Keith Whitley went away way too early and left behind some great music!  This is just one of many he did that I liked, so I recorded it.  See what you think!  Me, just being me and sharing while having fun!  Hope you like it!


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Congrats on your son's being chosen to attend and have a safe trip.  You are right, he will have changed; if for no other reason than having been away from you guys and kind of on his "own" for awhile.  They grow up soooooo fast!  Enjoy them while you have them at home.  In no time he will be off to whatever life has in store for him.

Thanks Guys!  I am having fun with all of this!  Hope everyone else is as well!

Heard this being played on TV during a movie and decided to record it and share.  Trust me, I am not even close to the original but enjoyed doing it.  Hope you enjoy; let me know what you think?  Thanks


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I think the easiest thing to helping me was being able to record myself and listen to it.  I have a Zoom H2 digital recorder and can actually plug my headphones into it as it is recording and what a difference it makes to hear what others are hearing versus what you hear in your head when singing.  Hearing how I was recording was the biggest thing in helping me get over my fear and feeling better about just singing and enjoying it.  Lots of Luck and have fun doing it!

everybody look what's going down.......It's Pete!  Nice job Pete, I like it!

Hey Pete!  It is great that you keep making music.  I look forward to what comes next.  Not always have I related to the songs you have chosen, but it is obvious to me you are enjoying it and that is part of the battle towards a good product.  Keep it up, keep em coming; I enjoy what you do!

Thanks guys!  Hey Jets, you are soooo right about being a sucker for grandpa songs.  And it was a love song about my love for my granddaughter with the catch that you don't realize that right up until the end.  Allowed me to put the emotion into it being it was about my granddaughter.  Thanks for the feedback.


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I love lyrics, but it always seems to round it out when you can actually hear it as you meant it when you wrote it.  Looks good at this stage, play it for us sometime.

Just redid this today and I thought it sounded a little better than when I first wrote it, so decided to share to see what everybody thinks about it!  Let me know, share your opinions; it won't hurt my feelings even if you have some constructive criticism as I am forever learning.  Thanks  Big Jim

Hey M.B.  Thanks, I guess that is what I feel like when I do music; especially since I seem to always gravitate to old country, ole timey or even a bluegrass style in my musical likes.  Bottom line is I started this just as a hobby and am enjoying it even though I still feel like everytime I pick up the guitar I am still learning something, especially when I am around anybody who knows what they are doing.

thanks Dino and Bushy for the responses.  I seem to ever more believe I am that chunk of coal and wonder if I ever will become a diamond?  thanks again

Thanks to Pete and Dino for your responses.  One never knows if anybody is really enjoying, hating or what when you put something out there; but then again, I do it because I enjoy it.  Still, it is nice to get some feedback and I thank you two fine gents for that.

My spin on an old Johnny Paycheck recorded tune.  I have days where I feel just like the words to this song; soon to be put away and never played again!  Hope you enjoy!

Playing around with this last nite and just recorded it after someone made a comment to me about being a chunk of coal.  Hadn't heard it in a long time, but liked this along time ago.  Hope you enjoy, just me being me; let me know what you think, it won't hurt my feelings!


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Way to go Pete!  Good job as usual.  I liked it!


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Happy Birthday Roger!  Have a great day!  Play some music!

I usually have a CD in my truck of recorded tunes of mine so I can listen and critique myself.  My sons have accused me a being full of myself, but it often seems the best way for me to be objective about what I have recorded and figure out where to do things different.  Oh well, that is just me being me!