any that someone can enjoy.


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completly since i was last here, and my lead and theoery have expanded.and my rythem.still need to work on sweet child of mine ,but i know it, a little tricky.jam plays working!!!!!!!


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yes he sounded prewtty good.

how about pismo beach


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anyone need a guitar plkayer,lead or rythm in the santa maria ,central ca. area,am in 1 band now,but we are strickly original and never play live so would like some more live time ,


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and from anotrher thread here here is for week free at jam play                Code:         AE3GB


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i am promoting jam play here and will go to jam  playforum and tell everyone to come to chordie. these are my 2 favorite sites.


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just turned 51 the11th and been playing 35 yrs,but am loving more than ever now.and just love how one can learn it all on the internet if one applies one self.


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50 until nov.11 well then add 1, playin for 35 yrs and seriously learnen about 2, jam play is really helping me bring it all together and my band can tell.

heres my little family   strat/silvertone lp/epi 56 gold top lp/ernie ball mmc/rogue elc. accus./                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


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this is a great thing, i did it and now am a full time student, check it out,its great. thanx again headcase for the code.


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ya talyor  swift


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oh ya i well saw led zepp in the 70's 3 times the first was 1975 and i was 16, so how old am i???


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this thread is old, i am going to jam play and ask them to support chordie


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hey i went there from u guys and now i have joined , hope u got your donation